There are riders who are successful, famous, fast, experienced and titled.

And there is Dmitry Bragin, in whom all these qualities live at the same time)

And I managed to interview this pilot before the final stage of the Russian RSKG championship in circuit auto racing.


Porsche helped with technical equipment, respect)

The most interesting thing is that for two years now Dmitry has been out of reach for his rivals on the Russian ring, and he has been playing in my dear Audi RS3 LMS.


RS3 of a healthy person

So this is almost my RS3 only in it a heart was transplanted (instead of a magnificent 2.5 inline 5 cylinder, there is a 2.0 engine from an S3). Moreover, front-wheel drive, these are the conditions of the TCR series regulations.


Factory swap

Well, I'm happy with my car, but I was interested to know the opinion of a person who drives the same car, but only in the right place)


Smoker's rs3

The director of STK Taif Motorsport Farid Valeev helped me with the organization of the interview, for which he thanks a lot! The operator was Marat Renault.


We had a very emotional conversation!

In Saturday's race Dmitry finished eighth, which allowed him to start on Sunday from first position. He never gave it to the end of the race.


Try to catch up

The atmosphere of the Kazan Ring races is reminiscent of the European one, you can come and cheer for families and with children - there are activities and various competitions for them.


May san. Tea is not May, but we are fine)

Now the two-time Champion of Russia was resting and accepting congratulations, and we were preparing an interview so that you would quickly learn something interesting firsthand.


Next to the two-time Touring Champion.

You will see the video now, but I have prepared an exclusive for you!

Champion's Gift

For those who subscribe to my channel and leave the most interesting commentary on the video with Dmitry Bragin there is a gift - a branded baseball cap of the champion team with his autograph.


There are none on sale. Exclusive.

I will sum up the results in a week, October 2, 2017 in my Instagram

We tried to ask really interesting questions and get away from boring editing. See:



A little cold, autumn stsk

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