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Old car is the best in retro style

Old car is the best in retro style
Old car is the best in retro style

Modern technologies in the automotive industry have gained a lot of fans. Someone enthusiastically talks about the super-complex multi-link suspension, someone is wondering what herd of horses is placed under the hood of a particular car, but few people can actually demonstrate the advantages of modern technology. And any old machine, devoid of all technological excesses, will prove its perfection in our time. Rare cars attract with their classic grace, but scare young motorists away with the lack of modern systems. Drivers of the 21st century cannot imagine driving in a car without ABC, airbags, parking sensors, navigator and other “assistants”. It's hard to imagine now that the cars that won the biggest motoring competitions of the 60s had a simple rear suspension designed by Count De Dion for steam cars back in the nineteenth century.

old car

Many drivers believe that the volumetric rim of the steering wheel of a modern car is held much more securely in the hands. However, sitting in an old Jaguar or Ferrari, you feel how comfortable your fingers are.placed on the spokes of a thin rim. If necessary, it is easier to intercept on such a steering wheel. It is securely clasped by hand. And, most importantly, the thin steering wheel does not block the instruments.

According to our contemporaries, old sports cars cannot boast of the sensitivity of the box. It seems to them uninformative, heavy and uncomfortable. But this is only the first impression. The conversion experience comes fairly quickly.

old sports cars

And the result is amazing, believe me! You immediately feel the moment of turning on the speed. For an experienced driver, this is an indescribable feeling!

And how the old car goes! The dynamics of the car is felt immediately, from the moment you start driving. An indescribable feeling of speed that takes your breath away… Speaking of speed. It is much easier to follow the movement of the arrow on the speedometer than the flickering numbers. There was even a distinctive feature in different cars - a white dial on the car with a touch of "sports chic" and black with yellow numbers - a traditional sign of sports cars of the 60s.

old american cars

Separately, I would like to note the old American cars. The “American women” that have already become classics, like vintage cognac, the older, the better, more prestigious and more expensive. Chevrole Chevelle SS, Dodge Charger, Cadillac and Corvette - these names are reverently pronounced even by modern youth. How often you can see the nostalgia for long chic limousines, which until recently were called "road dreadnoughts".

Compared to Europeancars of the sixties, America's old car looked more like a yacht. A long hood and a rather high trunk were a kind of sign of belonging to a special breed. Despite the fact that all the controls in the car were located in the most ridiculous way, the interior, nevertheless, struck with its capacity. The back seat can only be called a sofa. The decline in the popularity of American cars predetermined the fuel crisis. Bulky, and most importantly, voracious, cars began to be gradually replaced by more economical "Japanese women". The remaining cars were saved thanks to enthusiasts.

Every old car has been preserved so that in our time, at least at the exhibition, you can lift the hood and look into the voluminous “inside” with a small engine, run your hand along the convex varnished side and hear a creaky four-track tape recorder with an eternally young album Machine Head.

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