After the Flag - briefly about the five most striking or memorable pilots, events, successes, failures and other incidents in the races of the world racing series, supported by the tables of results.

In this issue:

- Formula 1 . Bahrain Grand Prix. Sahir. Stage 2/21

- Formula 2 . Bahrain. Sahir. Stage 1/12

- MotoGP . Argentine Grand Prix. Santiago del Estero. Stage 2/19

- World Rally Championship . Rally Corsica. Stage 4/14

- NASCAR . Fort Worth. Texas. Stage 7/36

Formula 1. Bahrain Grand Prix

Night Drama


5 - Kvyat on the track in qualifying; 4 - Renault cars in the race; 3 - Vettel's car at the moment of detachment of the front wing; 2 - Hamilton and Leclair after the finish; 1 - Hamilton Race Winner

5. Daniil Kvyat

Russian pilot Toro Rosso again fell victim to the team's conspiracy. Although in this case it is more appropriate to say sloppiness. In the second attempt of the second qualifying segment, instead of a fresh set of soft tires, Daniel was given a rather shabby used one. As a result, there was no way to show any improvement in time, and Danya at the end of a quick lap turned into the pits. “What was that, guys” - asked the Ufa resident on the radio, drove into the boxes, but did not hear an answer …

In the race, Kvyat looked pretty good, keeping up with his "younger comrades" Gasley and Elbon, but in the end something happened that no one expected: the torpedo was "torpedoed" by Giovinazzi! It didn’t come to a retirement, but along with the U-turn, the last hopes of the Russian for points in this race disappeared. Moreover, according to the old tradition, the judges gave Dana a 5-second penalty. This time for speeding in the pit lane.

4. Renault

In order not to push their pilots head-on on the track, the team's strategists decided to separate them into different tactics: Den, known for his ability to save tires, had to race with one pit stop, and Niko had to go “all the money” with two. In theory, one of these bets should have been played if three laps before the finish on both French cars the engine hadn’t failed at the same time … In the late 70s - early 80s the cars of Renault workers were called “yellow teapots” because they the turbo engines regularly broke down, leaving behind a plume of smoke. Does the story develop in a spiral?

3. Sebastian Vettel

As you know, people do not change … Another stressful situation, connected this time with the fact that the German's partner turned out to be faster than him, and the captain's bridge did not slow down the young upstart, again turned into pirouettes for Seb on the track. Trying, by all means, here and now to counterattack Hamilton, who, due to different tactics, was able to get ahead of the German, Vettel could not keep his car and again stood across the track. But, considering that the matter was not over, the German immediately returned to the track, and overtaking the circulars that had managed to pass by, he still managed to tear off the front wing, and only then, with a sense of accomplishment, he hobbled into the pits … Later, Vettel, in his own manner, explained to reporters, that the wing fell off due to strange vibrations, and that he had no contact with any Strolls or Russells, and that he was innocent …

2. Charles Leclair

Many criticized the Monegasque for the fact that in Australia he performed worse in qualifying than his experienced partner, and this was, in part, due to the order to stay behind Vettel. Leclair took these remarks into account and won pole position in Bahrain! But at the start he still missed both Vettel, who went into the race from second position, and Bottas. True, he quickly rehabilitated himself, having overtaken both five-time and four-time champions at the beginning of the race. Charles's pace was so much higher than everyone else on the track that the authorities from Maranello did not particularly interfere with the young pilot in his desire to attack Vettel. Moreover, everyone knows how uncompromising a German can be, but he could not oppose anything against an accurate blow prepared in two circles … After that, Leclair, as if on wings flew away from his pursuers … But like Icarus in the famous Greek myth,Charles scorched his wings, or rather his motor, a dozen laps before the finish line. A pair of Mercedes without any problems bypassed the damaged red car, but another pair of factory drivers - the guys from Renault - helped to preserve the first podium in his career for the Monegasque: if it were not for the pace car caused by the simultaneous descent of the French, then Verstappen, rapidly catching up behind, would have pushed Leclerc back to fourth position.

1. Lewis Hamilton

Sometimes it starts to seem that Lewis himself attracts victories. It would seem that the rivals are obviously faster, and the team, for once, made a mistake with the strategy, and the fast newcomer leaves further and further … But again after the finish the British anthem is played!

To Lewis's credit, it is worth saying that he understood that he did not quite deserve the victory (although there are perhaps undeserved victories in motorsport), and immediately after he got out of his car, Ham ran not to his team to celebrate the victory, but to Leclair, who missed his first victory due to a technical malfunction, with words of support! Truly a generous act worthy of a champion!


Formula 2. Bahrain

Start in the desert


5 - Alesi before the start of the second race; 4 - departure of Gelael on Saturday arrival; 3 - Schumacher in pole position on Sunday; 2 - Sette Camara during the Sunday sprint; 1 - winner of the second race Giotto

5. Giuliano Alesi

Put a different composition of rubber on the front and rear axles, do not fasten the wheel, send the rider into battle on worn tires - it seemed that in the First Formula they had already tried all kinds of errors related to the tire factor. But in the team of the junior series Trident found another way to "screw up" with the wheels: in the second race in Bahrain in the car of Giuliano Alesi, the tires were mixed up: the right ones were put on the left side, and vice versa! If in Trident this way they decided to surpass the Formula 1 teams, they obviously went the wrong way …

4. Sean Gelael

Stability is a sign of skill! The list of those who came down in the 2019 season was opened by the one in whose "abilities" in this matter no one doubted: Sean Gelael was eliminated on the fifth lap of the first race due to the failure of the DRS system. Yes, the racer is probably not to blame for this, but, as they say, "the sediment remained" … By the way, the departure of the Indonesian was the only retirement among all the pilots for both races of the weekend …

3. Mick Schumacher

The debut of his son Michael was the most anticipated event in the world of junior formulas. And Mick did not disappoint. Yes, the young German did not manage to compete either for the victory or for the podium. But he himself and many experts said in advance that he still has to understand how the car behaves at a distance and to understand to the end with its control. According to Schumacher himself, in the first race he was too careful not to spoil the set of tires ahead of time, and because of this he fell slightly behind the leaders (which, on the other hand, allowed him at the end of the marathon race to catch up and pass Matsushita in the fight for 8 the place that gave him the right to pole in the second race), and in the second race, on the contrary, decided to act more aggressively, which led to early wear of the rubber. Therefore, the main task of Mik and his Prem team for the next 2-3 stages will be a thorough analysis of the work with tires.And what happens when they deal with this - we all saw in the last season of Formula 3 …


Before the start of this season, the riders of the championship team ART and the owners of the Karlin Teams Cup were recorded as favorites. But in the end, the DAMS pilots fired - Latiffe won in the first race, and Kamara took the lowest place on the podium. And in the second race Sergio was already ahead of Nicolas, however, they already shared the lower steps of the podium.

1. Luca Guiotto

And the victory in the second race was won by Luca Giotto - the pilot of the "new" team UNI-Virtuosi. Starting from seventh place, the Italian, recalling the experience of Charles Leclerc two years ago, decided to go to an additional pit stop in order to have the advantage of fresher and softer tires at the end of the race, and in the end he simply stitched the entire peloton! Moreover, Guiotto could have won the first race, as it was he who won pole position in Friday's qualification, but problems with grip, discovered during the warm-up lap, caused Luca to fall into sixth at the start. But, despite this, it was he who divided the two riders on the podium of Saturday's race. As a result, with 37 points in the individual classification, the Italian left Bahrain as the leader of the championship.



Champion and others


5 - Iannone on the track in Argentina; 4 - the fight between Vinales and Mobidelli; 3 - Petrucci before the start of the race; 2 - Rossi on the lap after the finish; 1 - race winner Marquez

5. Andrea Iannone Iannone

announced before the start of the season that he was extremely happy to play for the Italian factory team! But maybe he was not warned that it was not about returning to Ducati, but about moving to Aprilia? After all, the last place both in qualification and in the race is a dubious reason for joy …

The team itself continues to justify their results by the fact that their compatriots were allowed to use the wings in front of the rear wheel, but they were not. But other manufacturers do not have these fairings either. So maybe Aprilia's speed problems are not related to this?

4. Viñales and Morbidelli

Two young talents, riding the same bikes, but for different teams, fought each other on the edge of the top five for the entire race. And on the last lap they still collided: while braking, Morbidelli drove his front wheel onto the rear Vinales, after which the guys watched the final of the race from the side of the road.

3. Danilo Petrucci

The rookie of the factory team Ducati said after the stage in Qatar that the failure in the Middle East stage only made him stronger! But, apparently, not enough to successfully perform in Argentina. Yes, the head of the Italians, dal'Igna, said that their motorcycles have a certain speed deficit at the Santiago del Estero circuit, but Danilo again turned out to be the worst among the pilots driving new generation motorcycles. If Petrucci continues to “grow stronger” after each race, then it is far from a fact that he will be able to stay in the status of a factory pilot for a long time - there are plenty of candidates for his place …

2. Valentino Rossi

The doctor once again qualified worse than his partner, but in the race he again looked much better. During the entire race, Valentino hung on the rear wheel of Dovi, and on the last lap he launched a decisive attack on his compatriot. Given that Rossi and Dovizioso are far more experienced pilots than Viñales and Morbidelli, their confrontation did not end in a gravel trap, and both successfully arrived on the podium after 25 laps.

1. Marc Marquez

And the reigning champion Marc Marquez won the stage in Argentina, with a clear advantage! Moreover, it would be more correct to call this advantage domination: the Spaniard from the very start simply left all his rivals, and his lead sometimes exceeded 15 seconds! At the end of the race, Mark frankly slowed down, and even managed to greet his team even before crossing the finish line, but this also did not allow his rivals to get closer to the leader at a distance of line of sight!


Rally Corsica

Change of leader


5 - Rovanperya on the first day of the rally; 4 - Gryazin and Fedorov on the podium in France; 3 - Tyanak changes a wheel that was punctured on the second day; 2 - Evans in the final SS; 1 - Rally Corsica winners Neville and Gilsul

5. WRC2 Pro The

"factory backup" category of the WRC2Pro, designed to tidy up private owners under the wing of automakers, seems to be failing. And so the few participants in this classification almost completely ignored the stage in France - only 2 crews showed up at the start! And considering that Kalle Rovanperää flew off the track and got off at the 12th special stage, Lukash Penenzhek could only not crash the car on the treacherous tracks of Corsica. But, only a few kilometers after the Finn's accident, the Pole followed suit on the same SS. And as a result, there were no finishers in this class …

4. Nikolay Gryazin

Already in his second race at the world level, Nikolay took a place on the podium in the WRC2 category! Moreover, before the final superstage Gryazin was the leader in his class, but a small blot in the final of the race threw him to the silver position, less than 4 seconds behind Fabio Andolfi. But, all the same - the podium is conquered, now we expect victories from the Russian!

3. Ott Tianak

What is unlucky and how to deal with it? This question has been tormenting the Estonian pilot for the second year. Once again, confidently settling at the head of the peloton, Ott punctures the wheel in the middle of the race, which throws him one and a half minutes back in the middle of the top ten, which is why he loses all hope of winning, and at the same time the leadership in the championship …

2. Elfin Evans

The third place in the second race in a row is a clear success for the pilot of the “non-factory” M-Sport team. If not for one "but": Elfin was in the leading group for most of the race, often headed the protocols, and left for the last stage as the leader! But, in the final, the Briton suffered the "curse of Tyanak" - just like the Estonian, he punctured the wheel, and his first place immediately turned into third … So far, Evans's failures are not systemic, like those of Ott, but nevertheless, fears are already starting to creep in …

1. Thierry Neuville

The Belgian sat behind the leaders for the first two days, but at the most crucial moment of the rally he was able to sharply raise the pace, which, together with the failures of his main rivals in this race, brought him to the first position at the finish. And thanks to this victory, Thierry became the new leader of the individual competition. It would seem that the season has just begun, and in the World Championship the leader has already changed three times! Obviously, an exciting season awaits us!



Texas Tactics


5 - start of the race in Texas; 4 - Pole holder Johnson; 3 - Logano at the finish of the first stage; 2 - Suarez's car on the track at Fort Worth; 1 - Hamlin Race Winner

5. Strategy

The key factor of a good race result in Texas this time was not the desperate courage of the pilots and not the speed advantage multiplied by countless overtaking and contact fighting on the track, but a well-built strategy on the captain's bridge. In America, began to look closely at European values?

4. Hendrik Motorsport

In particular, the seven-time series champion Johnson, the well-placed pit stop time helped to finally get into the top 5 at the end of the race. But Chase Elliott's untimely stops in the pits, on the contrary, after a fairly successful start, were thrown into the middle of the peloton, and the young pilot could not even break into the top ten in the end.

3. Penske

But the failure of one of the pilots of the team, Rick Hendrik, cannot be compared with the absolutely failed weekend of the Penske team. Blaney and Keselowski got off halfway through the race due to technical problems, and the reigning champion, despite winning the first stage of the race, due to an erroneous strategy, finished at the end of the second ten … Old Roger will probably try to forget this stage as nightmare!

2. Stuart-Haas The

banner of the best representatives of Ford at the race in Texas was picked up by the pilots of Stuart-Haas. All four cars of the team finished in the top ten, and Suarez and Bower were in the top three! But they failed to win again.

1. Danny Hamlin

But for the second time this season after the Daytona 500, Hamlin succeeded. Denny became the third driver this year to win two wins!

And so far the situation is such that in 2019 only the pilots of the teams Joe Gibbs and Roger Penske won victories. Did two dominant teams appear in the series, famous for its unpredictable results, like Formula 1, or did the other teams just "swing"? If the second option, then it would be high time, because behind seven races - almost a quarter of the regular season.


One line


5 - Aurus 01 car livery; 4 - Pike descent at the China e-Prize; 3 - joint tests of DTM and Super GT in Hockenheim'17; 2 - Alonso on tests of the rally-raid Toyota; 1 - Schumacher in tire tests

5. Endurance races

On April 2, it was solemnly announced that in the new season of the European series, as well as at the WEC stages in Spa and Le Mans, the Russian G-Drive team will change the chassis manufacturer. The new supplier for the team will be a luxury brand from Russia, designed to squeeze out such old-timers as Bentley and Rolls-Royce - Aurus on the world market. However, there will not be a change of supplier as such: the current Oreca 07 car will simply be renamed Aurus 01, and countless logos will be pasted on it … A typical example of badge engineering. But it would be much more interesting if a lightweight limousine with an aerodynamic body kit was really released on the track … Nonsense? But in Volvo, in the early 90s, they performed in British touring on 850 station wagons …

4. Formula E

The very first electric series champion leaves the championship. After six races of the season, Nelson Piquet has only one point in the individual competition, and in the last three stages, the Brazilian could not finish at all. The official statement of the team and the pilot says that this decision was mutual, and that everyone is grateful to each other for the years they lived together … But among the beautiful words from both sides, there are clearly notes of discontent: Piquet clearly did not count on such results in a team supported by automaker, and in Jaguar, for sure, they expected more from the ex-champion and hoped that he would lead the team to the winning level … Alex Lynn will replace Nelson in the British team.

3. DTM The

German touring championship is getting closer to the Japanese championship. What fans on both sides of the Pacific are looking forward to may finally happen soon: from 22 to 24 November, the DTM and Super GT series will hold their first test race together on the Fuji circuit! This became possible due to the fact that uniform aerodynamic requirements and similar technical regulations were introduced for both championships. In addition, one car from each Super GT manufacturer will arrive from Japan for the final race in this year's DTM at the Hockenheimring, which, along with the regular participants, will start in both races of the weekend.

2. Fernando Alonso

Two weeks ago the Spaniard won the WEC race in Serbring. Last week, together with the winner of Dakar'19 Nasser Al-Attiyah tested his combat rally-raid Toyota in the sands. Alonso at the wheel of McLaren this week tests the promising Pirelli tires in Formula 1 tire tests. Where will the restless Fernando be next week? MotoGP? NASCAR? Survival racing?

1. Mick Schumacher

“Schumacher is back in Ferrari” - it was with such pseudo-sensational headlines that many sports (and not only) news came out last Tuesday. In the tire tests taking place on April 2 and 3 in Bahrain, Mick actually got behind the wheel of a scarlet car, but only on the first day. On Wednesday, Schumacher went to Alfa Romeo. Apparently, the Italians decided to divide the "piece of hype" equally between their two teams. But, obviously, it was to the Ferrari-Schumacher alliance that the maximum attention of various media was attracted. But how did this affect Mika himself? It is likely that he got used to such close attention of the press from the time he began to compete under his own name (in karting and the first years in the formulas, he entered the race under his mother's maiden name). And according to the results of the first day of tests, Mick took the second position in the general protocol True,on the softest set of tires, while the rest of the pilots used mainly tires of medium hardness. But still they know that time on these tests is not at all the main thing. Especially for Mick.

Salute everyone! We'll write in a week!

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