After a series of teasers and leaks, Chevrolet showed off the new Volt at the Detroit auto show.


It is difficult to judge unambiguously from the pictures, but … yes, a little identity was lost. The shapes have become a bit civic and sometimes with a Korean flavor. Although in general - quite good for myself. Personally, I would like the evolution of the Volta to develop in the direction of unusualness and differences from other machines, but, apparently, the course towards the mainstream is more justified these days.


The most unfortunate angle, in my opinion.


Everything is good here: continuity, recognition, and novelty.

I must admit that the interiors of the Volts in 2011-2014 are a continuous man-made disaster. In pursuit of originality, the interior designers came out with a strange mix of an uncomfortable touchscreen, an ordinary Jem steering wheel and stupid shiny plastic.

The new generation seems to have solved this problem. At least in the pictures, everything looks worthy of 2015.


Among other things, they promise support for Apple CarPlay.

There are two main changes inside:

1. Pure electric range increased by 25% to 50 miles (80 km).

2. From a four-seater Volt became a five-seater. Hooray! The volume of the trunk was not affected.

At the moment, the Volt remains the only car on the market that, in ordinary city life, is a full-fledged electric car that does not consume gasoline. At the same time, if necessary, it turns into a regular gasoline (very economical) hybrid - go wherever you want, where there is a gas station.

Conventional electric cars are still embarrassed by the "short leash" and the need to adjust their lives to their capabilities, and the unusual (Tesla) - by the price.

All of this together is definitely worth it [in the fall, when sales start] to drop by the dealer and see the cars live.