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"Ford Transit": reviews, description, specifications, advantages and disadvantages

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"Ford Transit": reviews, description, specifications, advantages and disadvantages
"Ford Transit": reviews, description, specifications, advantages and disadvantages

"Ford Transit" - perhaps the most massive light commercial vehicle in Europe. This car is known to many, and seeing it on the streets of the city is by no means uncommon. Such cars have won universal love due to their simplicity and reliability. Ford Transit has a resourceful and high-torque engine, a strong box and a reliable suspension. Since 2012, these machines have been assembled in Russia. What is a Ford Transit? Specifications, reviews and photos - later in our article.


The car has changed in design several times, and is now produced in the following form (pictured below).

ford transit diesel

The appearance of the car is modern and pleasant. The car, by the way, is intended not only for the European and Russian markets, but is also exported to the United States. The front of the car has a huge chrome grille andlarge slanted headlights. Below - a simple black bumper, no foglights. But as the reviews note, the Ford Transit has good head optics coverage already from the factory. The windshield is very large in this minibus. Mirrors - black, elongated vertically. Regularly "Ford Transit" (including passenger) comes with stamped 18-inch wheels. However, alloy wheels are also great here.

In general, "Ford Transit" has a dynamic and impetuous silhouette. The car looks no less original than the Mercedes Sprinter. But are there problems with the body of the Ford Transit minibus? Owner reviews say that the metal on the body is rather weak. Four years later, the first "bugs" and chips appear on the paintwork. But the old models of Transits, released 20 years ago, are especially susceptible to corrosion. So, often the body rusts in the places of the rear arches, doors and sills.

Ford Transit: dimensions, clearance

A standard van has the following dimensions. Body length is 4.12 meters, width - 2.25, height - 2.8 meters.

transit characteristics

The wheelbase is 3.75 meters. The car is quite maneuverable - reviews say. The turning radius is only 3 meters. What are the clearance dimensions of the Ford Transit? Ground clearance - 16 centimeters. Not the highest, but suitable for most roads in Russia.


The curb weight of the car is 2 tons. At the same time, the carrying capacity of the Transit is 1600 kilograms. If we talk about the passenger "Ford Transit", it is capable of carrying from 9 to 17person depending on the length of the wheelbase.


As noted by the reviews, the car has a fairly comfortable interior. "Ford Transit" has a spacious cabin, which is designed for two people. The driver and passenger seats have a number of adjustments and are equipped with armrests. The steering wheel is four-spoke, with a basic set of buttons. The gearshift lever is located in the front panel, which is very convenient and does not hide free space. The handbrake lever is located under the driver's right hand, between the seats. The door cards are quite plump, and you can lean on them on the road. Also regularly "Ford Transit" is equipped with electric windows and air conditioning. In winter, the stove heats up well - reviews say.

ford transit

Ford Transit has a stylish interior design with a massive center console. It sticks out a little and forms a small shelf at the end. There are small niches for small things, as well as a cup holder. On the passenger side is a deep glove compartment. There is also a deep pocket where you can put a liter bottle of mineral water. Disadvantages - relatively poor sound insulation and hard plastic in the cabin.

Ford Transit: Specifications

This car has always been distinguished by a wide variety of power plants. And the versions for Russia were no exception. So, the base for the Ford Transit car is a 2.2-liter diesel engine from the Duratorg series. This is an in-line four-cylinder unit with direct fuel injection and an automatic cylinder shut-off function (in order to save fuel). ATdepending on the modification, this unit can develop from 100 to 155 horsepower. The design of these engines is the same, only the firmware and turbines are different. By the way, all Duratorg engines have a standard speed limiter of 100 kilometers per hour. But for an additional fee, you can refuse it.

The next on the list is a 2.4 liter engine from the same series. This unit has a similar design with the previous motor and has a capacity of 140 horsepower. The top is a 3.2-liter engine that develops 200 horsepower. However, it is quite rare.

transit specifications

All of the above units were developed by Ford together with the Peugeot-Citroen concern. The engines have a long service life and comply with Euro-5 environmental requirements. The average fuel consumption in the city is 10 liters. On the highway - about 7.8 liters per hundred. This is a big plus. Reviews say that even with the weakest engine, the car easily climbs a long climb (when loaded), which is also an advantage. One has only to press the accelerator pedal, as soon as the speedometer needle changes its position and stretches up.

However, the diesel engines on the Transit are picky about the quality of fuel, and this is a drawback. Otherwise, the nozzles are clogged and other problems with the fuel are observed. The most expensive part is the injection pump. Owners are advised to carry out regular preventive maintenance - cleaning nozzles and replacing filters according to the regulations. Only in this way the motor will last a long time and will delight itsstable work.


European versions are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. However, only five or six speed mechanics are available in our market. What do the reviews say about this box? The Ford Transit pulls off smoothly and picks up speed without jerks. The manual box works much better than on the GAZelle. Very pleased with the presence of the sixth gear.

ford transit saloon

With it you can go into economy mode at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The box does not make noise and all gears turn on clearly. Among the advantages is the resource of the gearbox. On the "Transit" it is more than 400 thousand kilometers. However, it was not without a fly in the ointment: it needs to be regularly changed gear oil. The clutch disc runs about 100,000. But it is recommended to change it together with the release bearing. Also, when replacing, it is worth inspecting the petals of the basket.


The minibus is built on a rear-wheel drive "trolley" with a load-bearing body and a 4 x 2 wheel arrangement. The engine is located longitudinally. The front suspension is independent on coil springs and with anti-roll bar. Behind - dependent design on semi-elliptical longitudinal springs and with telescopic shock absorbers.

transit specifications photo

Steering - rack. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic booster as standard. At the ends of the rail, the hinges are cantilevered to the supports, which is why the rods are shortened. The number of turns of the steering wheel to the stop is 3.3. This is slightly less thancompetitors.

Brake system - disc, dual-circuit, with hydraulic drive. There is also an electronic brake force distribution system and ABS. This car has enough brakes. The pedal is quite informative and responsive. One can only rejoice.


How does this car behave on the go? According to reviews, the car is driven like a passenger car. The car has a low center of gravity and a well-thought-out suspension configuration. The car confidently keeps its course at high speed and does not roll in corners, like the same GAZelle.

ford specifications

It is comfortable to be in the car even at 100 kilometers per hour. But when the car is empty, the suspension is still stiff. Only after partially loading the body, it begins to work out bumps. But this shortcoming, if you can call it one, is common to all commercial vehicles.

Summing up

So, we found out what a Ford Transit car is. The car has a fairly reliable engine and is well suited for both urban and interregional transportation. The driver does not get tired so much, and the fuel consumption of the minibus is minimal. This makes me happy. In terms of the quality of painting, the Ford Transit, of course, is inferior to the Sprinter, but the price of the latter is slightly higher. Therefore, if you are considering buying a foreign car for little money, you should definitely pay attention to this car. Yes, the Ford Transit will cost more than the GAZelle. But as operating experience shows, Ford is moretenacious, even in our conditions. This is a big plus.

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