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CF MOTO ATV: types, models, features

CF MOTO ATV: types, models, features

CF MOTO is a Chinese company that specializes in the production of liquid-cooled motors, as well as motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and other equipment. Currently, this company produces more than six hundred thousand units of various equipment every year. In Russia, it is represented by the distributor AVM-Trade LLC, which has a wide network of dealers throughout the country. Russian consumers especially loved the ATVs of this company, which will be discussed in the article

Temperature sensor VAZ-2106: device, principle of operation, replacement

Temperature sensor VAZ-2106: device, principle of operation, replacement

Despite the fact that the VAZ-2106 car has a carburetor power system, there are still sensors in the car. They measure the pressure and temperature of the coolant. Let's talk about the temperature sensor VAZ-2106. It is installed in the car's cooling system and is connected to the temperature scale in the cabin

"Renault Kangoo": car reviews

Surely every motorist thought about buying a car "for all occasions." A universal car is good, but as practice shows, you have to sacrifice something. Often this is the dynamics, appearance or cost of maintenance. In today's article, we will pay attention to such a car as the Renault Kangoo. This is a versatile multi-purpose van that is very popular among competitors in its class. But what problems does Renault Kangoo have?

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Repair of automatic transmission selector

Repair of automatic transmission selector

Automatic transmission - a wonderful invention of mankind! Eliminates the need for the driver to "juggle" three pedals, regulates torque fluctuations and shifts gears by itself

Reliable system - brake caliper

One of the most important roles in the design of the brake system is the brake caliper. The safety of movement by car often depends on this mechanism. When the brake disc is compressed, the brake pad transfers the received load to the caliper, and it subsequently transfers it to the parts of the chassis of the car

Mutlu-battery: advantages, varieties and scope

The Turkish company Mutlu ("Mutlu"), founded in 1945, is one of the most famous manufacturers of rechargeable batteries in the world. Today it produces more than 3 million of these products per year. The largest foreign automakers Ford, Fiat, Toyota, Renault, Opel, Mercedes-Benz install batteries of this brand on the factory equipment of their cars. Mutlu battery has the following certifications: QS 900, ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Sign "Main road": direction and area of ​​effect

In today's article we will discuss the sign "Main Road" (2.1), which is associated with many questions for both beginners and motorists with a decent driving experience. As a rule, it is most difficult for them to figure out exactly how this sign works in places where the road changes its direction, as well as where its coverage area ends. These and some other topics related to the mentioned sign, we will consider in more detail