I’m like a Bae Cap, but I just saw the first hybrid car from Lamborghini - ASTERION LPI 910-4. Precisely the first, because only he can be like that - a car, not she - a car, he, only he.

I'll start with the technical data, although his appearance makes my hormones move more. From boring - he has a 910-horsepower V10 engine with a volume of 5.2 liters, plus (this is already more fun))) 3 electric motors, with a total capacity of 300 horses. It is more interesting further, on electricity it can drive 50 km and at a maximum speed of 125 km / h - well, kind of boring for a Lambo, right? But, if he connects a harmful gasoline engine, he can start up to hundreds in 3 seconds in total. All the same, whatever one may say, but oil rules. The Italians promise a maximum speed of 320 km / h, not so hot, we saw it and faster, but we will make allowances for the Minotaur's love for nature. By the way, why the Minotaur? It's simple, Asterion, that was the name of the Minotaur before Theseus killed him, well, this is according to one of the most ancient legends. And Asterion is translated from ancient Greek as "star",and we all remember that on all vases, vessels and other unrequited love of archaeologists, the Minotaur was depicted with stars on its sides.

Let's return to our modern Minotaur in the face of Lambo. His appearance, of course, is not so maliciously scary, rather even peace-loving-aggressive. He is like a cat (well, let it be for greater confidence Maine Coon), which decided to play with the mouse - and will torture you to a pulp and will not cause much harm. But, the brutality in it is still traced, not Greek, of course, more with a European touch. But unlike some supercars, it is emphatically restrained, there is nothing superfluous and seemingly missing too. Personally, I like Pts, and expressive eyes that look directly into the soul,


and a tight ass.


In general, he is like a fit athlete with the right amount of muscles, beautifully located on the body. who at the same time did not overdo it with pumping, steroids and "correct" nutrition (I do not remember what it is called). In short, Asterion is magnificent in his performance, and his appearance (in my girlish eyes) completely brightens up technical moments that do not reach the super giants of speed and power.

Well, at the end, a short video.