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Citroen Jumper: photos, specifications, reviews

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Citroen Jumper: photos, specifications, reviews
Citroen Jumper: photos, specifications, reviews

When choosing commercial vehicles, many are guided by several criteria. First of all, it is the price and reliability. In fact, these are the main factors inherent in such machines. After all, the cheaper the car is and the less often it breaks down, the faster it will pay off and begin to bring net profit. There are a lot of offers on the market today. If we consider the segment of small-tonnage foreign-made cars, the Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Transporter, Crater and Ford Transit immediately come to mind. But there is another car that has no less good performance. This is Citroen Jumper. Photos, features and technical characteristics of the car are presented in our article.


The Citroen Jumper is a French-made light commercial van. The model was developed by the Peugeot-Citroen concern, and its analogue is also produced under the name Peugeot Boxer. Citroen Jumper-a fairly popular truck in Europe.

citroen jumper specifications

The car is also in demand in Russia. The assembly of models for the domestic market is carried out in the Kaliningrad region. The machine received mass distribution in 2010. The car is characterized by a reliable engine, comfortable interior and relatively low cost.


For a commercial car, this issue is, of course, not in the first place, but the design of Citroen turned out to be quite good. The car has modern slanted optics with running lights, as well as a huge windshield. Her bumper is quite high. Depending on the configuration, it can be black or painted in body color. The machine is galvanized and well painted over. According to reviews, the first chips appear no earlier than after 100-150 thousand kilometers.


The Citroen Jumper has three roof heights and four lengths. Therefore, the dimensions of the body on the Citroen Jumper may vary.

citroen jumper specs photo

So, the length of the car is from 4.96 to 6.36 meters, the height is from 2.25 to 2.76 meters, but the width is the same in all cases - 2.05 meters, excluding mirrors. Ground clearance - 16 cm.

Body volume, load capacity

These figures are completely dependent on the modification of the Citroen Jumper. The curb weight of the car is from 1.86 to 2 tons. Load capacity varies from 1 to 1.9 tons. The body is able to accommodate from 8 to 17 cubic meters of cargo. Behind areswing gates. They open to an angle of 96 or 180 degrees. As an option, another mechanism can be installed here, allowing the doors to open up to 270 degrees. Optionally, the right sliding door is also installed on the Citroen Jumper van. On the left, it is installed regularly and is on all vans.


Citroen Jumper has a comfortable and modern interior. The cabin is designed for three people, including two passengers.

citroen specifications

The latter are located on a double chair. The driver's seat can be adjusted in several directions, but all adjustments are mechanical only. The chair has a solid padding and good lateral support, which allows you not to get tired during long driving. There is also a reclining armrest for the driver. Landing is high, visibility is excellent. The steering wheel is four-spoke, with a small set of buttons. The instrument panel is arrow, without digital indicators. The gearshift lever, like all modern "Europeans", is located on the front panel.

jumper specifications

As noted by the reviews, Citroen Jumper has a spacious cabin. People of different heights and builds can fit comfortably here. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the hard plastic in the cabin and not too good sound insulation.

Citroen Jumper Specifications

In the Russian market, Citroen Jumper is equipped with only one single engine. It is a four-cylinder turbocharged HDI diesel engine with a 16-valve block head and injectionCommon Rail. The working volume of the engine is 2.2 liters. This unit develops a power of 130 horsepower. Torque - 320 Nm at two thousand revolutions. The engine is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. Reviews note that sixth gear is what you need for trips outside the city. The maximum speed of the car is 165 kilometers per hour. The fuel consumption of a Citroen Jumper car in the city is 10.8 liters. On the highway, the car consumes 8.4 liters. However, as noted by the reviews, the Citroen Jumper car's fuel efficiency characteristics may be different. This is affected not only by the height of the roof (booth), but also by speed. The most economical mode is at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. Reviews also note that the engine on the Citroen Jumper is very high-torque and torquey. Even a loaded car easily climbs the mountain. Just as easily and confidently, he overtakes.


This car is built on a front-wheel drive "bogie", where the body itself is the supporting structure. The latter is made of high-strength steel grades. The engine is located transversely relative to the body. This design is more reminiscent of passenger cars, so it is not surprising that there are MacPherson struts and A-arms with anti-roll bar in front. Behind is a beam. Depending on the modification, there may be one or two springs. The latter scheme is practiced on extended versions of the Citroen Jumper.

Brakes, steering

Brake system - disc, with hydraulic drive.Each wheel has an ABS sensor. There is also a brake force distribution system. Steering - power steering rack.


How does the Citroen Jumper behave on the road? Surprisingly, this van doesn't handle like a truck at all. Behind the wheel, the driver feels like in a passenger car. The Citroen Jumper is just as easy to corner and handles predictably. The machine is agile and agile.

jumper specifications

As for the ride, it's not the best here - that's what the reviews say. Still, the rear beam and spring suspension make themselves felt. When the car is empty, it "goats" a little on the road. But it is worth loading the “tail”, as the car immediately changes its behavior. This is typical of all cars of this class. Out of town, the car handles well. It is stable at high speeds. But if you drive more than 100 kilometers per hour, you should expect excessive fuel consumption.


At the moment, the cost of the car "Citroen Jumper" starts from 1 million 640 thousand rubles. Package includes:

  • Audio preparation.
  • Hydraulic power steering.
  • One airbag.
  • Trip computer.
  • Electronic immobilizer.
jumper characteristics photo

More expensive versions have power windows, air conditioning, and a full multimedia system with Bluetooth support.


So we figured out what French isvan "Citroen Jumper". This car is more expensive than the Gazelle, but at the same time it has much better driving performance, a reliable gearbox and engine. Compared to its "classmates" ("Transit", "Crafter" and others), the Citroen van is in no way inferior - neither in comfort nor in efficiency.

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