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"Volkswagen Polo Sedan": owner reviews about the pros and cons of the car

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"Volkswagen Polo Sedan": owner reviews about the pros and cons of the car
"Volkswagen Polo Sedan": owner reviews about the pros and cons of the car

"Volkswagen Polo Sedan" is a specially designed car for the Russian market. This machine has been produced for a long time, since 2010. There are a lot of these cars in Russia. Volkswagen Polo is one of the most popular sedans in the budget B-class. This machine has gained popularity due to its low cost. But is the Volkswagen Polo Sedan really that reliable? Reviews of the owners and features of the model will be considered further.

Appearance and bodywork

The design of the car is almost the same as the hatchback. So, the car has the same streamlined bumper with halogen optics. According to the owners, the car has both a strict and concise design.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan 2017 owner reviews

But what problems does the Volkswagen Polo sedan have? Reviewsowners say that the car has a poor-quality paintwork. After 30 thousand kilometers, the body will be strewn with chips. However, the body metal does not rot due to galvanized protection. If a deep chip has formed, then the rust under it will not show through. Among other problems of the Volkswagen Polo sedan (2017), owner reviews note poor-quality wiper blades. They wear out quickly and start to make a lot of noise during operation.

Dimensions, clearance

As we said earlier, this car belongs to the B-segment, so the dimensions are quite compact. The total length of the car is 4.39 meters, width - 1.7, height - 1.47. But what is most important is the clearance. The Germans specially increased it to 17 centimeters, adapting the car for Russian conditions. This is very good, but do not forget that when fully loaded, this clearance sags by as much as 4-5 centimeters. Also, the owners are advised to install a metal protection of the engine pan.


The interior design is rather modest. There is no zest here: everything is in the corporate style of Volkswagen. Three-spoke steering wheel, adjustable. The instrument panel consists of two arrow dials. Regarding the readability of the shield, the reviews do not complain. The climate system and radio controls are located at a convenient distance from the hand.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

The seats are heavily padded and have a wide range of adjustments. There is also a microlift for the driver's seat. However, there are also disadvantages. Yes, in"Polo" lacks lateral and lumbar support. And the foam itself crumbles over time, as it rubs against the metal frame of the seat.

Very weak illumination of buttons and glove compartment in the cabin. Also, many cars have a minimum level of equipment - mechanical windows, audio preparation and a simple stove, without air conditioning. It should be understood that many copies were bought for a taxi, so they have the most minimal configuration without any additional equipment.

Among other disadvantages of the Volkswagen Polo sedan, owner reviews note that the plastic glass of the instrument panel is quickly covered with scratches, and they cannot be eliminated. At temperatures below 10 degrees below zero on an unheated car, the stove fan "howls". The reason for this is the lack of lubrication in the metal-graphite bearing.


The luggage compartment in the Volkswagen is designed for 460 liters. Additionally, you can fold the back of the rear sofa.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan Automatic Owner Reviews

However, to do this, you first need to remove the head restraints. Among the shortcomings of the trunk, reviews note easily soiled fabric upholstery. But when the lid closes, it makes a pleasant dull sound.


What electrical cons does the Volkswagen Polo sedan have? Owner reviews say that the power window on the driver's door is stuck on this car. The trunk lid lock also fails. The mechanism for fixing rear-view mirrors also fails. Among other problems in the new Volkswagen Polo sedanowner reviews note a malfunction of the electric power steering. Because of this, at low speed, the steering wheel turns 15 degrees to the side.

volkswagen polo sedan 1 4 owner reviews

There are flaws in the headlights. So, on the head optics, the overall light bulbs quickly burn out. There are downsides to the rear lights. They are covered with cracks, and from the inside.


Two types of engines are installed on the car. The most popular is the 1.6-liter gasoline naturally aspirated engine of the CFNA series. Its maximum power is 105 horsepower. It is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission from the Japanese manufacturer Aisin. This box has a "Sport" function, where only five gears are involved. What do owners say about the Volkswagen Polo sedan on the machine? The box is quite reliable and easy to use. When shifting the automatic transmission does not "kick". In terms of maintenance, it only requires periodic oil changes. In addition, the Volkswagen Polo is also equipped with a manual transmission. She is also quite strong and resilient. She has no problems.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan new owner reviews

Volkswagen Polo's acceleration to hundreds takes from 10.5 to 12 seconds, depending on the box. What are the problems with this motor? Among the pitfalls, it is worth noting the rapid wear of the valve cover gasket. In winter, the gas recirculation valve fails.

Also, the owners note the knock of the hydraulic lifters “on the cold”. AtFor most, this problem goes away as the engine warms up. But sometimes the hydraulic lifters continue to knock even when the engine is warm.

Volkswagen Polo can also be equipped with a turbocharged engine of the TSI series. This is a four-cylinder gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.4 liters. Thanks to the turbine, it develops 125 horsepower, which is an order of magnitude more than the atmospheric 1.6-liter. What do they say about the Volkswagen Polo sedan (1.4 l) owner reviews? This motor is characterized by increased oil consumption (however, like all engines of this series). You need to regularly monitor the level with the dipstick and add oil if necessary.

volkswagen polo sedan reviews

Also, the engine may be difficult to start in winter. It's because of the starter. At low temperatures, the lubricant freezes and the starter cannot spin normally. Note that this turbocharged engine is designed only for high-octane 98th gasoline (although some people drive 95th).


So, we found out what the "Volkswagen Polo Sedan" is. As you can see, this car is not without flaws. First of all, this is the low quality of finishing materials and poor sound insulation. However, in terms of power units, this machine is quite reliable. There are many examples when the Volkswagen Polo Sedan nursed 500 or more thousand kilometers. It is due to the reliability of engines and gearboxes that this car is so common in the taxi service. But when buying a Volkswagen Polo in the secondary market, it is worth remembering that many copies have already been in an accidentand have serious mileage, which unscrupulous sellers twist. Therefore, the choice of car should be taken very carefully.

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