Since the admins were not allowed to create a separate blog as a homemade product, I will write about the promotion of the project here)

The other day I came across a very interesting sport or hobby, I don't even know what to call it, called Drift Trike, and got the idea of ​​building it.

Here are a couple of crazy vidos!

Trike with engine -

Trike without engine -

As I have already mentioned, they are of two types, with and without an engine.


The point is that plastic pipes are put on the rear wheels of the go-kart, which give a slip. At the expense of a trike with an engine, everything is clear, but if there is no engine, then you need to look for a protracted slope, which we do not have, so I chose the option with an engine. The front end mainly comes from a BMX bike, well that's up to you.


There is also a direction like Show trike, also a cool thing)


The engine chose for itself the Greenfield complete with a gearbox, an analogue of the Honda 7.0 hp engine. Its price is 11.000r compared to Honda's 47.000r. The difference is tangible) These engines are very popular and are often installed on go-karts.


Well, I threw in a list with the prices of all the things that you need to buy.

1) Used BMX 4000r

2) Metal for frame 1000r

3) Engine with reducer Greenfield 11.000r


5) Wheels 2pcs from karting 1700r (pair)

6) Rubber from karting 11x6 005 1500 (pair)

6) Leading and driven stars teeth 46-12. Diameter 30-22 mm. 450r \ 1450r

5) Rear axle from the card "Length 900 mm, diameter 30 mm" 1400r

6) Hubs for rear wheels and keys for them 1500r

7) Chain 350r

8) Armchair 2500r

9) Housing bearings for the rear axle 700r

11) Grips ( one of them is an accelerator handle) for a moped 1000r

12) An accelerator cable, his shirt is 300r

13) Pegs 4 $ 800tg

14) A set of rim brake 1000r

15) Fasteners 700r

TOTAL: 30.000r

It is up to you to decide a lot or a little, I decided for myself that it was worth it!) So I hope the construction will start soon) Perhaps I will add a car to the list as "homemade". so watch and poke the buttons below!)