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"Fluence": owner reviews, pros and cons of the car

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"Fluence": owner reviews, pros and cons of the car
"Fluence": owner reviews, pros and cons of the car

For the first time, the Renault Fluence car, which we will learn about later, was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2004. At that time, the vehicle was a version with two doors. This concept was soon transformed into the Laguna coupe, and it was decided to give his name to the line of golf class sedans. Consider the characteristics of this car, its pros and cons, as well as the responses of the owners about various modifications.

Auto "Renault Fluence"
Auto "Renault Fluence"


As you can see from the Fluence reviews, each new generation is getting bigger. It is worth noting that this model has a slightly larger size than the standard analogues of the golf category. In some respects, the car is similar to the Megan series, but the manufacturers claim that these are completely different modifications. And this is not unreasonable. The difference is visible after measuring the dimensions of the body.

The model in question is 120mm longer and 30mm wider. Renault Fluence has smoother and more rounded features. After a detailed examination, one can speak ofshowiness, however, some users find this element rather controversial. The side and back parts are made perfectly, but the “face” and the principle by which it was developed are puzzling. It seems that the designers tried to combine incongruous elements.

The front part contains details of completely different configurations. Among them:

  • round fog lights;
  • narrow grille;
  • oval air intakes;
  • pointed-up head optics.

The nameplate with the company logo in size catches up with the size of the headlights. Other wearers note the originality of the front styling, pointing out that this is a new "European" trend. The car looks great in a white color scheme, which emphasizes all the lines of the exterior as much as possible.

Photo "Fluence"
Photo "Fluence"

Fluence body features

Reviews of some motorists say that the design of the car is not particularly intricate, more focused on family people who prefer practicality and solidity. Although opinions differ on this, one thing is clear - the design is not boring at all.

The body part of the car seems to be quite high quality thanks to the ideas of French engineers, including reduced clearances of most elements, nice finish and some other little things. If you study the reviews of the "Fluence" in 2012, the body has minor flaws. These include the softness of the metal, large wipers and impressive luggage compartment loops. Some users note the designa flaw associated with a deterioration in visibility.

Trying to improve the aerodynamic qualities, the designers significantly "filled up" the front pillars. It is because of this moment that the visibility suffered. For example, at pedestrian crossings, you may not notice a small person slowly crossing the road. In addition, when moving along narrow streets, in order to see the curbs from the sides, it is necessary to apply for a torpedo. Visibility through the rear window is also not at the highest level due to the "bullying" of the car.

Car "Fluence"
Car "Fluence"

Interior design

As evidenced by the reviews of the owners of Fluence, there is enough space in the cabin. The interior is arranged according to the type of class "C", while the growth feature is noticeable from the outside. The seats are comfortable and soft, the driver's seat is adjustable in several positions, which allows the driver of any height to comfortably drive the car. The steering wheel can also be adjusted to the individual characteristics of the user. The owners note that the driver's seat is focused on long trips, it does not numb the back and does not hurt the sides.

Among the shortcomings of the interior of the car in question: a rather tight handle for adjusting the tilt of the seat back; slippage of some adjustment levers in the hand. These are not critical disadvantages, since usually the setting is carried out once.

The interior of the car smells of freshness and high cost. Only high-quality materials were used in the decoration. Plastic elements are soft and pleasant to the touch, there are no squeaks and backlashes. Equipmentthought out to the smallest detail, engineers did a great job on soundproofing. Despite some shortcomings, the cabin feels like home.

Salon "Renault Fluence"
Salon "Renault Fluence"

Placement of Controls

In the 2013 Fluence reviews, the owners point to a formal change in the interior of the car, compared to its predecessors. Gear lever with base finished in chrome. The steering wheel is perforated and stitched with white threads. Among the shortcomings of the controls, the placement of the buttons on the steering wheel is noted, and this moment applies to all modifications of the series in question.

On the left side of the steering wheel is the cruise control knob, which comes with the most expensive modifications. On the right are the on-board computer options buttons. They are marked with the letters "Q" and "B". The instrument panel remained unchanged. At the same time, the backlight became a different color.

To analyze the cons of steering on the road, you should study the reviews about the "Fluence" (automatic) directly from the owners. In general, the car behaves confidently and dynamically, but the shortcomings are immediately noticeable. They mainly concern the controls of the head unit, as well as sound quality. The R-Link system is installed only in "luxury" variations.

Interior "Fluence"
Interior "Fluence"

Technical plan parameters

The following motors can be installed as a power unit in the car in question:

  1. 1, 6/2, 0 liter petrol models. Their power is105/109 or 138 horsepower respectively.
  2. Diesel version for 1.6 liters with a power of 130 "horses".

The last engine is the most economical, consuming an average of about 4.8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. In Russia, diesel modifications are not yet officially offered. In reviews of "Fluence" (1, 6) with mechanics and diesel, there is more positive than negative. Despite the vibration and noise characteristic of such engines, consumers are pleased with low fuel consumption compared to gasoline counterparts.


The car in question is equipped with both automatic and manual transmissions. In a mechanical transmission with 5 and 6 modes, users note reliability. However, on early versions of cars, jerking of the car was observed during the start after a long standing in a traffic jam. This problem was solved only by replacing the clutch unit.

Automatic version

Also, a 4-position automatic transmission with a CVT was installed on this vehicle. Reviews about "Fluence" with this node are not always positive. The owners point to not the best performance of the "machine". Its shortcomings are expressed in jerks and jerks when shifting gears. The resource of the node depends on the driving style and proper maintenance. The Jatco variator itself makes a better impression than its classic counterpart, but has a number of shortcomings. With significant and prolonged loads, the risk of failure of the transmission increases due to the deformation of the cones and chain.

Renault Fluence car
Renault Fluence car

Disadvantages that are still noted inFluence reviews (2011)

The owners of the cars in question of different years of production note approximately the same flaws in the car. Nevertheless, the 2011 modification has the most of them. Despite the fact that the car is quite roomy, large and relatively inexpensive, for more than 600 thousand rubles I would like a better match in size, interior and dynamic performance.

In addition, the engine lineup does not offer enough powertrains for a vehicle that is 4.16 meters long. The quality of the interior trim is objective, but not particularly impressive.

In order to identify all the shortcomings of the car in as much detail as possible, it is necessary to point out a few more weaknesses noted in the responses of consumers. Among them:

  1. Insufficient indicator of dynamics. For connoisseurs of speed, this car is hardly suitable. It is worth saying frankly: an engine capacity of 1.6 liters is physically not enough for high-speed racing. The car is quite suitable for driving around the city, however, on the tracks, when overtaking, the shortcomings of the dynamics are immediately noticeable.
  2. Transmission operation. In this regard, the behavior of the car in winter is considered a serious drawback. In 30-degree frost, starting the engine is very problematic. As for the operation of the transmission, or rather, its disadvantages, the mechanics have problems with the reverse gear, the “automatic” has pronounced jolts when the gears are turned on. In addition, the variator is somewhat sluggish.
  3. Sound isolation. Not all owners are happy with the noise that is felt inside the carwhen driving at high speed or on bad roads. This is partly due to the budget tires on wheels, which the car is equipped with from the factory.
  4. Photo "Renault Fluence"
    Photo "Renault Fluence"


The car in question has established itself as a fairly reliable, comfortable and unpretentious vehicle. Even after prolonged use, most parts remain in almost perfect condition. In fairness, it should be noted that in the Fluence reviews, users point out some shortcomings that do not require significant investment to eliminate them. If you operate the car carefully and take into account its belonging to the golf class, you can turn a blind eye to many disadvantages.

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