Meet: Mercedes has just presented THIS in China! Taking a brand new Mercedes GLS, the Germans threw out the third row of seats and inserted two reclining throne back. The V8 under the hood was forced up to 558 forces, acceleration takes less than 5 seconds to a hundred, and the air suspension has a new mode … Maybach!

Everything from the steering wheel to the shock absorbers works with unprecedented softness. But the most important thing in this car is still hidden in the rear seats - be afraid of Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan, you have an insidious competitor and most likely much cheaper. We looked back in our video.

It seems that after Porsche fans cursed the brand for Caen, Lamborghini for Urus, and Gufa for the Moscow video, we have a new reason to comment! Enjoy your viewing and write how you personally feel about the first off-road Maybach.


Note the wider footrest for the rear passengers. It is immediately clear who is in charge here!