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Practical scooter "ZiD-Lifan"

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Practical scooter "ZiD-Lifan"
Practical scooter "ZiD-Lifan"

"ZiD-Lifan" - a range of scooters produced at the plant. Degtyarev under license from the Chinese company Lifan. Scooters are available in various configurations and modifications.

History of cooperation

Zavod im. Degtyarev, located in the city of Kovrov, Vladimir Region, is known throughout the world for the production of various types of weapons. However, in recent years, the management of the plant decided to diversify production. Thus, an agreement was signed with the Chinese manufacturer of auto and motorcycle equipment, the Lifan concern, for the licensed production of scooters and mopeds.

zid lifan

Technological experience accumulated at the plant and the high-quality simplicity of Chinese units made it possible to launch the production of a whole line of ZiD-Lifan scooters, which, due to their low cost, are popular with motorcycle enthusiasts not only in Russia, but also abroad.

All scooters are equipped with an unpretentious four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine. There are disc brakes and a telescopic hydraulic suspension that softens the ride on rough roads. All scooters have a large load capacity and a roomy trunk.

Lifan-ZiD scooter lineup

Factory today6 scooters are produced:

  • ZiD-Lifan LF50QT-2B;
  • LF50QT-26B;
  • LF50QT-26 (price excluding delivery - 39200 rubles);
  • LF125T-26 (price excluding delivery - 46300 rubles);
  • ZiD-Lifan LF50QT-2А;
  • ZiD-Lifan LF50QT-9N.

All models are available in different colors. It is possible to improve the quality characteristics by agreement with the manufacturer.

Model Benefits

scooter lifan zid

The main advantage produced at the plant. Degtyarev Chinese scooters is their low price and ease of use. In addition, ZiD-Lifan motor vehicles are equipped with:

  • large front headlights for excellent visibility in fog or night driving;
  • high-class protection for the legs and arms of the driver;
  • electric circuit fuses;
  • optimum tire size;
  • the ability to refuel with A-92 gasoline;
  • exhaust gas aftertreatment system;
  • lighting devices that ensure compliance with road safety requirements.

In addition, a clear advantage of ZiD-Lifan scooters is their efficiency, since the average fuel consumption per 100 km does not exceed 1.5 liters. The design is simple and in line with all the fashion trends in the motorcycle world.

All scooters arrive at dealers unassembled and with a suggested factory price. Therefore, when buying, you need to pay attention to the build quality and the estimated cost in other salons.

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