The circulation of people at the presentation reacted very favorably to the artist's performance, the Chinese even tried to sing along

. Large dark cars stood in a row in a poorly lit parking lot in front of the Moscow Museum. At first glance, especially from a distance, it was easy to mistake them for Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Many of those who came to the presentation at the Moscow Museum noted the similarity of the GAC GS8 with the status Japanese SUV.


The GAC GS8 can easily be mistaken for a large status SUV, although from the outside it is smaller than it seems and in fact a crossover, even an SUV

But when Vasily Vakulenko appeared on the stage along with the Chinese crossover and sang "Sansara", all attention turned to him. Some even asked aloud (albeit in a whisper) - who caused the greatest damage to his reputation - the Russian rapper who agreed to become the GS8 ambassador, who (the spelling of the press release has been preserved) “throughout his career strived for more, overcoming difficulties on his career path and boldly trying themselves in different roles,”or the Chinese in the GAC, who decided that“its character perfectly matches the brand spirit expressed in the slogan “Strive for more”. In my opinion, such a formulation of the question is fundamentally wrong, but let's return to it later, and now - the most important thing.



American standard - three spacious rows of seats, spare wheel under the bottom, mind you - in a hard plastic cover

The price tag for a large seven-seater crossover the size of a Honda Pilot or Toyota Highlander starts at 1,898,000 rubles. True, for this money it will be with front-wheel drive, but with a six-speed "automatic" Aisin.

And here's what the full price list looks like:

Engine Options Price

2.0 (190 hp) 6AT, 2WD, GE 1,898,000 rubles

2.0 (190 hp) 6AT, 2WD, GL 2 198,000 rubles

2.0 (190 l .s.) 6АТ, 4WD, GL 2,298,000 rubles

2.0 (190 HP) 6АТ, 4WD, GT 2,498,000 rubles

As can be seen from the list, four configurations with the only two-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 190 hp will be available in Russia so far. and an automatic transmission. Moreover, the top version of the GT is equipped very well.


Among the options: LED headlights and taillights, electric and heated mirrors, leather trim. Heated, ventilated and electrically adjustable front seats, driver's seat memory function for three people, wireless charging, 10 ONKYO speakers.


Pay attention to the text. Since the first invasion, all Chinese brands are confident that their home translators know Russian better than Russian editors

All power windows have auto mode, three-zone climate control with separate controls for second-row riders and adaptive cruise control, as well as an all-round visibility system are also present. 10-inch central display, panoramic roof, six airbags including knee airbags for the driver and front passenger + curtain airbags for the front and rear passengers.


Trying to conquer the unknown with wisdom, compilers of press releases from the Middle Kingdom stubbornly ignore the obvious and do not involve native speakers in the work.

There is even a choice of off-road traction control modes depending on the type of off-road. There are six of them: "Sand", "Dirt", "Snow", "Adaptive", "Sports", "Economical". Nice stuffing, right? And all this wealth - for the price, for example, the Toyota RAV4 is not in the uppermost configuration.


In fact, the answer to the question - when Chinese cars will become normal - is very simple - it will happen when such shoals disappear from press releases.

The GAC GS8 has a monocoque body and fully independent suspension with MacPherson struts in front and a multi-link in the rear. At the heart of the car is the platform from Alfa-Romeo 166, bought from FIAT ten years ago, only strongly stretched, reinforced and renamed into the modular platform CPMA (Cross Platform Modular Architecture). The rear axle is connected via a BorgWarner coupling.


One thing is certain - on the second row there is truly royal space

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to ride this "Chinese" yet, but I sat inside and was surprised by the quite decent design and rather neat assembly. It is felt that the GAC was aiming at the American market, but President Trump closed the road overseas by increasing duties on Chinese goods, and as a result, instead of the States, we got a very spacious car with well-thought-out ergonomics.

In the tank of the central armrest, you can hide a full lunch from Burger King along with a liter cola, a passenger of a heroic physique can sit behind the driver without any problems, while even in the third row gallery it is quite tolerable for an adult of average build up to 185 cm tall.


No Chinese presentation is complete without high bosses' speeches. In places it is very similar to a meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU, only with songs and dances

In general, the first impression is rather positive. Appearance is decent, inside is not ashamed. The aggregate base is the Chinese standard, the turbocharged two-liter petrol engines are said to be put on everything in a row, and "the Komsomol answered - there is", the BorgWarner clutch is also quite often.


Yes, and with Comrade Vakulenko, the Chinese did not miss - most of the audience sang along with "Sansare" without any questions, and the fact that the GAC GS8 with a clearance of 162 mm at full load is the same SUV as Basta is a rapper, will not scare away the target audience, because " The road to greatness”(this, by the way, is another slogan of GAC Motor) is thorny and twisting, and there is nothing reprehensible in the fact that on this path someone has to advertise, and someone has to buy Chinese cars. It happens to everyone…


In addition, Guf and Timati clearly indicated where the very bottom of Russian rap is, below which, perhaps, it is impossible to fall. Thanks to these unfortunate people, the rest can estimate their bar of negotiability. Basta, perhaps even quite sincerely noted that: “The experience of driving the GS8 was better than I could have imagined. He impressed me with the dynamics at the start and good acceleration. " (this is also a quote from the press release). After all, it was he who wrote:

"Please, do not think that Olya Buzova is an

extra burden and a burden for you.

There is not so much rubbish in her lyrics,

Buzova is also music."

If Buzova is music, then Chinese are cars, everything is fine, we disagree.

But it seems to me that the ambassador of the GAC GS8 was not entirely sincere, because he left the presentation not in a GAC ​​GS8, but in a Mercedes Gelandewagen. However, it is possible that everything converges here, because the GAC is only on the way to greatness, and Basta has already reached greatness. Well, or someone just gave him a lift, the guy was lucky …


Well, dear readers, how do you like the GAC for a million and a half? I saw him only statically, and even in twilight, but to be honest, I looked without disgust. If you need a big pop carriage for a family without claims to status, it will probably do. The seats in it are really a shaft, for example, the Ford Explorer in the second row is closer. In addition, the stock is so large that if you move the middle row a little forward, then even "in the trunk" it is relatively comfortable to sit and the crown of the head does not break through the ceiling.