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BMW K1200S: photo, review, specifications, motorcycle features and owner reviews

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BMW K1200S: photo, review, specifications, motorcycle features and owner reviews
BMW K1200S: photo, review, specifications, motorcycle features and owner reviews

BMW Motorrad has successfully pushed the Italian and Japanese motorcycle builders off their beaten track with the release of the driver-friendly and first-ever high-volume BMW K1200S hyperbike.

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History of Appearance

The BMW K1200S motorcycle has become the most long-awaited and original model released by the German company BMW over the past ten years. Back in 2004, the world community was shocked by the concern's statement that it was going to compete directly with Japanese sportsbike manufacturers. The reason for this reaction lay in the unique and idiosyncratic image of the Bavarian manufacturer: the transverse installation of a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1200 cubic centimeters, characteristic of the Suzuki Hayabusa, Honda CBR1100XX and Kawasaki ZX-12R, would be out of the ordinary and unconventional for BMW.

After the first presentation, the invited journalists in their reviews of the BMW K1200S noted uneven fuel injection - a similar problem was typical until recentlyfor two-cylinder engines installed on the R series. The produced motorcycles had to be returned to the factories, and production was temporarily stopped, and not the least reason for this was the rejection of the entire batch of incoming camshafts.

The next demonstration was already in California, and a group of American motorcycle journalists invited to the event and test drive expected a lot from the BMW K1200S.

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Journalists from the American Motorcyclist Association were given a day to test the new BMW K1200S. Judging by the results of the test drives and the impression of the testers, the motorcycle fully met all the expectations placed on it since 2004.

The driver's seat is surprisingly loose, which is very uncharacteristic for a sportbike. The position of the footpegs allows you to comfortably sit on the motorcycle without bending your legs, and the handlebars reduce the load on your wrists, even when the machine is stationary. The performance of the BMW K1200S is strikingly different from the previous motorcycles of the Bavarian company, which is noticeable from the first seconds of starting the engine: the 1157 cubic centimeter unit rapidly gains momentum and maintains torque throughout its entire range.

Bringing to mind the injection system was not in vain: the motorcycle picks up speed confidently even with the minimum opening of the damper.

The lower powerband is softer and more typical of a touring model. The full potential of the engine is revealed at 4-6 thousand revolutions: full traction and power of the machine are manifested, andwith more revs, the BMW K1200S is virtually impossible to keep up with.

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The manufacturer assures that the engine power is 167 horsepower, while the red zone starts at 11,000 rpm. The BMW K1200S is as technical as its Japanese rivals, and it feels like it has a more powerful engine, especially when compared to the BMW twin-cylinder powertrains found on other motorcycle models.


The curb weight of the BMW K1200S, according to the specifications, is 226 kilograms. The Bavarian bike is slightly longer than the Honda ST1300 and Harley-Davidson Sportster, with a wheelbase of 157 centimeters.

The rather impressive dimensions in motion are in no way felt, and the bike seems more compact.

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BMW's decades of experimentation with alternative motorcycle front end designs have resulted in the K1200S being equipped with a new Duolever front suspension that significantly reduces the machine's weight and makes it more compact. It replaced the Telelever suspension and is equipped with a single shock absorber located between two levers responsible for the vertical movement of the wheel. The design was built in such a way that it became possible to separate the forces affecting the front wheel and arising during acceleration and braking, and the forces arising from steering. The viability of this technology has been provenTelelever suspension over the years, but it was too expensive.

At corner entry, the classic forks compress during braking and make the steering angle steeper, which speeds up the bike into the corner. The Telelever suspension didn't change the steering angle, which slowed the BMW bikes into corners. The new Duolever suspension fitted to the BMW K1200S eliminated this problem. When maneuvering at low speeds, the bike feels a little heavy and clumsy, but this feeling completely disappears at normal speed - the steering becomes light and perfectly obeys.

An added benefit of the Duolever suspension is that the steering stays stable when cornering, no matter what the driver does with the brake or throttle: the car's trajectory stays the same and doesn't stray into a wider radius.

bmw k1200s specifications

Reviews from BMW K1200S owners

Changes made to the design of the motorcycle give even novice riders the perfect opportunity to feel like a professional sportbike pilot, flying straight sections of tracks at high speed and entering turns without hitting the brakes. The characteristics of the motorcycle were tested during a test drive of 400 kilometers: the track passed along the roads of Northern California. The pilots who tested the BMW K1200S were satisfied with the car: the Bavarian company managed to create a unique and amazing sports bike that can wipe its nose with its Japanesecompetitors.


The undoubted advantage noted in the reviews of the BMW K1200S is a rather extensive package of additional options, including the BMW ESA electronic suspension adjustment system, anti-lock braking system and a two-tone body color. In the basic modification, the motorcycle was offered for 900 thousand rubles from American dealers. Available as an accessory is a luggage kit consisting of side cases and a bag for the fuel tank.

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The owners of the BMW K1200S enthusiastically speak about the new car of the Bavarian manufacturer, noting its relatively low fuel consumption - about 8 liters per 100 kilometers. The reserve fuel tank with a volume of 4 liters is activated after 178 kilometers, which is quite good and ensures the autonomy of the motorcycle; without refueling K1200S is able to cover 227 kilometers.

Despite belonging to a well-known German brand whose vehicles are known for their exactingness, the K1200S is quite unpretentious in operation: maintenance and oil changes are necessary to maintain its performance.

The BMW K1200S was offered in three trim levels: full version, without ABS and without electronic suspension control. The difference in the cost of modifications was several thousand dollars, which was almost the same as the main competitor - Suzuki Hayabusa. However, the owners of the BMW K1200S did not grumble against the rather high cost: for the same price it was possible topurchase a German motorcycle with a manufacturer's warranty, featuring the best manufacturability and high quality production.

Additional options offered to customers included a low seat, heated handlebars, an immobilizer, an electronic suspension system, a central parking stand, a GPS global positioning system and a luggage transport kit consisting of side cases and a bag on the fuel tank.

bmw k1200s owner reviews

The appearance on the market of the much-anticipated Bavarian motorcycle, which received admiring reviews from journalists and specialists, did not pass by the main competitors of BMW, who almost immediately began developing new models - for example, Honda, a year after the release of the K1200S, released a new model that replaced the Blackbird.

The BMW K1200S motorcycle has become a new direction for the Bavarian automaker, allowing it to develop further and make full use of not only the experience accumulated in the field of car development, but also innovative technologies in the field of motorcycle construction. The series of motorcycles that appeared after the K1200S has become much more interesting and attractive for motorists around the world, whose attention, however, is still riveted to the first model of a German sports bike.

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