Domestic automobile history is a sad story. For example, the consumer from the USSR did not wait for mass serial automatic transmissions, and in the modern Russian history of their machines did not appear (although the VAZ AMT formally falls under the requirements of an automatic transmission, but in fact it is a mechanic with an attached automatic switching mechanism, which, if desired, can be turned into such box into conventional mechanics).


Two pedals: a pipe dream for generations of car enthusiasts

Let me remind you that modern automatic transmissions are divided into three main types - classic hydromechanical transmissions with fixed gears, variators with a smooth change in the gear ratio and the so-called robots (the VAZ AMT belongs to their progenitors) in the latter, a combined approach is used - in fact, in one mechanism there are 2 mechanical gearboxes controlled by electronic actuators.

Which of the current options for the implementation of automatic transmissions was chosen for the new Patriot, developed and started to be produced in Russia?

The answer is sad - NO!

An imported automatic machine has been installed, the true origin of which can only be recognized by a sticker from a serial car. So far, all the materials on the network about the UAZ Patriot with a machine gun have been created based on short trips on demo models for testing.


A piece of AUDI in every Patriot!

The press release is inspiring:

The automatic transmission PUNCH Powerglide 6L50 will be installed in the non-UAZ Patriot SUV. The unit belongs to the Powerglide family developed by the General Motors concern, but the production of gearboxes that enter the conveyor in Ulyanovsk is handled by the PUNCH Powerglide Strasbourg enterprise (the plant is located in the north-east of France).

Powerglide 6L50 is a traditional "automatic" with a torque converter. The six-speed gearbox has an enormous margin of safety - peak power and torque are 320 hp. and 500 N • m, respectively. At the same time, the automatic transmission will work in tandem with the updated ZMZ PRO engine, which develops 150 forces and 235 Newton meters.

The Powerglide 6L50 transmission saves fuel. When driving on a highway at a constant speed of 90 km / h, the UAZ Patriot with "automatic" consumes 2 liters less than an SUV with a manual transmission).

Gear ratios:

1 - 4.065

2 - 2.371

3 - 1.551

4 - 1.157

5 - 0.853

6 - 0.674

C.H. - 3.2

Transfer case Divgi-TTS: lowering row - 2.48.

It is especially encouraging that the service life of the oil in the automatic transmission is for the entire period of the car's service (!). In fact, it has already been explained that it should still be changed, but on a run of 100,000 km (!). Shock gives way to shock, endless aftershock …

But it's one thing to show off the performance in a presentation, it's another to really feel the car

in motion.

But it turned out! It is not for nothing that the 409 was updated last year, which now produces 150 forces instead of 135.

A competent setting is felt in the operation of the machine, I believe in the words about the participation of GM engineers - they are the adherents of setting the manual mode without switching up when the maximum speed is reached! That is, for example, the Patriot can endlessly chop on the second in the compartment, storming obstacles with a stroke without losing traction and gaining speed from switching up! Excellent preparation of the transmission for off-roading.

On the other hand, you still need to get to the off-road through the city and the highway. In the first, it became very convenient, the engine reacts sharply to gas, judging by the tachometer needle, but not by the response - the torque converter selects all the twitch and vibration (!). The vibrocomfort of the Patriot has grown by an order of magnitude in sensations (10 times) at least. The result is once again shocking. But the noise decreased only by the level of itching, the hacking hysteria of the ZMZ PRO, when approaching the cut-off, overshadows all other sounds of the car's movement … But this is still a breakthrough to compare with what was easy - on the same day I managed to ride the Patriot in the second restyle with special motor 180 forces …

There was Terror, but now it's okay ?!

Be that as it may, the UAZ Patriot is the most affordable frame car of this class, even the most similar "micro" Suzuki Jimny in the minimum configuration is more expensive!

How much does a UAZ Patriot with a gun cost? The prices were declassified by Torgmash:

Optimum automatic (3163-286-60) - 1,034,000 rubles

Premium automatic (3163-386-60) - 1,180,000 rubles

Status automatic (3163-486-60) - 1,286,000 rubles

Edition 1 automatic machine (3163-486-61) - 1,298,000 rubles


Prices are merged into a printed brochure

Thus, the surcharge for an automatic machine is about 100,000 rubles relative to a similar version with a manual transmission.

As a result, it is obvious that UAZ has never stood so close to the consumer.

Photo taken from artemspec from his PATRIOT AT test, thanks Artem .

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