This time, there were no racing tracks, or even normal public roads to burn off. Most of the route is on the highway, where the BMW i8 is no different from a regular GT. Turning off the highway, you find yourself on paths so narrow that you have to stop, driving away with oncoming people. Driving here is just asking for a head-on collision.


Unlike other mid-engined cars, which hide the trunk under the front fairing, BMW has a 131 hp electric traction motor there. and a healthy radiator for cooling the three-cylinder Mini motor, pressurized to 231 hp.

However, the thrill of driving a trendy hybrid is still not to be experienced. A cocky appearance is deceiving, he is not for that. The most exciting thing is to look at it. But even cooler is watching those who are watching. When the i8 appears, everyone immediately throws up their mobile phones, regardless of whether it is a pedestrian, passenger or driver. When on the highway you are simultaneously filmed from four sides - and only one operator is yours - you feel unsafe.


The coupé meets with genuine interest everywhere.

Wait a minute, very soon you will also find yourself among the filmmakers, and special originals - among the owners of a hybrid with a composite body on an aluminum chassis for (I think so) six million rubles. Two Russian BMW i dealers are already taking orders. Having traveled in both i-cars, I have to admit: I was only hooked by the i3 electric car … The story of several hours in the company with the i8 will be released as soon as the video editing is over. We will mount it ourselves, so that it does not work like with the Corvette roller, which, to my chagrin, is still in the work of the contractor.

Mikhail Petrovsky


PS: By the way, did you have a car that was forgiven everything for beautiful eyes? Have you ever bought a car because of design alone? If so, which one?