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"Fiat-Ducato": dimensions, description, specifications

"Fiat-Ducato": dimensions, description, specifications

The freight transportation market is developing at a rapid pace. So, every year there are more and more commercial vehicles. But Fiat-Ducato is by no means a novelty, but even an "old-timer" in the commercial vehicle market. This car first appeared already in the 81st year of the last century. Today this car is one of the leaders in its class. This is a good alternative to Sprinter and Crafter. Who is this Italian?

Additional fuel tank: installation, features

Additional fuel tank: installation, features

Additional fuel tank: installation, characteristics, features, operation, permission. Installation of additional fuel tanks on the "Gazelle": description, comparison, photo

Technical characteristics of the Nissan Patrol 2013 model range

Recently, the well-known Japanese concern presented to the public its new, seventh generation of Nissan Patrol SUVs. The combination of a cross-country vehicle with a luxury SUV is often found on our roads, so in this article we will try to get to know this strange “phenomenon”, which caused mixed impressions among experts and motorists

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"Fiat 500X": specifications

"Fiat 500X": specifications

In early 2012, Italian designers for the first time presented to the general public a conceptual version of the Fiat 500X model. The official debut of the serial version of the car took place in October last year at the International Automobile Exhibition in Paris

TTX ZIL-131: vehicle specifications, description, device

To this day, there are cars whose parameters are able to satisfy the needs of modern drivers. Of course, each of these machines have undergone significant changes over the years, but at their core they have remained the same reliable, powerful and easy to operate and repair. In this article we will consider the performance characteristics of the ZIL-131 car. This legendary truck, thanks to its performance, has been one of the leaders in the consumer market for many decades

The latest Lamborghini models

"Lamborghini" is a car concern, from the factories of which unique cars of exclusively luxury class are produced. It is one of the seven largest and most popular brands producing expensive cars

Change the oil in the car's variator

Until recently, there were few cars with CVT transmission in the markets of our country. Today the situation has changed. There are such machines, there are quite a few models. And their owners are interested in how the oil is changed in the variator box. This process is not very complicated and is a bit similar to the same operation on ordinary automatic transmissions