What's the first thing that comes to mind when you say "hybrid"? I immediately remember a thousand jokes about the Prius, about the existence of a battery-powered Civic and hybrid Lexus. The market for hybrids has long been much more extensive, and everyone seems to know what they are, but they have real popularity, perhaps only in the circles of stylish environmentalists, vegans and fans to buy something "not like everyone else." I never had anything against hybrid cars, but they were not in my circle of interests either. And then the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid happened. There was no specific goal to acquire a hybrid, or even Cayenne. It was chosen, as always, according to the parameter "Oh, cool car! We must take it" and bought promptly and without hesitation, because if you think in such situations, you will drive a Corolla all your life.As a result, we have a three-year hybrid Cayenne with a mileage of 75 thousand km, a year and a half of ownership and about 15 thousand kilometers traveled together.


The stated specifications look tempting: a three-liter compressor V6 with direct injection, developing 333 hp, plus an electric motor for 47 horses. Those who did not skip the addition in first grade will quickly count 380 sprightly ponies. A nice bonus - only gasoline horses are taxed. A trifle, but nice. The combined torque is a hefty 580 Nm. Quite decent performance. My Ford has similar - 370 hp / 569 Nm. And this is, after all, almost a truck that can pull a heavy trailer, a house on wheels or a pair of Cayenne along with it, even if they rest against ceramic brakes. In short, I expected the wheelbarrow to be thrown into space. But this Proton was not destined to take off (until I found the coveted "sport" button).

The algorithm for the operation of the eight-speed gearbox was clearly written, inspired by the video with the sprint races of sloths. What she cannot be denied is predictability. It will predictably be in eighth gear 99% of the time. And she predictably does not care if you want to overtake someone or not. She said eight is eight. We have ecology here, reducing emissions and saving gasoline. This is real life, not a booklet in a car dealership. Fortunately, the manufacturers still provided a sports mode and paddle shifters that turn this vegetable into a cucumber - also of course a vegetable, but vigorous. Otherwise, it would be a very sad story about the Prius for the price of decent housing in our region.

But the dynamics in the case of this machine is far from being of paramount importance. To keep things cool, there is at least a Cayenne S and a turbocharged version. It was interesting to try what it is like to ride a trolleybus. Well, that is, on pure electric traction. Tesla had just appeared then and even now it seems a little radical option, although it beckons incredibly. With a fully charged battery, the cayenne can move without the participation of the internal combustion engine at speeds up to 60 km / h. In general, the sensations from this car can be safely said - unusual. You start the car, and it … won't start. Only the tachometer needle jumps to the "ready" position. A silent car, oddly enough, attracts a lot of attention from others. Once I was driving along a traffic jam on electric traction and everyone who had open windows followed Cayenne with perplexed looks. You need to get used to the brakesbecause the recuperation system makes its own adjustments. When I changed into Cayenne from another car, my first braking consistently came out too harsh. As for the rest, quite expectedly, the hybrid from the usual Cayenne is no different, except for the presence of a permanent all-wheel drive with a self-blocking Thorsen. On petrol versions, the moment from the rear wheels is taken by an electromagnetic clutch.

Another purely hybrid jokes are screens showing the distribution of thrust from the internal combustion engine and the electric motor, the driving time without emissions and the electric traction / charge selection scale instead of the usual oil temperature scale in the engine. My action-backed environmental concern falls somewhere between "sorting by type, color and zodiac sign" and "throwing cigarette butts out of my car in a national park because I paid € 5 at the door." That is, I don’t bother with sorting, and I don’t throw cigarette butts (not only because I don’t smoke). I mean, I don't care much about emissions of fuel combustion products into the atmosphere. But with Cayenne "get to the office with the engine shut off" at first turned into an exciting game.If desired, the city managed to fit Porsche with the letter "S" in the name in an incredible 10-11 liters per hundred. But to be honest, this desire quickly evaporated and the consumption increased to 13-14, with more active driving - to 16. It's still funny for such a powerful car. On the highway, the engine almost always works, therefore, the consumption never fell below 10 l / 100 km.


#gogreen and all that jazz

В плане обслуживания Кайен не беспокоил, не глючил и кроме ТО по регламенту ничего не требовал. При замене колодок обнаружилось, что датчики износа прекрасно подходят от соплатформенной Q7. Глюк Кайен поймал лишь однажды после замены масла, которого не пожалели и налили ровно по максимум. Периодически он вывешивал сообщение "высокий уровень масла", которое лечилось открытием/закрытием капота. Из страшилок про гибриды на слуху было "а вдруг батарея умрет", а я никогда не понимала, в чем проблема. Умрет - у тебя же целый двигатель под капотом. Как бы то ни было, у меня ничего не умирало. Когда машина пару недель простояла в гараже без движения, умная электроника перевела её в режим ожидания для защиты батареи от разряда. Нанотехнологии в действии. Ликвидность гибридного Кайена оказалась явно не сильной его стороной. Конечно нельзя сказать, чтобы продать его было проблемой, но и очередь из желающих с криками "возьмите мои деньги!" не выстроилась. Один из потенциальных покупателей даже слегка удивил - не понял, что это гибрид, и подумал что приехал смотреть дизель. Смотрел, попутно не стеснялся понтоваться и красоваться, а когда понял, что это S Hybrid сразу слился со словами "там же такой налог, я столько платить не могу". Мне кажется немного странным думать о налоге, когда можешь позволить себе свежий Кайен - ну если не берешь его в ипотеку конечно.

For me, diesel Porsche is still a kind of surrealism. But if we talk about fuel economy - on the highway it is more economical than a hybrid, in the city the consumption is the same. And the omnipresent tax is lower. If you still want a drive, we must admit that the usual S-ka is cheaper and faster. So it's hard to say where to apply hybrid cayenne so that it makes sense - if you look for objective justifications for a purchase, you will never buy it. It is good when you operate the car mainly in the city, low consumption is important, but you need a decent speaker in case you want to submerge it at a traffic light. On the one hand, it is both economical and dynamic. And on the other hand, like all universal devices, it is not ideal in either one or the other. But in general, the car is fire, really. And in the end, this is our future. Sad as it may seem, but gluttonous analog bucketsabout who they say "with a soul" are already surrendering under the onslaught of all these high-tech smart carts with the appetite of anorexic model. Robots with two clutches are faster than mechanics, electronic assistants seem to soon kick us out from behind the wheel, navigation will pave the route to the house without stopping at the bar, because my wife bought an extended license with the function "where did he lather at night," and atmospheric 911s remained Limited Edition "R" only.where he lathered up at night looking ", and atmospheric 911 remained only in the limited edition" R ".where he lathered up at night looking ", and atmospheric 911 remained only in the limited edition" R ".

One thing is not clear - whether the future is coming or is it an apocalypse.

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