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At a Glance: The World's Fastest Sedan

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At a Glance: The World's Fastest Sedan
At a Glance: The World's Fastest Sedan

Three-volume body, power and appearance appealed to motorists, and sedans have a number of fans in the global car market. Surely every driver thought about the topic, which is the fastest sedan in the world and who travels on the roads of the planet on such versions.

Traditions and innovations - the result of 2018

The world's fastest sedan

To date, the fastest sedan in the world is the model from professional tuning company Brabus. The company belongs to the legendary enterprises in this area, never ceasing to amaze car owners. The company managed to bypass the German studio G-power with its BMW M5. Last year was significant for the Germans: the Hurricane RS hit 367 km/h, taking the crown from the legendary Brabus Rocket, which only managed to reach 365 km/h. And so the "Brabus" specialists managed to create a sedan with the highest speed characteristics of 350.2 km / h in the collection of production cars, the product E V12. This figure is now in the World Book of Records.

Secrets of the new model

E-class cars are especially distinguished by an aerodynamic body kit with carbon rear fenders. This allowed to increase the speed by 4 km / h. Every little thing was designed by engineers with high precision. These are excellent daylight LEDs, and a ventilation system, interesting thresholds, a spoiler on the roof of the luggage compartment.

The fastest sedan in the world is allowed to feature a 12-cylinder biturbo engine. This is 6.3 liters of volume. The designers managed to bring it up to 800 wild mustangs by resorting to flashing the “brains” in the power unit control unit. The Maybach has a five-speed automatic transmission. The first hundred kilometers is achieved by acceleration in just 3 seconds - is this not a record! Add speakers 19-inch forged wheels.

This "flying" machine belongs to the "clan" of the fastest serial sedans in the world. He is in first place, but others are trying to reach out to his performance. Do not lag behind this tuning studio and colleagues from Italy. What did they manage to do?

Sedan from Maserati - what did the engineers do?

The fastest sedan in the world maserati maserati

Some consider the world's fastest sedan Maserati. "Maserati", a bit reminiscent of the exterior of the "Jaguar", is a car with an appearance invented by Italian designers themselves. The Quattroporte model belongs to the class of "high-speed" options. It's no doubt a luxury car, but borrowed taillights from Audi add to the disappointment.

Otherwise, Maserati does not let down speed riders: it is still the samea radiator grille with company symbols, a cozy interior, harmoniously and stylishly designed. The maximum speed on the speedometer shows 350 km / h, which cannot but please lovers of a sporty driving style. This speed is almost close to the Brabus, despite the twin-turbine power unit with 530 horses under the hood. The vehicle accelerates to the first "weave" in 4.7 seconds, pleasing with a maximum speed of 307 km/h.

Who else wants to have the palm?

The fastest sedan in the world

Trying to keep up with Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat competitors. This unit claims to be the fastest sedan in the world for a reason. For 3.7 sec. it picks up speed up to 97 km / h. Operation is based on an eight-speed transmission. The car entered the series in 2015. The foreign car is designed to drive along city streets, skillfully combining a muscle car and a family assistant.

The model has a capacity of 717 liters. With. - the parameters are impressive, and the red button can unlock the full power of this vehicle. The maximum speed is 160 km/h. The complete stop of the engine occurs in 13 seconds. Its weight is about 2 tons, allowing high-quality adhesion to asph alt, regardless of the weather.

New restyling word

The fastest production sedan in the world

In 2017, the incredibly stylish “gelding” “E63 AMG S 4 Matis Plus” was released, which pleased 571 “horses”. To become one of the fastest sedans in the world, the designers pretty much “sweated” overrestyling, mainly changing the outlines of the front. The bumper is made in the format of the wing of aircraft with a jet engine, powerful air intakes have been added and the wheel arches have been enlarged. All this made a positive correction in the dynamic values. Basic equipment starts at $110,000.

Each version from tuning studios or car industry technicians has its own advantages, disadvantages, but this does not give reason to relax, and engineers are again trying different innovative methods in creating racing and comfortable cars.

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