Tuning "Volvo-S60": a recipe for successful transformations

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Tuning "Volvo-S60": a recipe for successful transformations
Tuning "Volvo-S60": a recipe for successful transformations

The first appearance of the model occurred in 2000. In the restyling of the 2011 model range (second generation), the developers have already taken care of comfort and updated the bumper part, but car owners are tuning the Volvo S60, adding their “chips” to the car.

Detailed Image

Tuning headlights "Volvo-s60"
Tuning headlights "Volvo-s60"

When choosing a vehicle, future car owners often prefer a black palette. This is the choice of connoisseurs of elegant appearance, aristocratic style. In addition, the car is clearly visible on the road - this is a practical approach. She will not interfere with tinted windows, although in contrast it will look original. As part of the Volvo S60 tuning, you can change the rims, the elements of the lights, without being afraid to experiment with the color scheme.

The new body kit creates an aerodynamic look. Accessories will add a sporty class to the car. For example, you can profitably upgrade your grille by replacing it with a new, unbadged product from the German brand HD. Tuning-Tec devices do an excellent job with lighting functions. These are not boringlights suitable for tuning headlights "Volvo-S60" with European certification R87. What else can be done on the exterior?

Expert opinion

Change wheels optimally for larger sizes by one or two points. Rear lights are recommended to be varnished. In the process of tuning the Volvo S60, many modify the exhaust structure according to the bifurcated type. What will it give?

Let's list:

  1. The bifurcation of the circuit of the device will provide an aesthetic component.
  2. Using it is justified for tuning the exhaust sound with the installation of non-standard mufflers.
  3. Slightly more power.

The headlight elements packaged in tinted cases exclusively stylize the “steel horse”. A couple of spotlights can be installed behind the grille, this will add a percentage of illumination.

How to transform the salon?

Tuning salon "Volvo-S60"
Tuning salon "Volvo-S60"

When doing the tuning procedure for the Volvo S60, do not forget about the interior decoration. It is better to change the fabric covering of the chairs to a presentable leather upholstery. The lining with patterns obtained by skillful embroidery looks especially beautiful and unusual.

Some owners are swapping sports car seats for the ultimate driving experience, opting for anatomically comfortable backrests. The driver will not feel tired during the trip.

Also, experts recommend changing the dashboard, gear lever, paddle shifters fit from Ford. The main mechanics and automation can be left in place.

Motor Tricks

Chip tuning engine Volvo s60
Chip tuning engine Volvo s60

When ordering a Volvo S60 refinishing service, it would not be superfluous to intervene in the engine, changing the turbine to a high-pressure version. A low resistance filter will prevent dust particles from entering the cylinders. You won’t have to think about the problem of replacing the device every 15 thousand kilometers. Plus, it is easily washed with a special composition. In this case, the torque will increase slightly. We are not talking about cardinal changes, since you can ruin the unit. The above manipulations help to add 100 "horses". Masters do not advise touching the suspension.

Competent actions, deep technical knowledge, high-quality parts are the key to successful modernization in a car.