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Results of the competition from Manu, plane tickets, hotel reservation, flight, hello Sochi!


Arriving in Sochi with a slight delay, we checked into a hotel, had a snack and took an hour nap from the road. We were planning to get to the autograph session. Upon arrival at the Olympic Park, we set off along well-studied trails to the gathering place for fans. There was no preference in choosing a queue for a specific driver, the bet was made on Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 and it paid off! ! !


Compared to previous years, the organizers decided to distribute the fans in different queues. A maximum of 30% of applicants fell within the time frame!

The gates opened in front of the fans and also closed abruptly after 10 minutes, leaving the hope of getting an autograph somewhere far beyond the limits of internal experiences. I already thought that fortune had left me, when at that moment Nico Rosberg, jumping off the stage, rushed straight to the fence where I was standing with a camera, signed my booklet and handed it to me! To say that I was dumbfounded at this moment is to say nothing! This episode will NEVER be forgotten! Also, his autograph was received by many who were not among the lucky ones who slipped onto the stage.


We saw off Niko with deafening applause!

The Russian Grand Prix was eagerly awaited, although not much time has passed since the previous Sochi stage.

This season is developing with intrigue, so having visited our Russian stage of the royal races, I wanted to get answers to pressing questions:

- Will Nico Rosberg manage to get his seventh victory in a row and catch up on this indicator Alberto Askari and Michael Schumacher

? - Will Lewis Hamilton

be able to stop Rosberg's victorious agility and interrupt an unpleasant streak for himself ? Will Cheko Perez be able to prove the non-coincidence of his last year's podium.

- and finally, will Sebastian Vettel and Daniil Kvyat be able to carry out a clean race and thereby exhaust the conflict artificially inflated two weeks earlier in Shanghai.


Free arrival.

The guys from Pirelli, due to the peculiarities of the circuit, could not bring UltraSoft to Russia, therefore, even on Soft and Supersoft, difficulties with warming up were felt, many riders felt problems with grip, there were many mistakes in laps.

He deployed the cars of Hamilton, Kvyat, Vettel.

From the good news, I note that Sergei Sirotkin, who signed a test driver contract for the development of the Renault F1 team before the start of the Grand Prix, replaced Kevin Magnussen and had a good Friday session of free races, ahead of Renault partner Jolyon Palmer. Last time Sergey drove Formula 1 at the first training session, also in Sochi - in 2014.

As a result, according to the results of free races in 2 practices, Hamilton showed the best time, in one - Rosberg.



All riders expectedly began to use Supersoft. In the first segment, Hamilton showed the best time. True, in one episode he cut the chicane and left in the wrong place where it was recommended.

I got off with a warning.

Kvyat showed a modest 12th result, which was clearly not to the liking of the rider and the audience.

In the second segment, Rosberg showed the best time. Our Kvyat only on his last fast lap was able to improve Sainz's time and jump on the 10th line of the protocol.

Before the start of the third segment, it turned out that Hamilton had a motor-generator failure and he would not be able to continue qualifying. Accordingly, he reserved the 10th line of the starting field. On his fast lap, Rosberg perfectly improved Vettel's time and, as it seemed to everyone, took all the questions about pole position, but Nico did not calm down and went for another fast lap. And it would seem that he will improve his time. But alas, the mistake in the third turn and the finishing protocol remained unchanged. As for Kvyat, in all segments he was inferior to his partner in Bed Bull, which was not encouraging. Vettel will lose 5 positions at the start due to a change in gearbox.



Have a rest? Let's go further!


After the traditional anthem in the brilliant performance of the "Soprano" by the Turetsky Choir, the pilots took up their fighting positions. The seconds before the start ticked in unison with the heartbeats of the 60,000-strong audience of the Queen of motorsport fans.

The lights go out!

The first turn of the Sochiavtodrom pilots pass "gas to the floor". Quite a long straight - one of two DRS zones, the total speed of all fireballs in this section reaches more than 7000 km / h.

The combination of the second and third turns is full of surprises and Dear Hermann Tilke took this into account when designing the track. Of course, this fact adds to the entertainment of the race itself, but takes away valuable pieces of expensive composite materials from the cars!

The third stage in the history of Russia was no exception!

Thanks to the locking of the wheels, Esteban Gutierrez issued a "double" for Nico Hulkenberg, who got off at the last stage exactly in the same place for a similar reason at the very start.

But the Russian fan was interested in another incident requiring analysis - this is the contact between Daniil Kvyat and the SF pilot Sebastian Vettel, who is striving for the podium . At first, Danya, being in the low air zone during late braking, due to lack of proper downforce, did not calculate the maneuver and blocked the wheels, provoked a "push in the back" - a kind of response to all haters for China!

Then, right in front of the podium of the same name, Daniel again made a mistake and made an accident with Vettel, whose SF16-H car was thrown to anotherRed Bull thereby ruined the race for themselves and team mate Dan Ricciardo.

In this case, I absolutely agree with the indignation of Vettel, Arrivabene and the guys from Ferrari .

First, they brought to Russia an updated wing, which was supposed to play a key role in direct competition with Mercedes, pushing Williams Martini to the background. And the successful qualification of Vettel only confirmed this fact.

Secondly, the prospect of an even greater lead gap would add problems for Ferrari in general, for Scuderia pilots in particular.

But this is motorsport, and similar situations are not uncommon.

We wish success to Daniel in the Toro Rosso Scuderia, and we look forward to successful results in the next stages in Montmelo and the city circuit in Monaco.


The rest of the race, in general, was not remembered by anything, except for some moments:

-Lewis Hamilton's breakthrough to second place;

- the descent of Max Verstappen, due to a breakdown of the car, -

quite a successful distance of 53 laps for F. Alonso;

- hitting the top ten of HAAS and Renault.




My first trip to the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi (2015) brought a certain interest to the queen of motorsport, but the current trip turned my attitude towards F1 upside down and it seemed that something was in my head! I look forward to the next stage in Russia, and perhaps we will arrange a trip over the hill a little earlier;)


PS: Thank you so much for the dedication to F1 fans to my friends Dimajo and of course FILL555!

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