Marietta, a sleepy little town outside Atlanta.



If you are going to the US, I recommend starting in California. This is where all the "American beauties" are concentrated. The ideal route is Los Angeles, Vegas, San Francisco with a stop at all points and nat. parks.

True patriarchal America is "boring", consistently clean and beautiful. There are no tourists, no movement.

All photos were taken on Sunday at about 10 am. Therefore, there are not many people.

But, on the other hand, it is here that you immerse yourself in the atmosphere and flavor of the country, about which they scared a lot in childhood.


Americans are sick people. Well, who in their right mind would think of decorating the facades of houses with flowers in such quantities?


And the fences? Why are there no tall fences? Everything is open. Go see. Or they can invite them into the house.


Life is unhurried and detailed. Most of all I was struck by the attitude of people. We drove past a cafe, decided to stop by for a coffee, parked, and the cafe is closed, the hostess runs out.

-Sorry, sorry. Come in, I'll do everything now.

In 15 minutes - great coffee and rolls.

It's still a long way to Halloween, but people are already preparing for the holiday.


Pumpkins lie wherever possible.


And there are no flags of the LGBT movement on the houses, this is not accepted here. But in California, there is every second house.


We need to put a guard on every pumpkin.


Before the trip, I turned on the TV in Moscow and started. In the United States, someone was killed, shot, torn to pieces, sanctions-herankations. War, Putin, "we will tear everyone apart and bloom" …

But in fact you arrive and … A benevolent attitude, most of them smile, everything is quiet and calm.


Most young Americans don't know and don't know how Russia lives.


We once stopped in California to look at cars.

The owner of the garage came out and asked

- what city you came from.

- From Moscow, we answer.

he thought, thought and said - Is this in Texas?

- No, it's not in Russia.


I do not in any way idealize the USA, there are enough problems, but with each visit I understand that they live much more comfortable than ours. How it turns out - I don't know. Maybe it's the flowers on the houses?


Typical small town backyard.


In the beginning, construction in Marietta was very tumultuous. 100 years ago, there were many old factories, factories and enterprises. But due to economic reasons, most of the factories were closed, unable to withstand the competition with industrial giants. The buildings of these industries are kept in perfect condition.


During the 2008 crisis, many businesses were mothballed.


It's a fire hydrant, God forbid, park next to it. The punishment (fine) will be inevitable.


Noon. Everyone works =)


The town has its own brewery. In my opinion, all the beer they brew is the same taste and color, but how many labels!


A great place to dive into a depressive state =)


Blacks and whites are two completely different universes.

In general, I am wary of blacks.



In the evening we talked with friends over beer.

(for those who are not aware of what is happening in Russia) The

new technical regulation prohibits the installation of any bells and whistles on SUVs.

Winches, bumpers, snorkels, suspension lift, all sorts of amplifiers and other very useful things for off-road and travel. All this is now impossible.

I tell them.

- This is such an ambush.

My American friends honestly don't understand this.

How can you take and kill a small business and ruin so many people and small industries.

Small business is the engine of the economy. It has always been that way. But in Russia, this is the order of things.

And let's ban it and that's it. Go broke? - yes to hell with them.

And to allow - let now the owners of SUVs bring money to officials.

It was all very vulgar and sad.

But then we have “There are results - only there is no money”.

nowhere …


In the meantime,

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