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XTZ tractor: description, price

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XTZ tractor: description, price
XTZ tractor: description, price

The KhTZ multifunctional tractor is designed to work in the municipal, construction, and agricultural sectors. The Kharkov-made car is equipped with wheels with a large diameter and an increased tread, which significantly increases the cross-country ability. A wide range of attachments used significantly expands the functionality of the equipment in question.

htz tractor
htz tractor


The KhTZ tractor has a simple design and is popular in the post-Soviet space. Restyling of the 150 series was carried out in 2011. As a result of the modernization, the driver's seat has improved, the cabin has become a double cabin with improved safety parameters. Among the innovations are an updated panel, enhanced sound and noise insulation, and improved visibility. On request, the machines are equipped with built-in air conditioning.

The unit is driven into working position by means of a powerful YaMZ-236D-3 engine. The power indicator of the power plant is 180 "horses", there is a pre-heating system, as well asthree range gearbox. It is possible to switch the speed of movement without being distracted from the performance of agricultural work. The gearbox aggregates with a double-sided power take-off shaft, which serves to operate various attachments.

htz kharkov
htz kharkov


The following are the parameters of the technical plan, characteristic of KhTZ equipment (Kharkiv):

  • Type of power plant - YaMZ-236D-3.
  • Cylinders – arranged in V-shape in quantity of 6 pieces.
  • Working volume - 11 l.
  • Transmission unit - mechanical box without breaking the power band.
  • Travel/piston diameter 140/130mm.
  • Independent two-speed PTO.
  • Tractive load - 30-60 kN.
  • Maximum speed (forward/reverse) - 17/9 km/h.
  • Track - 1680 mm.
  • Wheelbase - 3000 mm.
  • Weight - 8.5 t.
  • Turn radius (minimum) - 6 m.
  • Ground clearance - 400 mm.

Used equipment

The KhTZ tractor is adapted to operate the following types of attachments:

  • A plow that plows the soil using several shares.
  • A bulldozer blade that makes it possible to clear areas of construction and other debris, bulk materials, snow.
  • Agricultural devices (seeders, harrows, cultivators).
  • Trailer, load capacity up to 20 tons.
  • The possibility of mounting a railway coupling expands the functionality of equipment in terms oftowing trolleys and similar trailers.
htz tractor price
htz tractor price

The KhTZ tractor is easy to use, reliable, high quality, reasonable price. An additional plus is the availability of consumables and spare parts in all regions of the country.


The workplace should be noted separately, as it received a number of cardinal improvements. The salon is designed for two employees, it provides all the conditions for the optimal organization of the work process. The operator's seat is equipped with springs with hydraulic damping elements. They have the ability to adjust to the weight of the driver. A system is provided to neutralize vibrations that appear in the process of moving on difficult ground and uneven surfaces.

Both seats are adjustable for backrest tilt and distance to the instrument panel. Ventilation in the cab of the KhTZ-150K tractor is of natural type (air circulates through windows open on the sides). In the cold season, the heater maintains comfort and warmth. All indicators, control and monitoring devices are placed in such a way that they do not interfere with a person. At the same time, they are freely available to the operator. Cabin trim is well insulated, practical and simple.

Cost and analogues

The price of the KhTZ tractor is much more affordable than that of foreign equipment of the same class. At the same time, functionality and comfort are practically the same. For this reason, the positions of the considered equipment remain consistently high in the post-Soviet countries. A used model of the year 2000 can be purchased for 600-700 thousand rubles. But more modern modifications will cost 2-3 times more.

Main competitors of this machine:

  • "Slobozhanets" (ХТА-200В).
  • KhTZ-17221.
  • MTZ.
tractor htz 150k
tractor htz 150k

In closing

The KhTZ tractor (Kharkiv) is equipped with parts with increased durability. This allows you to operate it successfully in various climatic zones. With proper maintenance and following the manufacturer's recommendations, the working life of the equipment before overhaul will be a long period.

The design of the unit makes it as easy as possible to access the main working elements, simplifying their maintenance, replacement and repair. Affordable price and availability of spare parts are also significant factors affecting the popularity of this machine. Since the tractor aggregates with a wide range of attachments, its use is relevant in various areas, from transporting goods to processing farmland and helping on construction sites.

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