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What is car depreciation?

What is car depreciation?

Car depreciation is a thing familiar to every professional mechanic and just an amateur driver. This system was developed about a hundred years ago when the first machine appeared. Cars with hydraulic shock absorbers gained particular popularity during the Great Patriotic War. Their main task is to reduce vibrations and mitigate shocks

Forged pistons for different car brands

Forged pistons for different car brands

Forged pistons are an improvement on the cast parts found on most vehicles. Pistons of this type are designed for more difficult operating conditions, so they are installed on sports and racing cars and when tuning the engine

Types of brake systems, device and principle of operation

It is impossible to operate cars safely without brake systems. In addition to the main task (namely, stopping the vehicle), the braking system is designed to slightly reduce speed and hold the car in place. Depending on the purpose, as well as to improve safety, a modern car has several such systems. Also, in different cars, the brakes may have their own type of drive

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DAAZ carburetor

DAAZ carburetor

If you are the owner of a VAZ "Classic" car (from 2101 to 2107), then you have often had to decide whether to increase the dynamics of the car or reduce fuel consumption. If the engine is called the heart of the car, then the carburetor can safely be called the heart valve. Not only fuel consumption, but also acceleration dynamics depend on the carburetor setting

Technical characteristics of "Loaf" UAZ-452, dimensions, fuel consumption

The car got its nickname because of the body. Its shape resembles a bread loaf. However, this did not prevent the growth of its popularity among the population, because the UAZ-452 was purchased not for the sake of external data, but for confident off-road movement

Stels Outlander 150: specifications, reviews

Today, different models of scooters are popular. They differ in features and cost. One of the popular scooter models is the Stels 150 Outlander. It will be discussed in the article

"Nissan Pathfinder": reviews of owners about the car. Advantages and disadvantages of a car

In 1985, the Japanese automaker Nissan launched the Pathfinder mid-size SUV. Since then, there have been four generations. Is the Pathfinder SUV really good? Owner reviews - that's what will help find the answer to this question