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Yamaha TDM 900: review, specifications and reviews

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Yamaha TDM 900: review, specifications and reviews
Yamaha TDM 900: review, specifications and reviews

The Yamaha TDM 900 has the same versatility as its predecessor, the Yamaha TDM 850. But the main differences from the old version are the improved technical components of the motorcycle, the reduction in oil consumption, the increase in engine size and the modernization of many other small parts.

yamaha tdm 900 reviews

Short description

"Yamaha TDM 900" was released in 2002. This version began to be produced immediately after the "TDM 850". It is believed that "TDM 900" is a new generation of the 850 version. But the similarity in design does not mean anything yet, because "TDM 900" has undergone many changes:

  • the steel frame has been replaced with an aluminum frame that is 20 percent lighter for added handling and ride dynamics;
  • increased engine size and decreased in weight;
  • power system is now controlled by an injector instead of a carburetor;
  • six-speed gearbox (for "TDM 850" -five-speed);
  • borrowed from R1 new brakes;
  • new modification with "A" prefix;
  • reduced wheel weight;
  • curb weight reduced by 11 kilograms.

But that's not the most important thing. In the new version, all problem areas of the TDM 850 were removed and fixed, namely: the rear caliper was replaced with a better one, the carburetor was replaced with an injector, stronger and lighter materials were used, both in the frame and in the engine.

There are two versions of this motorcycle: the standard version "TDM 900" and the version "TDM 900A" (externally differs from the standard version only in the color of the frame).

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Specifications "Yamaha TDM 900" are far from R1. But this vehicle does not claim to be the most powerful due to its versatility.

Engine 2 cylinders, 4 strokes, 5 valves
Volume, cm3 897
Power, HP 86
Clutch Disc with spring
Transmission Six-speed
Drive Chain
Rama Aluminum
Brakes Hydraulic disc
Front tire 120/70
Rear tire 160/60
Gas tank, l 20
Length cm 218
Weight, kg 226


The basis of the new version of "Yamaha TDM 900" is a 900 cm³ 2-cylinder engine with a power of 87 horsepower. The crankshaft of the new engine has not changed - all the same 270 degrees. Thanks to the crankshaft, the fuel is not symmetrically ignited, thereby making this engine look like a V-shaped engine.

Also an important feature is the aluminum frame, which lightened the motorcycle by 11 kilograms.

Production of "Yamaha TDM 900" officially ended in 2012. This series was not released in the form of new models. But in 2015 they released a motorcycle similar to it - "Yamaha MT-09 Tracer", although this is a completely different motorcycle.

Features of the "Yamaha TDM 900", judging by the reviews, are as follows:

  • great big displacement motor;
  • comfortable fit, one of the best in the Yamaha range;
  • good specifications;
  • design.

The frame and suspension are made of aluminum. Suspension can be adjusted depending on the pace of driving, load. On older models, according to the owners, the motorcycle lost its stability at speeds exceeding the permitted one. Now this problem is gone thanks to the improved suspension.

Wind protection on "Yamaha TDM 900" is excellent. Thanks to the streamlined body and low landing, the driver does not feel the wind at all. A headwind is not a hindrance, but side water is already a problem.

Each item on the panelinstruments clearly stands out, easy to read. Despite the fact that this motorcycle belongs to the road class, it has a large display that shows engine speed, speed, fuel level, oil level, and other indications.

Modified after the "TDM 850" brakes now work flawlessly. The brakes on the front wheel are the same as on the Yamaha P1. Nothing special for a weight over 400 kilograms. It won't hurt, and in some cases it will even help. Since all the mass is located on the front axle, the powerful brakes on the rear axle will not be as effective as on the front axle.

yamaha tdm 900 specifications


Earlier, in the production of the first models, the engine was designed for off-road driving, and not at all on a flat motorway. It has become more voluminous, reaching 900 cubic meters, but this is not the limit. It also now has a fuel injection system, the engine has become more manageable at low speeds. The sound of the exhaust is very similar to the exhaust of a V-shaped engine. The response to turning the throttle, according to reviews, has become much smoother, even if the gear was chosen incorrectly. There is also a slight vibration, but it does not interfere as it did before, even the view in the mirrors does not change its quality.

A chain support system has been installed to reduce noise and vibration.

The gearbox has also undergone changes, becoming a six-speed. Compared to the old version, the initial gear has become more frisky, and even on ityou can accelerate to hundreds, other gears have become "closer" to each other.

yamaha tdm 900 owner reviews


Owner reviews of the Yamaha TDM 900 are very positive, given the fact that the motorcycle has gone through many tests, becoming an almost perfect unit for many motorists. He fell in love primarily for versatility. And all the owners are talking about it.

Reviews about "Yamaha TDM 900". can be divided into positive and containing complaints. Here are the pros:

  • lightweight strong frame that adds handling and dynamics;
  • design, namely the elements that make it both a road bike and off-road bike;
  • perfect motorcycle for riding in Russia;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • comfort;
  • comfortable fit;
  • low cost motorcycle maintenance;
  • nimble gearbox;
  • reliability;
  • patency;
  • visibility.


  • no center stand;
  • standard windshield;
  • Standard front fork for a motorcycle of this class.
motorcycle Yamaha TDM 900 rear part


"Yamaha TDM 900" is an ideal motorcycle for off-road riding, as well as for a quiet measured ride on the track due to its fit, wind protection and comfortable leg position. Designers have tried and made it very memorable. It suits most motorists.for its versatility.

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