So, I will continue to reveal the topic of 4 cars of the Ryazan collector, exhibited at the Autostrada 2015 in Tula.



As befits the 74th year - a grater under the radiator grille.

For me, this car turned out to be the most interesting of the four, because The 03rd Lada model is the direct predecessor of my beloved "six". And from the objective side, of all the VAZ models produced in the USSR, 2103 enjoys the greatest sympathy among the population. Now I regret that I didn’t take more photos, although what I did was already good, since everything was a bit chaotic.

Specifically, this car was produced in 1974 (what was there on the windows - I don't remember)


The car has, of course, a number of features characteristic of that period of production, although some points are very controversial.

The first is the wheels. In addition to the fact that the most correct rubber IYA-170 is installed, the discs of the car have flanged holes - a characteristic feature of the early three-wheel discs - which is very, very rare in our time.


Cutting all hairy. But there are few hairs left in front, and then only from the side.

The second is a muffler coveted by many with a welded native nozzle.


The nozzle is factory-installed, as can be seen from the characteristic stamping below. Of course, she's not badly drunk.

In the above photo, we also see that there are no mudguards on the car, although, if I am not mistaken, they should not be in a year. But there are brackets. Hmm … What's wrong?

Further, the rear lights.


Everything is smooth here.

"Red October", "Made in the USSR" The glasses are not new, they said they were polished

Let's take a look in the trunk.


Here we see a brand new spare wheel from the IYA-170 on the same early disk, a full set of chauffeur's tools, native numbers and pristine plastic. Well, yes, there are some spots on the rug.

I also note that there is no piece of paper with the name of the body color. And one more thing: I myself did not know this, but Sergey ValmontDi said about the strangeness of the nameplate (ornament) on the trunk lid. The fact is that his frame is early, dear, but the inscription itself is an ordinary late one, because the background should be light.

Let's go under the hood.


Well, here are all the same jambs as with "one" and "two" The only thing that confused was the corrugation on the air from the manifold: it should be shiny, isn't it a remake? If you missed something, correct it.

Well, we smoothly move to the salon.


Here we are greeted by a resilient, unwashed seat, the softest light brown carpet and the absence of seat belts. "Is it in the trunk, in a separate package?" I ask. Comrade supervisor looked - and really no. "It was so …" - he says. Well, for that year, that's just fine. Although the attachment points are naturally provided.


Traditional tidy photo.


We see early fixtures and dark pseudo-wood trim. And it should be, as I understand it, light, more red.

A double-lever steering column switch is a matter of course.


Forgot to see if there is a mirror in the passenger visor.

Here is the report on the "troika" ready. I look forward to your comments. Thanks to all.

PS Read the comments, there are many interesting things!