A post about a skyscraper shot well in the

USA-2015. May in Chicago, Willis Tower_Part1

USA 2015. May in Chicago, Boat trip on Lake Michigan_Part_3

Volo Museum, beginning)))

USA 2015. May in Chicago, Auto Museum Volo_Part_2.1 - Only Mustang!

USA 2015. May in Chicago, Auto Museum Volo_Part_2.2 - Mixed hodgepodge Muscle cars or GM drives))))

I will continue in Friday style, movie legends))))

Met the Ghost Rider, not the best movie in my opinion, but nothing can be done about it. Even the joke that Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage in films takes on a new meaning for me)))


Mad Max, I never went to the new film, and I will remember young Mel Gibson in this role.

1975 Ford Interceptor, an exact replica of the original car, one of 8 built in Australia and brought to the USA.


Old Schwartz, what a start. The third film in a row and all from my childhood)))))

Kadilak Hers 1989, museum workers guarantee that every hole in the body from a bullet or explosives is verified to the millimeter according to the director's production. By the way, this is the last film before Arnie went to cut the California budget))


Blues Brothers, an incomparable musical)))) I'm not afraid of this word, with what pleasure I reviewed it every time.

This is not the first meeting with them, in 2014 in Universal Park they have their own attraction with songs.


Ghostbusters)))) such a real return to childhood))))

1959 Cadillac, what forms, and fins, and even a wagon!



Let's try to cheat the system a little nai))) Do you all remember Lizuna?))

James Bond is probably the idol of all boys. Ian Fleming tried his best in his time, it was not in vain that I read his books.

Die another day - to be honest, the series with Brosnan did not please, and he himself is not a fountain of what Bond turned out)))) Whether it's old Craig))) we are waiting for the premiere Spectrum)))

Aston Martin Vanish))) 2001, the car was built for tricks. Used the chassis of a mustang and a plastic body of astin, cheap and cheerful)) The car from the filming, documents confirming this. asked and really showed))


Speed ​​racer and his Mak5

What a gorgeous cartoon)))

Base corvette 1995, built under license. Only 5 cars were produced. Street clearance and full service from any Chevrolet dealer))))


By the way, the car is sold, only 70,000 USD

There is a postscript, if you do not like attention, then the car is not for you)))

Bonnie and Clyde, romance from the high road, there is always only one ending!

1934 Ford, one of the forgeries that has come a long way to this display, through museums and private collections



How many good memories these photos brought))))

Turtles always won

VW Van 1957, the car was bought from the creator. Docks are ok))


Good old

fast and furious ))))) Dodge Charger 1970

Another original car from the shooting. There was not a single powerful charger in the film, all the wonders of the green screen))


Gone in 60 seconds, great movie. The protagonist is Ford Shelby Mustang GT500.

11 vehicles were built for filming.


Knight Rider and his faithful friend and ally, a living pontiac))))


And the salon is - even now it is pleasant / expensive to see))))


Back to the future, I just want to say:

Marty is my melapon)))))


Another original car!

Miami police, or rather a very modest police on a Ferrari)))

Replica of a 1973 Ferrari Daytona

2 cars were built for the film.


Where without the old days Bambolby)))

Camaro 70 years. In the original, Bambolby was a VW beetle, the producers decided to change it to a Camaro so that there would be no associations with another famous Herbie beetle)) The move was very successful


Christina, a horror movie about a killer car)))) I remember it was dull at times)))

King tried, after this film he read almost all of his works and got hooked on Kunz)))

Now, by the way, I’m finishing up the City))))

There are blood-type stains on the floor) ))

1958 Plymouth Furry

14 cars were built for filming


Grease is a masterpiece!


Small Wall of Memory

Paul Walker


Heath Ledger


Joker handsome of course, from one to another one step

The photo limit has expired. With your permission, I will continue to radicalize)))

Can you recommend a more interesting photo service?)))

There are even boats))))

There are also enough fakes, the car was built for a concert tour in 30 countries)))

Elton John's favorite car)))

The series about Batman)))

Straight really some horror)))

Jackson also decided to stand out)) it's

hard to be modest and adequate, probably))

here is a real barbie))

p / s / I will immediately apologize for the angles, there is very little space, and the exhibits are interesting, so there is no other way to crawl!

The answer from the traffic police and the little joys of a tuner, an octopus in his swimming trunks))))