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Kawasaki W800 motorcycle - a tandem of modern iron and retro style

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Kawasaki W800 motorcycle - a tandem of modern iron and retro style
Kawasaki W800 motorcycle - a tandem of modern iron and retro style

Kawasaki W800 brings together the latest advancements in classic retro style. Its appearance is a direct reference to the style of the 60s, and the iron filling meets all the needs and high standards of today. The roots of the history of this model go back to 1965, when the legendary W1 was released. Of course, it cannot be said that the W800 is its direct successor, but the breed can still be traced in it.


The retro classic Kawasaki W800 is the continuation of the Kawasaki W650. It differs from the prototype in an increased engine capacity and the presence of a gasoline injection system. In addition, it does not have a kick starter. The reason for updating the once popular Kawasaki W650 motorcycle was the introduction of new environmental standards for atmospheric emissions, which the model did not meet. In general, the W800 and W650 are almost identical.

Kawasaki W800 has two modifications. The most common is the basic version, without a fairing. In addition to it, there is a version of Cafe Style, the design of which is solved in the style of "cafe racer". This series is distinguished by the presence of a front fairing. There is also a special series -Special Edition, which is a stylish black version of the base bike.

kawasaki w800

The Kawasaki W800 features an air-cooled in-line 2-cylinder engine that displaces 773cc3 and delivers 48 hp


Serial production began in 2011, when it was time to replace the obsolete Kawasaki W650. In 2012, the Special Edition went on sale. In the same year, both bikes were introduced to the world in Cafe Style design.

motorcycle kawasaki w800


The Kawasaki W800 motor itself can be called a work of art. It is not covered by casings and can be seen with the naked eye. Complements the design and stylish gas tank. Some parts and parts of the motorcycle are chrome-plated, some are made of sparkling aluminum. Belonging to the retro style is emphasized by alloy coating and impressive knitting needles. The wheels have a large diameter. Exhaust pipes are decorated in the style of "peashooter".

Kawasaki W800


Who is most often seen riding a retro motorcycle? The imagination, most likely, will first of all draw a large bearded biker, perhaps even a gray-haired one. It is logical to assume that the motorcycle in the best traditions of the sixties is more likely to find fans among the old-school biker crowd. Meanwhile, the Kawasaki W800 can often be found under the saddle of a very young rider. No wonder they say that this motorcycle belongs to that rare categorythings that will always be out of fashion and out of time. Therefore, they will not lose their relevance even after many years.

This bike appeals to those who appreciate style, who are not alien to the pursuit of fleeting changeable fashion, aerodynamic body kit, super speed indicators. In other words, the Kawasaki W800 is the choice of those who simply want a good bike.

In terms of functionality, this motorcycle is a typical city bike. On it you can go on a rather serious trip with a solid mileage, and drive a little race. But its main purpose is driving around the city.

Kawasaki W800 Specifications

Type retro classic
Chronology 2011 - present temp.
Motor 2-cylinder, 4-stroke
Rama tubular steel
Volume 773cm3
Fuel supply injector
Ignition electronic
Power 48 HP
KP 5-speed
Drive chain
Front brake 2-piston caliper
Rear brakes drums
Front suspension telescopic fork
Rear suspension double shock absorber
LxHxW, mm 2190 x 1075 x 790
Max speed 165 km/h
Gas tank 14 l
Weight (Curb) 217kg


Today you can buy a brand new motorcycle Kawasaki W800 from the official representatives of the concern. The secondary market is also saturated.

kawasaki w800 specifications

A motorcycle that has been used but has no mileage on the roads of Russia and other CIS countries will cost a little more. The cost of a motorcycle in good technical condition, brought from Japan, today is about $7,000.

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