KTM 690 SMC motorcycle: review, specifications and photos

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KTM 690 SMC motorcycle: review, specifications and photos
KTM 690 SMC motorcycle: review, specifications and photos

The KTM 690 SMC motorcycle is rarely chosen by beginners. Its engine has a lot of cubic centimeters, it often becomes the choice of experienced pilots. He does not forgive mistakes. There is not the slightest hint of practicality or comfort, but it has everything for a frisky ride, turns, spans in traffic and much more that a motorist could dream of.


Specifications for the KTM 690 SMC are shown below:

Engine 1-cylinder, 4 strokes

Engine displacement cm3

Torque rpm 6500
Gearbox 6-speed, cam clutch
Rama Chrome-molybdenum with protective coating
Front brakes Four pistons
Rear brakes Single piston
Height (saddle), cm 88
Weight, kg 154
Cooling Liquid


This motorcycle is designed for tall people with a height of about 180-190 centimeters. Most often bought for city driving, on dirt roads. Perfect for city driving. The maximum speed is about 160 km/h, but driving at this speed is not very pleasant due to the headwind in the face and body. Comfortable driving is considered a speed of about 120 km / h. Fuel consumption at this speed is approximately 5 liters per 100 kilometers. Recommended fuel - AI-95.

KTM 690 smc front
KTM 690 smc front

On the KTM 690 SMC, you can safely move down stairs, drive on them, and overcome small curbs. To drive at higher speeds, you can attach a protective glass. So speed within 160 km/h becomes comfortable.

The seat is not the most comfortable, but you can get used to it in a couple of months.

The maximum power of this unit is 67 horsepower. In the 2014 model, fuel consumption was reduced by 10 percent. The engine is also controlled by electronics capable of switching fuel cards, of which there are 4.

Anti-lock braking system, now switchable, is present even on the basic configuration. At the same time, there is an option that can disable the anti-lock braking system only on the rear axle, which allows you to control the turn in the skid and braking.front axle.

The enduro version of the KTM 690 SMC has been upgraded with an engine upgrade. Like the 2014 version, it comes with anti-lock braking as standard.

The engine displacement has been increased due to the increased piston stroke distance by 4.5 millimeters. The piston diameter has not changed.

KTM 690 SMC White
KTM 690 SMC White

The frame is protected by a coating, the suspension has standard settings similar to most motorcycles. Thanks to her, the motorcycle can drive on any surface, except that it cannot climb a house. It is not afraid of falls thanks to its durable frame. When falling on its side, it falls on the handle guard and footrest, so the body won't crash.


On a five-point scale, most KTM 690 SMC owners give the following ratings:

  • Design - 4.
  • Comfort - 3.
  • Safety - 4.
  • Specifications - 5.

But without a protective glass, it will not be possible to briskly ride it due to a tailwind. The pluses also include power, cross-country ability, light weight, versatility.

KTM 690 SMC orange
KTM 690 SMC orange

The enduro class has been pretty popular lately. It's a very practical, versatile bike, but don't start your motorcycling journey with it, as it's too fast for beginners and can play tricks on inexperienced riders.