In Russia, for some reason, generalists are not very fond of. In the premium segment, anyway. But the Audi RS6 Quattro is a completely different topic. It seems that he was called a universal by mistake. In fact, this shed has the "stats" of a real supercar. For starters, at least the price - from 117,500 euros or from 8.3 million rubles. But the price is just the beginning, of course.


Matrix headlights are beautiful and cool, but cost like a base Renault Logan

Under the hood, the new RS6 has a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 with a "mild hybrid" setup. All this farm produces 600 "horses" and 800 newtons. It is quite enough to disperse hundreds in 3.6 seconds. The figures are quite comparable with the Audi R8, which is no longer on sale in Russia. Maximum speed is the same supercar level. Yes, in the "base" speed ceiling is limited to standard in Germany 250 km / h. But with the optional “dynamic” package (just a plus of some 400 thousand rubles), the RS6 already produces 280 km / h, but with the demonic Dynamic +, all 305 km / h! So yes - Audi RS6 is the fastest station wagon in Russia.


This is what 600 forces and 800 newtons look like

Perhaps also the most beautiful. Audi's design style can be viewed in different ways. You may not even like him, but you definitely cannot help but admire the jewelry cut of individual elements. For example, the RS6's matrix headlights not only shine cool, but also look cool. When you press the door opener button on the key fob, the front and rear optics give out a phenomenal light performance - a must see! But it's better not to remember that replacing matrix headlights, if something happens, will take half a million …


22-inch wheels and 30-profile tires - this is an extra charge

The wheels also look absolutely phenomenal. The RS6 has 21-inch ten-spoke wheels and 275/35 tires. But who needs them when you can pay extra for 22 inches with a unique trapezoidal pattern and 285/30 rollers ?! The diameter of the front carbon discs is 440 mm, and the calipers can be painted red, blue or gray at the customer's choice. By the way, the carbon brake system for the RS6 immediately weighs 34 kg less than the stock - that's what we understand the fight against unsprung masses!


The interior has a lot of carbon fiber, a steering wheel with a sloping lower section and of course the RS mode programmable key

What's more cool about a station wagon for more than 8 lamas? For example, door closers, an exhaust system with adjustable dampers, a sports air suspension, a lot of carbon fiber, which is used not only in the interior design, but for an additional charge on the body panels. Options, as it should be, for an expensive German at RS6 darkness. If you want the steering wheel and selector knob in Alcantara - no problem. If you don't like the chrome-plated body plates, then order black ones - no problem at all!


By the way, the RS6 is equipped with an 8-speed Tiptronic - no double clutches, and the stabilization system, if desired, can be turned off completely …

And, of course, do not pass by the trunk. We are in the station wagon after all … The maximum hold volume of the new RS6 has grown to 565 liters with the rear seats raised and up to 1680 liters with the sofa retracted to the floor. The seedlings fit all, if that. Well, tell me after that that a station wagon gaining 200 km / h in 12 seconds, which has a thrust vector control and the ability to transport a refrigerator is not worth some measly 8 million ?!

Even more interesting things about the beautiful red Audi RS6 in the video at the link above. Come in, take a look and write in the comments. Well, we are already preparing a new portion of interesting cars for you.

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