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Features of the head unit "Renault Megan 2"

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Features of the head unit "Renault Megan 2"
Features of the head unit "Renault Megan 2"

The owners of the foreign car "Renault Megan 2" at least once in their lives had a question about the device and the connection of the media system. The design can be completed with additional equipment in the form of a GPS navigator, USB port, touch screen. In order to avoid problems with each of these options, you need to know how the Renault Megan 2 head unit is connected correctly. In the article we will analyze the configuration of the media system, its advantages and disadvantages. We will also find out how to properly dismantle and install the radio in place.

Composition of the media system

Head unit "Renault Megan 2"
Head unit "Renault Megan 2"

The developer of the head unit "Renault Megane 2" equipped with a head unit and pairs of speakers. The head unit contains the functions of a CD MP3 player, and is also endowed with a CD changer with an MP3 option. The audio system becomes an organic part of the cabin interior. The system also works successfully when the ignition is turned off for 20 minutes, then it automatically turns off.

The design was created stylistically interesting, fitting into the saloninterior, and does not create problems in use. Drivers speak well of the sound performance.

What are the benefits?

Radio code "Renault Megan 2"
Radio code "Renault Megan 2"

One of the main advantages of the Renault Megan 2 radio can be considered the presence of a Bluetooth function with synchronization to a mobile device. What else experts say good:

  1. There is an Internet browser in the collection of useful options. After a certain setting, the driver can immediately get to the page he is interested in.
  2. Convenient location of the microphone on the front panel.
  3. Navigation makes the radio "Renault Megan 2" more justified. In alliance with the global network, this option will report traffic jams. This is a great way to save time.
  4. The radio receiver is an integral companion of the motorist. The frequency switches in the order of radio stations stored by the owner of the car. You can adjust bass and treble.
  5. The "Picture to Picture" function allows you to use the radio and another option of the device at the same time.

Easily connected TV tuner and built-in DVR powered by front view camera, and here you will not find distorted pictures. The color of the keyboard backlight can be changed. The remote is sold as a set. Some motorists, when importing a foreign car from Europe, cannot use the Renault Megan 2 radio because they do not know its encoding.

About media system codes

The device can be blocked for a simple reason - changing the battery. In this case, oftenthe car owner finds himself in a situation where the specified code for the Renault Megan 2 radio in the manual does not work. What to do? In this situation, the best solution would be to use the unlock generator, for example, by going to the Renault-Drive.ru website.

The code can be obtained by following these steps:

  1. First, you need to get the system working. To do this, you need to turn it on.
  2. Simultaneously holding keys 1 and 6 for a couple of seconds will help you get a pre-code, which will be denoted by "pre-code". It must be written down and then entered. If you have a different type of car radio, and this method did not work, you can try to remove the device. How to do it?

Competent removal of car radio Renault Megane II

Installing a radio on a Renault Megane
Installing a radio on a Renault Megane

The procedure requires the use of special equipment. When carrying out the technique in the garage, motorists use three-millimeter knitting needles, they need to take 4 pieces. In length, they should be at least 100 mm. An excellent tool is the usual rods from a ballpoint pen, inserted into the holes at the four corners of the equipment. This is done on the back side. This will release the latches. You need to pull the rods and pull out the structure. What does a car enthusiast need to be prepared for?

Some problems

Android 8.0 - head unit system "Renault Megan 2"
Android 8.0 - head unit system "Renault Megan 2"

All versions of the products of the French manufacturer have difficulties with the operation of media equipment on frosty days. There are so-called "glitches", or even a tape recorderrefuses to make pleasant sounds of favorite tracks. It is possible to resume the normal connection of the Renault Megan 2 radio by disconnecting the battery temporarily, for a few seconds. Further, after entering the code, the unit will work again. The main thing is to prevent a failure in the electronics, otherwise the doors may jam. It is better to entrust the work to professionals. Sometimes the system behaves strangely, but when the dipped beam is turned on again, it is in order.

As a weak point, problems with the USB port are noted. To return it “to service”, you need to clean its walls with alcohol and a cotton swab. Once a year, such a “puzzle wash” will have a positive effect on its functionality.

If a fixture has to be replaced, how is it done correctly?

About installing the car radio on the "Frenchman"

Radio set panel "Renault Megan 2"
Radio set panel "Renault Megan 2"

The main task is not to make mistakes when installing and unlocking the radio. Initially, the owner of the car will have to remove the front panel with a knife or screwdriver. When removing the case, disconnecting the bus, the main thing is to connect everything you need to the case. The bus contains wiring valuable for GPS or USB functionality. Next, the installation of the radio "Renault Megan 2" is carried out in the reverse order.

There is one peculiarity: hatchbacks do not have regular places to place speakers. In connection with this scheme, four speakers built into the doors work. When installing a new audio system, with the correct connection, it will not function. In this way, the designers prevented the possibility of using stolen acoustics. Here again you need to enter the code. In the store, when buying, the seller is obliged to attach a service booklet to the equipment, it usually contains decoding.

Many owners of the French "swallow" cope with the replacement on their own. With insufficient experience, you should not indulge yourself with the illusion of ease of work - it is better to trust the masters.

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