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BMW F800ST motorcycle: specifications and overview

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BMW F800ST motorcycle: specifications and overview
BMW F800ST motorcycle: specifications and overview

BMW motorcycles are classics of comfort, safety and power. The universal tourist F 800 ST is convenient because it can be used both in the city and on light off-road. Throughout the journey, you will be as comfortable as possible. On such a motorcycle, you can safely go even on the longest journey. You can read the BMW F800ST review and owner reviews below in the article.

History of the BMW concern

Few people are not familiar with the largest automobile concern "BMW". Its history spans over 100 years. As early as 1896 in Germany, the ambitious Heinrich Ehrhardt began to manufacture bicycles and military vehicles. But he soon realized that he could achieve more and released the first motorized Wartburg carriage. Along with the development of technology, cars have improved. From "carriages" they turned into great-grandfathers of those machines to which we are accustomed. The First World War served as an impetus for the development of mechanical engineering, and in 1917 the company received its traditional name, towhich we are used to. BMW translates as "Bavarian Motor Works". In 1922, the company took up the production of motorcycles, which were based on a small two-cylinder engine. Motorcycles have become much more powerful and lighter. In the following years, German manufacturers improved their models, giving them more and more perfect forms. In the 50s, their motorcycles could already accelerate to 160 km / h, becoming one of the fastest vehicles of that time. But the heyday of BMW came in the 90s. The new BMW 5 and 7 models thundered all over the world and are still loved by thousands of people. BMWs remain one of the most reliable motorcycles in the world, as their engines are perfectly balanced and last for many years.

bmw f800st

BMW motorcycle specifications

BMW motorcycles, although not as famous as cars, are nevertheless winners of many competitions and races. Made in a brutal sports style, they have such power that they can accelerate to hundreds of kilometers in a few seconds. The impressive history of the brand and excellent appearance give a special zest when traveling around the city. BMW motorcycles are prefabricated models with many configurations. With the help of accessories, you can make a tourist bike out of a sports bike, and vice versa. The high handlebars and stable long body are suitable even for tall people, and motorcycles are designed for weights up to 225 kilograms. The hallmark of German motorcycles is a two-cylinder air-cooled engine, which the company's engineers came up with back in1922. Among the BMW bikes, you cannot find models with a small engine size: all motorcycles are powerful and have a volume of over 600 cubic centimeters. Bavarian Motor Works products are loved all over the world, and many motorcyclists prefer to ride exclusively on bikes with a branded white and blue logo.

bmw f800st reviews

Model history

F800 series consists of two models. This is:

  • BMW F800ST: a versatile sport-touring motorcycle;
  • F800S: A sportier option.

Production of these bikes began in 2006, and in 2007 the F800S was already discontinued in most countries. The fact is that although these two motorcycles were produced as complementary, they became competitors. Most buyers chose the 800ST, which looked more like a sports bike, although the differences were only in the plastic. In 2010, the F800S was finally discontinued.

The BMW F800ST models stand out from the rest of the motorcycle range with their engine. It so happened that the engine with two cylinders and air cooling became a classic for the German company. In the BMW F800ST motorcycle, it was replaced by a liquid-cooled two-cylinder in-line engine. The goal of creating a line of 800 cc all-round bikes was convenience. To maintain excellent technical characteristics and at the same time make motorcycles less demanding on the level of pilots - this is the task that BMW engineers set themselves.

bmw f800st specs

Technical parameters

BMW specificationsThe F800ST made the bike a great seller to this day. A powerful two-cylinder engine with a volume of 798 cubic centimeters is capable of developing 85 horsepower. He is able to develop considerable speed: up to 220 km / h you can easily accelerate on a straight track. The F800ST accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. The motorcycle is light enough for its class (185 kilograms), so it is agile and easy to handle.

The 800-cc bike was conceived as a motorcycle that is as comfortable as possible for all tasks. And I must say, the designers managed to make the leader in comfort in its class. It is ideal for city trips, but it performs just as well on long-distance trains. A comfortable seat and a high steering wheel do not affect the spine, and heated handles and seats will save you in bad weather. The motorcycle is equipped with an ABS system and an on-board computer that shows tire pressure and all necessary parameters.

What other features does the BMW F800ST have? Distinguishing features include a front gear belt drive, which will save you the trouble of replacing the chain. The 6-speed gearbox shifts gears smoothly, without jerking. The bike accelerates and slows down like clockwork. The ride is very smooth, thanks to the suspension, which smooths out all the bumps, and the imperceptible operation of the engine.

bmw f800st specifications

Model modifications

When choosing a used motorcycle BMW F800ST, it is important to pay attention to the year of its manufacture. Models of different periods differ very slightly, butthere are still changes:

  • 2006: BMW Paralever rear suspension, adjustable and swingarm. 2 front disc brakes and 1 rear floating caliper.
  • 2009: ABS appears. Suspension becomes aluminum.
  • 2012: increased saddle height, suspension can now be adjusted using the shock absorption system built into the trip computer.

As you can see, nothing has changed dramatically. Initially, the F800ST was made in good faith, and therefore no improvements or developments are required for it.

Price range

Once the price of a new 800cc motorcycle was 500,000 rubles. Now a used F800ST can be purchased for 200-300 thousand. Motorcycles are sold all over Russia, and finding a well-preserved working version is not difficult. For the price, you are unlikely to find a better option. Who should buy the F800? For beginners who have "grown" out of small displacement motorcycles and want more power. Bikers who have not ridden two-wheeled vehicles for some time and have lost the habit of sitting behind the wheel of a motorcycle. Well, just fans of BMW technology who are familiar with other models of the company.

bmw f800st motorcycle

Motorcycle Benefits

Reviews of the BMW F800ST speak of the universal love of bikers for this model. Everywhere you look, she has solid virtues. What characteristics can be attributed to the positive qualities of a sportbike?

  1. Dynamics. Fast starter response when the ignition button is pressed starts the powerful enginea bike that offers surprisingly good traction and responsiveness for its class.
  2. Comfort. The straight seating position and optimal handlebar height make the load on the arms and back much less than in similar sports models. A comfortable seat and a tall windshield help you avoid uneven paths on long trips. The perfectly balanced center of gravity makes the bike very responsive.
  3. Controllability. The bike responds to every movement of the steering wheel, which allows you to ride even the most difficult trajectories in traffic. Even if you decide to take a sharp turn at high speed, the F800ST will stand up to such a test with dignity without losing control. No wonder it is considered a motorcycle for beginners.
  4. Price. For a budget motorcycle, the BMW F800ST has an unusually high quality of parts. The engineers of the German concern tuned the fork of the bike so precisely that the center of gravity turned out to be super stable.
  5. Low fuel consumption. According to the specifications, the BMW F800ST consumes only 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers when driving at a speed of about 90 km/h. This is one of the lowest figures for a motorcycle of this power!
  6. Large gas tank: as much as 16 liters. Allows you to drive many kilometers without refueling.

Flaws of the BMW F800ST

The owners of the two-wheeled monster also note the shortcomings of the motorcycle, which can rather be attributed to minor imperfections than real disadvantages.

bmw f800st review
  1. Inconvenient location of the turn buttons and headlights. Unlike constructors of other brands,BMW engineers decided not to get by with one button for the turn signal, but made two at once and a separate button for turning on the headlights. As a result of this liberties, many beginners complain that it is much more difficult to get used to such a system.
  2. Bad cooling in traffic jams. During slow city trips, you may find the F800ST a little too hot. However, as the speed increases, this feeling quickly disappears.
  3. Quite often the BMW F800ST fuel level sensor fails. Experts recommend not doing replacement or repair on your own, but contacting a company service center.


Due to the excellent performance of the BMW F800ST, few other motorcycles of equal cubic capacity can compare with it. One of the most worthy competitors can be called the Honda VFR 800. It has a lot of advantages: a V4 engine, an ABS system, timing gears and a high-quality gearbox. Honda is similar in price: you can buy it for 200-300 thousand rubles. When choosing between these leaders in their field, motorcyclists are guided more by their love of the brand and the attractiveness of the appearance.


What kind of reviews can you read about the owners of the BMW F800ST? In short, everyone is delighted. This is exactly the case when the price-quality ratio is ideal and even slightly outweighs the quality. Where else have you seen a great 800cc bike at such a ridiculous price? Given BMW's usual appetite, they're practically giving it away for free. After a short getting used to the new control system and various nuancesF800 owners fall in love with it. Motorcyclists claim that it is equally good for both long and short distances. It is not a shame to drive around the city on it: a lot of admiring glances are provided to you. And it is not scary to embark on a long journey thanks to the handling and capacious tank, which allows you to drive many kilometers without refueling.

bmw f800st owner reviews

You can write poems about a motorcycle engine. Smooth and powerful, with excellent traction on the bottoms, it perfectly reflects the calm and thoughtful German character. During the journey, you are unlikely to feel the noise of the engine, it is so quiet. The absence of a chain also pleases many owners: now there is no need to get and lubricate the part, because it has been replaced with a belt. Side cases are standard. The on-board computer helps not only to measure tire pressure, but also to adjust the parameters of the motorcycle exactly as you need. The BMW F800ST has a variety of optional equipment options that allow you to perfectly customize the motorcycle to the owner. Windshield, seat, plastic body kit, mirrors - everything can be changed to more convenient parts. All these characteristics, coupled with an attractive appearance, made the BMW F800ST one of the best-selling motorcycles in its class.


Looking at the photo of the BMW F800ST, you can understand that this is a versatile bike that combines the daring and powerful spirit of sports bikes and the sedateness and handling of touring bikes. Combining the incongruous, BMW engineers achieved a result that suitedmost fans of two-wheeled transport. The icing on the cake was the price of the vehicle, a record low for a German company.

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