As I was asked, I will post at my place.

In general, everything is the same: there is news, and the cars will come later.


Mirage The

Mirage for America will skip the 2016 model year and go on sale next March as a 2017 model. Production of the model for the whole world will begin in December this year. The car will receive Xray-style engine, suspension and front end updates.


Attrage or Mirage G4

Attrage is scheduled to hit US showrooms next April. Also, expect a new face in the general style of Mitsubishi (Xray) and some other updates. All this applies to the rest of the world, except for the Russian Federation, of course.



Forever young Lancer will also receive a common feature of all modern Mitsubishi - Dynamic Shield. Moreover, the car will go on sale in December this year (we are waiting for spy shots the other day!). No other updates have been reported yet. RF, hello, again this does not concern you!

Interestingly, the development of a new model has already begun, but is going along with negotiations with an unknown manufacturer of cars of the same class. If again nothing is decided, the new model will not go on sale until 2018. (Although, I would have glued the Mitsubishi nameplate to Vesta, it would have turned out to be a cool and inexpensive Lancer (X-face already exists!) And just for the main market, where it would be produced!).



Galant lost all hopes of returning. The fallen Jena confused the cards. But is it worth regretting the inability to drive a French model?


Outlander Sport, aka FYCH

To be honest, for me it was news that the current model should be at least updated, given the shape of Hray both front and rear, change the interior, etc. Production of the model starts in November this year, just after the closure of the plant in the United States.

And then, closer to the end of 2016, the second generation ASX will be rolled out. By the way, then I was wrong that Mitsu plans to show a subcompact crossover soon. Maybe not earlier than in 2-3 years.



Outlander has already started to be sold. Good!


Outlander P-H-I-Wee (popularly - PHEV).

That strange feeling when the car looks like Outlander, but looks different. The front bumper is, for example, better than the non-electric sibling. Give him a bumper update for next year!


New L200

Thanks to my colleague from Japan for the pictures.