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Fiat manufacturing country: in which country are Fiat cars made?

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Fiat manufacturing country: in which country are Fiat cars made?
Fiat manufacturing country: in which country are Fiat cars made?

Cars from Italy in Russia are valued primarily for their elegance and practicality. Italian roots are clearly visible in the largest Russian manufacturer, AvtoVAZ. The Togliatti VAZ-2101 is actually a Fiat 124, well known in Italy.

In this article, we will consider the issues of Russian-made Fiat models and recall the history of the brand a little. How good and popular are Fiats in Russia? What cars from Italy are assembled in Russia? We will also analyze the main advantages and disadvantages.

"Fiat" and associations

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Fiat? The musical sound immediately says that the country of origin of Fiat is Italy. In fact, the history of this well-known company is closely connected with the history of Russia. Something has always drawn Italian manufacturers to the Russian expanses. And not without reason the first VAZ car is pure Italian.

It's surprising that Fiat hasn't gained a foothold in our country since then. Yes, there was a collaboration with"Sollers". But it did not last and did not grow into something more. Already in 2011, the cooperation, which lasted 5 years, ceased. During this time, the production of "local" Fiat Albea, Fiat Doblo and Fiat Ducato was launched. The process of manufacturing cars was reduced to the assembly of finished units brought from abroad. At the same time, the cars of our assembly sold well and were very popular.

Italian Fiat manufacturers do not lose heart and boldly build prospects for cooperation. Most often, their ambitious proposals contain figures for the production of cars of about 500 thousand a year and at a newly built plant.

A bit of history

The history of the company began in 1899 in the city of Torino, in northern Italy. In the first car from Fiat, the driver sat in the back and the passengers in front. Management was carried out with the help of levers. The steering wheel came later. Since 1911, the company has been trying its hand at the production of racing cars. The successful release of the S76 allowed us to continue and develop this direction.

fiat country of manufacture
fiat country of manufacture

The desire to develop and experiment led Fiat to create a huge empire. Today, Fiat is a manufacturer of not only cars of all types and purposes, but also aircraft, trains and engines for ships of various displacements and purposes.

And then, back in the last century, the company took on any undertakings. During the war, Fiat mastered the production of aircraft, tanks and armored vehicles. Since the late 60s, Fiat has becomea corporation that includes Ferrari, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

In 1999, Fiat celebrated its centenary. Today, the world concern for the production of equipment can hardly be called decrepit. More than a century of constant development has tempered Fiat and given a good boost. New concepts are constantly being designed and modern vehicles are being put into operation. More than 130 own research centers around the world are actively helping.

Main production facilities

In today's reality, the size of the Fiat corporation is impressive. There are more than 1000 companies under the common wing in 61 countries around the world. The number of Fiat employees is about 220,000, of which half work outside the borders of Italy. As a percentage, about 46% of all production facilities are located outside the homeland.

Fiat has its own factories in Brazil, Argentina and Poland. At the same time, the Brazilian production site is the largest. At maximum load, the car factory is able to produce 3,000 cars a day! The country of origin of Fiat is not only Italy. There are many joint ventures in France, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, China and India. Cooperation is structured differently everywhere. Somewhere, as it was in Russia, there is only assembly from components imported from Italy, and somewhere at the same plant they can assemble both Fiat and local equipment.

fiat doblo manufacturers
fiat doblo manufacturers

The concern plans to further expand into the markets of Africa, Europe andAmerica. After all, the main concept was and remains that as many people as possible join the most advanced technologies thanks to Fiat cars.

Fiat lineup

The production of Russian Fiats was discontinued in 2011. Since then, new Doblo, Albea and Ducato can not be bought. How can Fiat please the Russians today? In 2016, the automaker's lineup is limited to only 3 cars:

  • 500;
  • Punto;
  • FullBack.

500th "Fiat", whose manufacturer - native Italy, is a neat and compact hatchback. The car can have either a 1.2-liter petrol powertrain, or a 0.9-liter turbocharged, or a 1.3-liter diesel.

Punto is a modest hatchback that also has a choice of two power units with 1.4 liters but different power. As with the Fiat 500, two gearbox options are offered: classic mechanics and robotic automatic.

FullBack is a clone of the Japanese car Mitsubishi L200. The all-wheel-drive vehicle, produced at the production site in Thailand, is an excellent addition to the Fiat range. But for this car, to the question: "Fullback Fiat" - what country of origin does it have?" - you can answer: not Italy.

For those who do not have restrictions on the boundaries of residence, Fiat offers a much larger range. Among them stands out the cute Fiat Panda, which has an all-wheel drive version. In addition to it, you can purchase such Fiat as Mobi, Uno,Palio, Linea, Ottimo, Viaggio and Freemont.

Russian Fiat assemblies

Despite the fact that today there are no joint ventures with Fiat, there are cars that deserve special attention. These are the Albea, Doblo and Ducato that we love so much. Cooperation with the company "Sollers" was not in vain. The Ducato has been the most popular car in its class for several years.

Despite the active and successful sales of Russian Ducato and Doblo, there was a lot of criticism towards our assembly. Somewhere they noticed gaps larger than those provided by the factory, in size, somewhere defective products in the composition of the car. At the same time, criticism did not prevent cars from becoming popular. Fiat Ducato, whose manufacturer is a plant in Yelabuga, simply had no competitors at the time.

Fiat Doblo

This model was produced in Naberezhnye Chelny when Fiat actively cooperated with Sollers. When developing this model, the designers took Fiat Cargo as a basis. The resulting compact car immediately found its connoisseurs. He liked it in Russia too. Fiat Doblo manufacturers offered several modifications, which included passenger, cargo-passenger and purely cargo options.

fiat doblo manufacturer country
fiat doblo manufacturer country

The car had a 1.4-liter power unit, 77 "horses" and was equipped with a 5-speed gearbox. Fiat Doblo has a manufacturer-country, it seems, Russia. Why "seemingly"? Because we only assembled the main components,which, in turn, were manufactured at a Fiat subsidiary in Turkey.

Fiat Albea

It was with "Albea" that the production of "Russian Italians" began. At the plant in Naberezhnye Chelny in 2007, the first car was released. It was a classic sedan of the simplest appearance. The power unit was a 1.4-liter engine. Since 2011, the car has ceased to be produced due to obsolescence.

Many motorists did not like the weak and stagnant engine, as well as the simple exterior and interior design. Yes, it was a budget car, but time makes its demands. For the same money, competitors are already developing more modern bodies and "stuffing" them with all sorts of technical innovations.

Fiat what country is the manufacturer
Fiat what country is the manufacturer

The country of origin of Fiat Albea is Russia, so the car also had positive aspects:

  • spacious interior;
  • comfortable seats;
  • capacious luggage compartment;
  • good ground clearance;
  • fuel-efficient;
  • budget cost.

Fiat Ducato Rus

At one time, the Ducato was the most popular car in its class. The Russian version from Sollers was armed only with a turbocharged diesel engine with 2.3 liters in volume and a manual transmission. 244 car body became the Russian designation. Just like at one time in Europe, the Ducato was produced in several versions: purely cargo and passenger-and-freight. Whereinthere were extended bodies.

fiat ducato country manufacturer
fiat ducato country manufacturer

Comfortable and practical "Fiat Ducato", the country of origin of which is Russia, had good dynamism and a comfortable interior of a foreign car. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting some confusion in the selection of spare parts. But this problem first existed for all foreign cars of the Russian assembly. Parts catalogs simply did not have time to finalize.

Updated and modern Ducato

Among commercial vehicles, Ducato has always been renowned for its versatility and convenience at affordable prices. The sixth generation "Ducato" is no exception. Italian engineers combined the incompatible. Freight commercial transport is easily and simply combined with a comfortable and technically equipped passenger car. Several modifications of the new Ducato allow solving a wide range of business tasks. The "strongest" version of the car can lift up to 4 tons of payload.

fiat ducato manufacturer
fiat ducato manufacturer

What exactly is new in Fiat Ducato? According to Italian developers, the body and door structures have been reinforced in the car. Suspension, brakes and clutch are also reinforced and redesigned for longer life. Among the "know-how" is a modern white paintwork, as well as a redesigned turbine, which allows you to accelerate the car even faster with less fuel consumption. The 6th generation Ducato consumes only 7.3 liters of fuel per 100 km.

Interesting facts

CompanyFiat is not only famous for its cars. Among the group's products are many agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as a line for the production of spare parts magneti marelli.

Among historical facts that may be interesting are:

  • Fiat had the first heating and ventilation system;
  • the first SUV is also "Fiat" - "Campagnola";
  • famous common rail injection system developed by Fiat and Bosch;
  • Fiat Sedici and Japan's Suzuki SX4 are built on the same basis and in the same factory.
fiat whose manufacturer
fiat whose manufacturer

There is information that, despite the use of advanced technology and exquisite design, the Fiat company has flaws in quality. Because of this, the name "Fiat" is translated by English-speaking residents as "Fix it again, Tony." German motorists have their own translation: "Defects in every node." Therefore, the statement: "The country of origin of Fiat is Italy" does not always indicate the quality of the products.


Cars of the global concern Fiat are not the most popular. You will not meet them in various TOPs of sales. At the same time, the company is actively developing and has more than a century of history.

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