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Salon "Citroen C4": description with photo, equipment and types of cars
Salon "Citroen C4": description with photo, equipment and types of cars

The French concern, part of the PSA Group, is known for its unexpected surprises that have come to the liking of all motorists in the world. Founded in 1919, the company, which started out modestly, is now striding through the international arena at a steady pace. The company's sales are up to 1 million vehicles per year, and this is a considerable indicator of the significant work of its employees, high consumer demand and the progress of engineering. That is why the organization occupies top positions among automakers. Why can you trust this company and why is it worth taking a closer look at the Citroen C4 salon?

What customers are saying

what is good about the interior of the Citroen C 4
what is good about the interior of the Citroen C 4

Unequivocal answers to the question of whether to buy this brand, perhaps, can not be found. There are people who admire the brand, and there are those who condemn the product of this company. The company has options designed for Russian conditions and for European road surfaces. As the first options, products of the first and second generation are more suitable; for foreign highways, these are mainly hatchbacks. It is worth considering in more detail thanthe interior of the Citroen C 4 is good, is it possible to spend money on it.

Initial steps

Salon "Citroen C 4", is it possible to spend money on it
Salon "Citroen C 4", is it possible to spend money on it

It was 2004 when the automaker's developers came to the conclusion that it was time to come up with an alternative for the outdated Xsara. Having made every effort, progressive ideas, technologies, they managed to create a car that is memorable in appearance and interior decoration. The most striking detail in the interior of the Citroen C4 was the steering hoop, equipped with a fixed hub. Buyers welcomed the three-, five-door body. In 2007, Argentina launched mass production of sedans that were successfully exported. In the same years, the giant company managed to develop Picasso minivans, universal in character.

Units worked on gasoline engines and one of the powerful versions was VTS. Pleased with turbodiesels in 140 "horses".

Restyle happened in 2008 with the transformation of the external style and the power unit: the Citroen C4 salon became unrecognizable. The engines were developed jointly with another "luminary" of the BMW auto business. Turbocharging appeared and already 150 liters. s.

Technical features of sedans

In unfamiliar areas, built-in navigation comes to the rescue
In unfamiliar areas, built-in navigation comes to the rescue

The 4L version began to be produced in 2013. In the Russian Federation, it is produced in Kaluga. Judging by the opinion of the owners who have a variant of such a plan in the garage, this is the most beautiful version of this model range. In this format, it is perfect for harsh winter conditions: the manufacturer endowed the car with heated mirrors and heated seats. The interior lighting of the Citroen C4 sedan is well thought out and does not dazzle the eyes of oncoming drivers. Excellent clearance, electric pump for cooling, blocking, good cross-country ability - a small fraction of the advantages. Built-in navigation comes to the rescue in unfamiliar areas.

What are the disadvantages of a sedan

As with any car, there were some flaws. Experts identify a number of disadvantages. Most of them are not critical for the convenience and safety of the trip. Others can be solved with minor tweaks:

  • Plastic bottom protection flies when pulling the "horse" out of the mud. Some sounds are disturbing and the car seems to be rather fragile.
  • It's hard to get into the trunk: the smart key is hidden deep in the pocket, and you still have to manage to look for the button under the steering wheel.
  • It is inconvenient to control radio music: the volume control is on the tidy, you have to press it on the steering wheel.
  • Can't see if the passenger seat heater is on.
  • Automatic transmission performs well in the city, but off-road.
  • At first, some car owners do not feel protected, as in Kamaz.

The interior space is generally well arranged, but the Citroen C4 (sedan) cabin filter has to be changed almost 2 months after purchase, otherwise extraneous odors appear. It's all to blame for the manufacturer's design flaws: the side is crushed and becomes unusable. Customers hope that over time, the designers will take into account the wishes of car owners, and the car will become even better.

Salon Wisdom

Sedans are characterized by executive style
Sedans are characterized by executive style

Sedans are characterized by executive style. In this version, the plastic is pleasant to the touch, made with high quality. The coloring of indicators is interestingly conceived: the color of the numbers is highlighted in blue. Door lock provided. The basic package includes a DVR on the suction cup. And it has a built-in G-sensor. The instrument panel is trimmed with carbon-look plastic. The built-in display is convenient. The turbine engine starts up briskly. For trips over long distances, this is a comfortable device. A person has plenty to choose from in relation to the gearbox: on the top-end configuration of 150 hp. With. a 6-speed "automatic" is installed, in other versions it is a "mechanics" and a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The subtleties of the hatchback device

The assertive nature of the refined design is inherent in any model in the collections of the French "car stylists"
The assertive nature of the refined design is inherent in any model in the collections of the French "car stylists"

The assertive nature of sophisticated design is inherent in any model in the collections of French car stylists. Strength and stability - these are the impressions of the stylish interior of the Citroen C4. The hatchback is compact in size and easy to use. The interior is different from other variations, not without reason the engineers pursued a single goal - to provide maximum comfort for the driver and passengers during the trip. We can safely say that they coped with the task by 80%. The driver's seat is comfortable and the front row pleases, which people sitting in the back will not always say. The chairs are a little cramped for travelers with a large body mass. The ideas of auto designers do not cause more complaints.

Dashboard trimmed in carbon fiber plastic
Dashboard trimmed in carbon fiber plastic

Priority given to fabric materials for roof sheathing. Chrome-plated parts for steering wheel decoration, air ducts, high-speed shift lever participate. The glove compartment is spacious, there are bottle holders. The developers took into account that there may be children on the trip by introducing fixation points for child car seats. Last but not least are the ergonomic indicators of the front panel. Reading information is easier due to the backlight. In expensive trim levels, a high-quality media system with a high sound level is added. The luggage compartment is 400 liters. With a spare wheel, the space is reduced to 380. The suspension has been successfully tested, being adapted to driving in Russia. The car is characterized by calm behavior. The brake disc system is complemented by ABS.

About the advantages and disadvantages of the coupe

On the advantages and disadvantages of the coupe
On the advantages and disadvantages of the coupe

The model is unusual, stylish. "European" with a multifunction steering wheel and a panoramic roof with a curtain in a compartment format is produced from 2004 to 2011. The three-door Citroen C4 saloon (coupe) with a high seating position was in great demand. Inside, the space is not thought out especially: behind the knees of the seated rest against the front seats. In the base unit, the sun visors are equipped with lights, the seats are decorated with Alcantara and leather. The doors have mirror controls that can be opened and closed.

An advantage for the driver is the manually activated back massage option in an exclusive package. Tall people are also not very comfortable.place. The base of the chair has lateral support. There is no heating. The air conditioner has three climate control speeds. The panel is trimmed with pseudo-carbon fiber, the quality is reminiscent of "Audi", "Volkswagen". Blind Spot Monitor is lined up to the left of the steering wheel to help improve safety. It is possible to adjust the color of the dashboard. The motorist is given the opportunity to choose sound signals. The French creator is trying to please consumers in this way. The automatic transmission with 4 shifts on a gasoline engine did not please buyers. Noise isolation is provided, gives a sense of security. The trunk, equipped with a removable backlight-lantern, is voluminous, so you can go to the country on a day off. What else does the French auto industry offer?

Picasso - ergonomics at an affordable price

The first models appeared on the market in 2014. In 2018, the manufacturer offered restyling. The inconvenience of the “newly made” vehicles was in the proximity of the passenger seats to the doors, although, looking at the photo of the Citroen C4 Picasso interior, one can conclude that it is spacious. It contains many different drawers used at the discretion of the owner. It functions on a "robot", and many were not happy with that "know-how".

On the original car, the inside is elegantly done with soft plastic fittings. The front seats are complemented by armrests. There are USB connectors near the steering wheel, a 230 V socket. The glazing area is huge. Diesel is characterized on the positive side. An innovation in this design is an adjustable flavor. What are the pros and conspossesses a second generation?

Motor transport is endowed with a five-seat interior. "Citroen C4 Picasso" is suitable for long trips with the whole family. Each seat can be adjusted to individual anatomical features of a person, there is a choice of backrest inclination. Adds a comfortable experience in front of a retractable footrest, headrests with head support on the sides. There is no center console here. The role of the instrument panel is played by a 2-inch display. The standard multimedia system is equipped with touch controls.

Minivan survived "reboot" in 2016, welcoming facelift, multimedia system upgrade, petrol engine.

"Grand Picasso" - history and modernity

Salon Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
Salon Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

"The brainchild" of advanced design ideas - this is how you can briefly characterize the interior of the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, which has become an incredible breakthrough in the automotive industry in Europe. Increased consumer demands were taken into account, resulting in a creative approach of designers. Semimestka is a departure of the French from the usual ideology. It is based on the concept of improved comfort atmosphere. Family leisure, coupled with the pleasure of traveling, is the “mission” that initiated the development of the project. Here is what the Pack Lounge includes:

  • Massage front seat option.
  • The passenger can relax by stretching their legs while sitting in front.

Recommend the purchase of this "swallow" can be a balanced generation, because the robotic engine does not like racing rush. Manyspeak of her like this: "nodding." Passing oncoming traffic, the engine stalls. Starts "thoughtfully." Boxes after 100 thousand kilometers need a difficult and expensive repair. This device is distinguished by wide visibility, but the mirrors seem tiny in such an "aquarium". By the way, many people buy Citroen C4 interior mats in 3D style, which do not deform from temperature changes outside the window, protecting dirt from getting on the original surface. There are 2 LCD displays on the panel. Buyers here call a miscalculation a long “walking” on multimedia equipment in search of the desired option. You can drive speed bumps without slowing down.

Having considered the leading models, we can touch a little on the technical side and its issues.

Two words about clean air

Replacing the cabin filter "Citroen C4" does not require acrobatic stunts, as in some competitive modifications. The tool actively fights pollution outside and inside, disinfecting the air from microorganisms. The procedure will take a maximum of 15 minutes. The regulation prudently advises replacing it after fifteen thousand kilometers. It is not necessary to use "native" components, you can use analogues. A single-layer device copes with its intended purpose effectively due to the adsorbing properties of activated carbon. Step-by-step work in changing the Citroen C4 cabin filter (sedan) helps to avoid mistakes:

  1. The plastic sound insulation located in the engine compartment is removed.
  2. The clips are dismantled, access to the cover is opened, itsmust be removed.
  3. The old filter element is removed and a new one is installed.

Due to overloads, the fuse may fail.

Protection system

Due to the failure of the fuses in the Citroen C4 cabin, the electrical circuit ceases to function, because these are the protective mechanisms of the electrical system. The production line takes into account the basic requirements: to provide access to fuses and the likelihood of prompt replacement. The location can be not only under the hood. They are placed on the battery, two blocks are installed in the cabin, located to the left of the motorist under the “tidy”. They are covered with a decorative cover. To open it, the fasteners are disconnected, and you need to pull it towards you. Before replacing the ignition, turn off the power supply. The instructions provide diagrams that allow you to determine the burnt part. What to advise in this regard?

Recommendations from car repairmen

Passing oncoming traffic, the engine stalls
Passing oncoming traffic, the engine stalls

To extract fusible links, it is better to use tweezers specially designed for such a case. Burnt parts are replaced with identical denominations and colors. Incorrect insert causes fire, breakage of the assembly.

About weaknesses

Looking at the photo of the Citroen C4 salon, I can’t believe that we have to talk about this. The hope of car lovers does not fade away that someday a unit will be invented without subsequent malfunctions during operation. In this brand, silent blocks mounted at the rear suffer, automatic transmission threatens to break the brake band,the sensitivity of the power components to the quality of the fuel is noted.

Hub bearings quickly break down, signaling an unexpected hum. When it appears, you should not hesitate to diagnose. In winter, the starter "pleases" with problems. Reducing the amount of grease in the relay will slightly solve the issue of untimely operation. At negative temperatures outside, the lubricant solidifies, blocking the power contacts.

You can't consider the undercarriage reliable. While driving, you need to listen to the knocks, try to catch the backlash. They change traction, tips, stabilizer struts often. Auto experts warn against buying low-quality fuel, ignoring problems with spark plugs. Climate control suffers. To test it, it is enough to turn on the air conditioner, you need to check it even in winter, stopping by a heated parking lot.

Car products with Tu5 engines are best avoided. Its "stumbling block" is the throttle that leaves much to be desired. The thermostat is stuck, and every time you change the timing belt, you will have to change the pump.

Having decided to purchase a "Frenchman", you have to balance your financial strength, be ready for expensive repair "epics". Considerable fuel consumption awaits the owners of cars with automatic transmission: half a liter of oil product will be needed for a thousand runs. It's hard to argue with moderately aggressive, defiant design. Photos of the Citroen C4 salon can often be seen on the pages of the auto press. Uncomplicated in handling, the car is expensive for those who prefer to moderately use a foreign car without resorting to racing speeds, who travel slowlyby metropolitan areas. Ideal foreign cars do not exist in nature, you just need to be able to adapt if you want to stand out from the crowd, without fear of the difficulties associated with maintaining the faithful "iron horse".

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