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Motorcycle "Cartridge 250 Sport": characteristics

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Motorcycle "Cartridge 250 Sport": characteristics
Motorcycle "Cartridge 250 Sport": characteristics

Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have long settled in the market of new and used equipment in Russia. Scooters and small-capacity motorcycles make up the bulk of new motor vehicles. But even among them periodically there are models that have a sporty appearance. One of these manufacturers is the Patron company (Izhevsk), which supplies Chinese equipment under its own brand.

General data

The production of "chekushki" under the designation "Cartridge 250 Sport" began in early 2010. Externally, the car received plastic elements similar in design to the products of European motorcycle companies.

Cartridge 250 Sport

Automatic devices are installed in the design of a number of nodes, which greatly simplifies management. For example, the fuel supply valve on the Cartridge 250 Sport motorcycle automatically opens when the ignition is turned on.


Motorcycles are equipped with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine with a volume of only 233cc, so they can not be called full-fledged 0.25-liter machines. The engine itself has a fairly modern design with a four-stroke circuit.distribution of gases, which provides acceptable technical characteristics of the Cartridge 250 Sport. Starting the engine during normal operation is carried out with an electric starter.

The valves (there are only two of them) and the drive shaft are installed in the head. The shaft is driven by a chain that has compensation systems for the length that increases during operation. At the bottom of the crankcase there is a reservoir for the lubrication system, which is supplied to the engine components using a pump. In addition to the lubricating function, the oil removes excess heat from the components, which helps to improve engine performance and increase its service life. A small radiator is installed to cool the oil. The design of the motor made it possible to obtain power of almost 16 forces at a speed of about 7500 per minute.

cartridge sport 250 specifications

In the same block with the engine is a five-speed gearbox with a foot shifter. When the clutch is not worn out and the work is done carefully, shifting is very easy. A classic chain drive is installed between the box and the rear wheel. With the urban rhythm of traffic on the Cartridge 250 Sport, fifth gear is used extremely rarely. It is only useful when driving at speeds close to the limit values.


The basis of the machine is an ordinary steel frame with a duplex scheme. The rear wheel suspension system uses a single shock absorber, which improves the machine's handling and simplifies construction and maintenance. The front fork is equipped with two gas oil struts. As standard equipmentall 250 Sport models are equipped with three-spoke alloy wheels (bore diameter 17 inches). Due to this, it was possible to meet the weight of only 138 kg, which made it possible to ensure good dynamics of the motorcycle.

Emphasizes the sporty look of the machine and the brake system with hydraulic actuators. The front wheel is equipped with a disc brake with a working element diameter of 300 mm. The design of the brake on the rear wheel is similar, but has a slightly smaller diameter (only 240 mm). Equipped with dual-piston calipers, the machine delivers predictable deceleration across the entire speed range.

Driver's seat

In front of the driver, a full-fledged instrument panel is installed, characteristic of all modern motor vehicles. But the design of the instruments on it is old-fashioned and reminiscent of the technique of the 80s. The structure of the shield includes two round dial gauges for measuring the speed of the motor shaft and speed. Between them is a rectangular fuel level sensor in the tank. Additional information will be reported by several warning lamps installed under the fuel gauge:

  • Engine oil temperature exceeded.
  • Two indicators for turning on direction indicators.
  • Headlight High Beam Warning Lamp.
  • Gear indicator board.

All devices have a bluish backlight, which, judging by the reviews, does not suit all owners. If desired, it can be changed to any other by replacing the backlight. To activate motorcycle systemsa full-fledged ignition switch is used, located below the instrument cluster. In front of the shield is a small aerodynamic fairing made of tinted transparent plastic. This element is another touch that indicates the "sporty" nature of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Cartridge Sport 250

Operational data

Due to its light weight and rather flexible engine, the technical characteristics of the Cartridge 250 Sport are at a quite acceptable level. The maximum speed of the motorcycle does not exceed 110 km / h, which, of course, does not correspond to the loud name "Sport". But given that the car is designed for beginners and inexperienced motorcyclists, this figure can be considered sufficient. But the owners will be pleased with the low consumption of A92 or A95 gasoline, which will not exceed 4.5 liters. The fuel reserve of 12 liters is located in the tank mounted above the engine on the top of the frame.

cartridge sport 250 characteristics

The big plus is the simple design and the minimum of electronic components. This allows you to repair and service your motorcycle yourself.

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