The new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport was shown in Thailand this year . The car turned out to be bright and effective. The front of the car looks like an X, which has become a feature of the entire Mitsubishi line, the body of the Japanese was increased by 90 mm. The ground clearance has also increased by 13 mm.


Due to the fact that the car was made on the basis of the L 200, which was presented to the public in 2014, it also received a reinforced frame

, a double-stage front suspension, and a continuous axle and springs were installed on the rear, and not springs like those of a twin.

The Japanese also received a new diesel engine - an inline-four with a volume of 2.4 liters, producing 181 hp. according to Euro-5 standards.


For off-road driving, Pajero also has its trump cards, in addition to good ground clearance and a low gear along with a rear differential lock,

the car also has 4 driving modes:

- sand

- gravel

- stone

- mud

Also, the car was equipped with an automatic descent control function, an automatic in 8 steps and, in the future, gasoline engines are possible.


As for the interior, it is more inclined towards its fellow L 200, but there are new changes. The steering wheel of the car received "petals", there

is also heated seats even in the second row, more interior details got a metallic color - this added more taste to the car.

The Japanese door handles also received, unlike its predecessor.

Car sales are due to begin in spring 2016.