Well, my friends? Three Zhiguli from the Autostrada 2015 were washed bones ?! Now it's the turn of the GAZ 24 Volga. Discussions start here.

This Volga was conspicuous, in addition to its excellent condition, with a very rare color for her, as I did not know it then, but, apparently, an analogue of the VAZ 483.


Beautiful, what is already there. That's just, in my opinion, the color is somewhat lighter for the original (however, on a penny, the color should also be darker)

I'll make a reservation right away that in the Volga I, apart from the designation of the models and the differences between their torpedoes, do not drag them even once. For this reason, I hope for the attention and comments of people versed in these wonderful cars of the Gorky Automobile Plant.

And let's start our inspection of the 24-ki from the engine compartment


Well, what is it? Should the hood springs be in color? The space itself (mud flaps) is matte. Well, the battery is not Soviet yet …

Let's open the driver's door


Dashboard with metal trim, receiver, newspapers on the floor …


Red interior with blue body - kosher. In front of the pseudo-sofa, it was tempting to ask permission to sit down, but, anticipating the refusal, did not injure his pride. Later, for years, the chairs were separate.

Let's bend down a little, sit down at least not in the salon, but squat


Rubber, apparently, dear, caps too. But why did you paint over the balancing weight?

We smoothly move to the sirloin of the car.


And here the Soviet Union is still alive, like Comrade. Lenin, and Elvis. On the trunk lid we see a piece of paper with a color designation. There was no color name - just blue, I think. I don't remember the number, if there was one at all.

As for the complete completeness of the contents of the trunk of this car, I can't say anything - I'm not strong))

Well, we finish the inspection, smoothly moving away from the car.


Yes, Volga, you are beautiful. I would like to take you for a couple of warm evenings: one for a tour in Tula, and the second for the capital of our Motherland …

Comments and all IMHO are welcome!

Thanks for your attention.