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KTM Adventure 990 Motorcycle Features
KTM Adventure 990 Motorcycle Features

With the KTM 990 Adventure, the intention was to give the rider the feel of a rider during the grueling Paris-Dakar race. The Austrian company has proven its worth by winning street and desert rallies for many years, so its goal of getting into the garages of motorcycle enthusiasts does not seem really difficult.

History of Creation

First introduced in 2003, the KTM 950 Adventure S (originally an S, but then dropped it by releasing two versions in parallel) was incredible, combining the reliability, power and style of racing bikes that inspired designers to create it. The LC8 V-engine, which was installed from the very beginning, had a displacement of 950 cc. see Adventure 950 was a real road and off-road motorcycle, the engine of which developed an impressive 98 hp. With. (71.5 kW) at 8000 rpm with a maximum torque of 95 Nm atspeed 6000 rpm. The KTM color was orange.

The 2004 model was notable for the addition of silver and black colors, which were not kept in later years. Because in 2005, the S modification became an exact copy of the Dakar Rally motorcycle, while the standard version was black.

In 2007, the cylinder capacity was increased to 999 cc. see The V-twin engine has acquired fuel injection and a variable catalytic converter, which made it possible to meet Euro 3 requirements. ABS came naturally, like the pleasure of gaining mileage on this bike.

In 2011, the Dakar model was added, and in 2013, the Baja.

ktm adventure 990
ktm adventure 990

Adventure 990 vs Suzuki V-Strom 1000

Definitely, a motorcycle has few competitors, but sometimes one of them is enough to make things go in the opposite direction from what the manufacturer expects. Even with great fun, an amazing ride, and a focus on style and comfort, the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 failed to topple the KTM Adventure 990. It would have meant victory in a game KTM made up its own rules.

Suzy is incredibly versatile and adapts to any style of riding, so you won't have a problem with your motorcycle while traveling through the city or across the desert. It's just a matter of taste and ambition. Anyway, the four-stroke, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 90-degree V-twin with four valves per cylinder and 996cc. cm are ideal for such tasks and makethis is great.

He excels at KTM when it comes to comfort, as his seat feels like it's off a touring bike and the height-adjustable windshield keeps you well at all times. Suspension and chassis provide an easy ride. The V-Strom and 990 Adventure dirt bikes can often be seen side by side on and off the road, and that says a lot.

ktm adventure 990 specs
ktm adventure 990 specs

Aggressive appearance

Usually, introducing a dual-use model tends to miss the streamlined exterior design, which in this case is defining. But the brain seems to refuse to accept the presence of a plastic coating that looks like it was poured specifically to give an aggressive and fashionable appearance. This is the only way to explain the sharp design lines found only on the KTM Adventure 990 and Adventure S.

The design of the machine is solid geometry and similarities. For example, the combination of the front view of a motorcycle, especially the shape of the fairing as it moves towards the viewer, and the shape of the headlights, despite the difference in size, simply cannot be overlooked. The windshield is positioned perfectly, almost at a 90-degree angle, so it provides good wind protection even when the rider is on his feet.

Fully streamlined and with a great look, KTM proves that the designers have done their job. Regardless of the color (orange, black or blue), the lower part of the fairing is unpainted, but made of a durable material that will be difficult to scratch when driving throughrivers and tree branches or anything that might require a trip to the paint shop.

off-road motorcycles
off-road motorcycles

Checking in the city

On-road and off-road performance The KTM 990 Adventure is described by customers as impressive because the feel of the bike is truly unique and worthy of bragging rights. Those who wanted their iron horse to stay as clean and shiny as when they bought it, and who preferred to ride paved roads for as long as possible, noticed that it is quite effective even when used in the city. The 98 horsepower of the LC8 engine allows you to ride with little effort, while keeping it balanced even at low speeds. But when it comes to maneuvering, a problem arises here, as it leads to a loss of stability. KTM built a bike for heavy use in all conditions, so being tall and demanding won't help. But fortunately, the driver can choose the style of driving that suits him, whether in a residential area or in the desert areas of the outskirts.

motorcycle trip
motorcycle trip

Behavior on the highway

Tired of slow maneuvering, you can move on to freeway testing to get a feel for how it performs under hard acceleration at relatively high speeds. Excellent! Regardless of which gear was engaged, or the number of revolutions per minute at a given time, the engine produced the necessary power, which allowed KTM to easily overtake cars without anydifficulties, accelerating to 210 km / h. The fuel injection system delivers more throttle response and the bike will blast forward with every twist of the throttle.

Native off-road

But don't stop there. The absence of a road is where the KTM Adventure 990 feels like a fish in water. With it, motocross becomes child's play, and riders find no flaw in the motorcycle's ability to overcome obstacles. The bike relies on its racing nature to save the day, and it succeeds every time.

According to drivers, they like to get out of corners, losing traction, because you can make a good figure. True, you should not try to level the motorcycle with your feet. You just need to get used to it, and the maneuver will be easy and effortless.

For those who have always dreamed of cutting a wave in half with the front wheel of a motorcycle, a more suitable machine simply cannot be found. The gearbox is light and precise across the entire six-speed range, and the smooth clutch makes life a lot easier for the adventurer. A big plus is the windshield, which reliably protects the driver.

ABS brakes are standard and they do the job with confidence. When braking, even when the grip is very weak, the motorcycle stops in its tracks, only to then go into battle again.

The transition from street riding to rugged off-road riding has never been as beautiful as the 990, and other such off-road bikes will not appear soon. The arguments are simple and obvious: no other manufacturer hasability or experience to outperform (in that category) the Adventure, and no one (other than V-Strom) even tries to do so. Therefore, do not bother looking for the best. You just have to take the best - the KTM 990 Adventure, which is priced at $14,899.

motorcycle ktm 990 adventure
motorcycle ktm 990 adventure

Design Features

Built with adventure in mind, the KTM 990 is a great riding partner as it can handle whatever challenge is required of it. Thanks to its dual nature, the bike feels equally comfortable on asph alt and on rough terrain.

The secret to its top-notch ride lies in a durable tubular frame made of thin chrome-molybdenum steel with a subframe attached to it and light alloy weighing 10.5 kg. Mounted on the frame is a positive-ignition, 75-degree V-twin, 999cc, two-cylinder, four-stroke engine3. The motor delivers a maximum output of 84.5 kW (113.3 hp), which is tempered by a six-speed gearbox.

Other features of the KTM Adventure 990 include a clearly structured multipurpose cockpit, 19.5 liter fuel tank, engine shield, electrical connector and stowage compartment.

Many touring enduros are produced. But when the asph alt comes to an end, the motorcycle trip often ends too. On the other hand, thanks to its authentic racing origins, it is unlikely that the KTM 990 will avoid long journeys through the desert,with V2 power, stable protective frames and a sports seat. With a stable chassis, disengageable ABS and a plethora of touring gear, from a frame-mounted fairing to a lockable luggage compartment, the bike is the world's most off-road touring enduro.

ktm 990 adventure reviews
ktm 990 adventure reviews


In the KTM Adventure 990, the characteristics of the tubular space frame are due to the fact that it is made of thin chrome-molybdenum steel with a bolted-on 10.5 kg light alloy subframe that impresses with its rigidity. Tapered pendulum improves mechanical grip.


Several tuning options, a telescopic fork and a directly connected shock absorber allow the chassis to be optimally tuned to suit the individual characteristics of each rider.

Wheels and braking system

More than sufficient performance of the Brembo brakes is provided by using the best components, including 2 floating front brake discs with a diameter of 300 mm. The stable wheels guarantee a great ride and great off-road capability.


The dual-circuit ABS system, which can be deactivated, was developed jointly with Bosch and fully protects against excessive braking in all sports and touring situations, fully maintaining efficiency and, thanks to very sensitive sensors, providing perfect feedback to a truly sports brake.


V-shaped water-cooled motorproduces a power of 114 hp. With. (85 kW) - exactly what you need on fast freeways or in deep sands. Powerful acceleration, superb engine performance and instant throttle response are impressive.

Cylinder heads

In addition to the optimized combustion chamber design, the main factors behind the excellent performance of the 75° cylinder angle motorcycle engine are best-of-breed four-valve heads, each with optimized bores, and dual camshafts.

sores and problems ktm 990 adventure
sores and problems ktm 990 adventure


Extremely lightweight connecting rods and pistons ensure the engine's reduced weight and therefore quick response, underscoring its extreme sporting performance.

Motor control system

Keihin's electronic engine management system regulates the advanced fuel injection system, emphasizing quick response and part load operation. This allowed the manufacturer's engineers to match the raw power with the best ride quality of the motorcycle.

Windscreen and tank

The fairing effectively protects against wind and weather conditions and accommodates a clearly structured multifunctional cockpit that provides the driver with all the necessary information. Fuel tanks with a total volume of almost 20 liters guarantee a long useful operating range.

Fit comfort

Perfectly arranged two-level rally-style seat ensures firm contact with the ground andcomfortable long-distance motorcycle travel for both the driver and the passenger in the back seat. At the same time, when moving quickly, it provides clear feedback. The large fuel tank surface is ideal for foot contact when riding while standing.

Attention to detail

The bike has no shortage of details that make it stand out as a true touring enduro: from the practical, easy-to-handle B-pillar, lockable storage compartment between the tanks and electrical outlet, to the robust engine protector, durable roll bars and hand protectors.

Protective bows

In addition to the standard engine protector, the motorcycle is also equipped with orange powder-coated, extra-stable tubular guards, so the body is not easily damaged.

"Sores" and problems KTM 990 Adventure

When buying, you need to pay attention to the following faults:

  • Insufficient water pump shaft seal causes coolant contamination of engine oil. Although this was only the case on early models, KTM recommended that the water pump shaft seals be replaced as part of a scheduled maintenance on all years of exhaust. Contaminated oil becomes milky white or discolored.
  • Leaking head gaskets in 2003 and 2004 models. Look for oil stains at the base of the cylinder. The malfunction is eliminated by replacing the head nuts.
  • Bubbling sticker on the fuel tank of 950.
  • Faulty clutch cylinder at allmotorcycles.
  • Poorly tightened clutch pressure plate bolts on 2006 and 2007 models. Can destroy the clutch cover.
  • Fuel pump may not work on carbureted versions from 2003 to 2006
  • Jerky, uneven throttle response on fuel-injected models from 2007 to 2009.

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