In this part, we will consider the preparation of the car body. Almost most of the time is spent on it.

As I said in this series of articles, we are not looking at the "spaceships" that are built for the World Rally Championship and prototypes vaguely resembling cars.

The previous part in which there was an introduction and a description of the approach to choosing a car is HERE

So we have chosen the class, make and model of the car. Found a suitable donor, maybe even bought a new standard car. Time to get to work.

1. Disassembly.

Everything is removed from the car, that is, absolutely everything, including wiring, plastic, rubber bands. All glasses are removed and cut out. Removable external attachments such as doors, fenders, bumpers, etc. All units, suspension, etc. are removed. As a result, a single piece of body metal should remain and that's it.


body skeleton

2. Treatment and cleaning

Remove all insulation and noise insulation mats. Any additional coatings designed to protect against noise and body corrosion.

All surfaces, including the underbody and inside the body, undergo these processes.

Sometimes the body is sandblasted with a special apparatus, paint residues are removed and metal remains.



As the name implies, processing with this device occurs under the action of sand particles supplied by air at high speed to the surface to be cleaned.

Saw off all unnecessary brackets and everything that is not needed and is allowed to be removed by the regulations, some parts can be drilled for relief. This is for added relief.

3. Reinforcements and frame

This body, if not prohibited by technical requirements, is reinforced in the parts required for a particular model. This is done with the help of pads that sometimes repeat the shape of the body, but not always. They are welded and their native parts are welded.


made a collage

Most often, the attachment points of the suspension and units are reinforced. Such reinforcement increases the rigidity of the body and the loads that it can take.


these are reinforcements and overlays on the example of a finished car

Preparations are being made for the installation of sports seats and seat belts. the seat brackets are attached to special crossbars. Belts via eyebolts to special insert plates. The plates are welded to the body.


as with everything in a sports car, they have special technical requirements. The

safety cage is welded, one of the most important elements of the safety system and the main reinforcement of the body.


4. Painting

Painting inside and out.


Photo credits and artwork by Mikhail from slonworkshop

It happens that they paint in different colors.


As for the hinged parts, in some classes, some of them can be facilitated by removing material or replacing them with light plastic ones, for example, the front fenders and the trunk lid. Well, as I already wrote in the story about polycarbonate glass security systems that serve to reduce weight.

The car body is like the foundation of a house. Everything relies on it and therefore a lot of time and money is spent on its preparation.

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In the next part about the engine.


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