Steering rack "Renault Megan-2": features, device. Replacing the steering rack "Renault Megan-2"

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Steering rack "Renault Megan-2": features, device. Replacing the steering rack "Renault Megan-2"
Steering rack "Renault Megan-2": features, device. Replacing the steering rack "Renault Megan-2"

Steering is a combination of the mechanisms by which the car moves in the direction given by the driver. The pressure from the steering gear goes to the steering gear, which ensures that the front wheels turn in the desired direction.

Disturbance in the operation of at least one of these nodes can lead to an accident on the road.

What is a steering rack

Cars "Renault Megan-2" have a steering with a rack and pinion mechanism and a steering column, the angle of which can be adjusted. Cars were produced with both hydro and electric power steering.

The control wheel is mounted on the splines of the steering shaft with a self-locking nut and equipped with an airbag module.

The steering shaft consists of upper, middle and lower sections. The middle one is non-separable, with two cardan joints at the ends.

steering rack renault megane 2 price
steering rack renault megane 2 price

Renault steering rackMegan-2 transmits an impulse to the wheels and provides control of the car. In good condition, it does not make any sounds, and the force from the steering wheel transmits without delay.

In the event that a knock occurs in this unit, especially on bumps, and kickback to the steering wheel, which does not return to its original position after turning, the car is sent for repair, as there is a malfunction in the rack.

Steering rack components

The steering rack "Renault Megan-2" consists of:

  • the rack itself (shaft with teeth), to which the tie rods and tips are screwed;
  • shaft connected to the electric power steering cardan;
  • needle and ball bearings;
  • adjusting cracker;
  • nuts for attaching crackers;
  • bushings.

According to the reviews of the owners of "Renault Megan-2", self-repair of the steering rack is a rather time-consuming process: removal alone can take an hour. And the most capricious part - the sleeve - often breaks during dismantling and creates additional problems.

renault megane steering rack
renault megane steering rack

Yes, and the steering rack repair kit for Renault Megan-2 is not provided. You have to select similar parts from other cars.

Renault Megan 2 steering rack repair
Renault Megan 2 steering rack repair

Common problems

The most common symptoms of a broken steering rack are:

  1. A puddle of oil, especially after a long stay. This is a sign of damaged seals. This happens when the steering bootrack is damaged or incorrectly installed. As a result, dirt and water get on the stem. In this case, it will be enough to replace the seals, bushings and o-rings.
  2. Luft. Most often, the appearance of play is associated with a malfunction of the steering cross, but there may be other reasons. Therefore, it is recommended first of all to diagnose the entire assembly, identify malfunctions, replace worn-out parts and carry out adjustments on a special stand.
  3. Knocking in the steering rack. It appears if the sliding bushings, clamping mechanism or anther are worn out. Here you will need diagnostics and testing at the stand, followed by the replacement of parts.

How to tighten the rail

Before starting the laborious process of repair and replacement, it is worth trying to tighten the Renault Megan-2 steering rack. This job will require skill and several extensions for a 12 wrench. For greater convenience, it is worth passing it over the subframe. Do not overtighten the adjusting bolt, as the steering wheel will have to be turned with additional effort.

  1. Put the car on a lift.
  2. Removing protection.
  3. Feel the location of the adjusting bolt.
  4. Slowly turn the bolt with the key.
  5. Periodically rotate the steering wheel in different directions, thereby checking for extraneous sounds in the operation of the rack.
  6. We finish tightening the bolt when the sounds disappear when turning the steering wheel.

In a situation where adjusting the bolts does not eliminate knocking, you should resort to repair orcomplete replacement. In the absence of a repair kit, the service station offers to completely replace the assembly, respectively, the price of the steering rack "Renault Megan-2" will be several times more than the independent replacement of its worn-out elements.


To get to this node, you need to remove the right wheel and subframe, unscrew the nut on the steering tip to remove it. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and remove the rack boot clamps. Unscrew the locknut of the tip and the tip itself. Remove duster. Unscrew the rods.

Remove the rail from the car and clamp it in a vise.

Disassembly plan

You need to disassemble the steering rack in stages. To better understand the sequence in which it is necessary to dismantle the elements, below is a schematic drawing of the Renault Megan-2 steering rack.

Renault Megan 2 steering rack drawing
Renault Megan 2 steering rack drawing
  1. We screw the self-tapping screw directly into the oil seal on the steering shaft by no more than 1 cm and use the pliers to remove this oil seal. Then we take out the self-tapping screw from the gland.
  2. Remove the retaining ring using a special puller.
  3. Fix the steering shaft in a vise and, lightly tapping on the rack housing, remove it together with the bearing.
  4. Remove the sleeve by prying it with a screwdriver and also lightly tapping on the rail.
  5. Unscrew the cracker nut and remove it.
  6. All removed parts must be thoroughly rinsed.

There is another bearing in the steering rack that is difficult to remove. Some craftsmen knock it out with 10" bolts.and 13". But there are those who separately take out the needles and pieces of the body, and knock out the outer clip by drilling the rail from the back. In any case, it will have to be changed.

The disassembled rail is degreased, treated with cold welding and left to dry completely for 6 hours. Rags or paper are placed in the bearing seat so that welding does not get there.

After thorough drying, the rail is wiped again.

The bearing on the steering shaft has a retaining ring. It is disposable: once removed, it cannot be reinstalled. So you can cut it with a jigsaw and remove it with narrow nose pliers. The bearing is also dismantled permanently (you can use a hammer).


A new bearing is pressed onto the steering shaft, a retaining ring is put on. For now, this design can be put aside. The rail is assembled in several stages:

  1. The bushing is carefully installed on the rail on the right and filled with grease.
  2. The shaft is inserted into the sleeve. Here you have to make an effort.
  3. The shaft is then centered and lubricated.
  4. A needle bearing is put on its free end.
  5. Turn the shaft to the correct position relative to the rack and carefully hammer it into the body.
  6. The left side of the shaft is pulled with a nut.
  7. Unscrewing the rail alternately to the right and left, lubricate the place where the shaft is pressed with breadcrumbs.
  8. Install the nut, spring and cracker.
  9. Put on retaining ring and oil seal.
steering rack renault megane 2
steering rack renault megane 2


The process of adjusting the operation of the repaired rail is also suitable for diagnostics:

  1. Tighten the cracker nut until it stops, and then turn it 180o.
  2. Turn the rail to the right, and pull the shaft away from it.
  3. Turn the rail to the left and repeat the procedure with the shaft.
  4. We center the rail. And again we pull the shaft in different directions.

At each of these points, the shaft must maintain its position relative to the rail, but rotate. Repair of the steering rack "Renault Megan-2" is completed. Now we fasten the traction and install it on the car. The whole process takes an average of 3 hours.

Renault Megan 2 steering rack repair
Renault Megan 2 steering rack repair

After replacing the steering rack "Renault Megan-2" you need to carry out alignment. Otherwise, all the work done will be in vain.

How to reduce repair costs

Adhering to simple rules, you can prevent serious damage to the steering column and reduce the cost of buying spare parts.

renault megane 2 steering rack replacement
renault megane 2 steering rack replacement
  1. If the car is equipped with hydraulic power steering, it is worth at least once a month to check the color of the hydraulic fluid (it must be transparent) and replace it in a timely manner. The black color of this liquid indicates that the pump will soon fail, and with it the entire steering rack. Unfortunately, the power steering system does not have a fine filter. Accordingly, various particles that pollute it can get into the liquid, and the rail bodyact as a figurative.
  2. Periodically inspect the anthers, especially after repairing the front suspension. They must not be twisted, cracked or torn. If they have defects, albeit small ones, it is worth replacing the anthers.
  3. In the event of a rumbling sound or knocking when turning the steering wheel, you should immediately start diagnosing and then repairing the Renault Megan-2 steering rack.
  4. Due to long-term operation, there is a risk of airing the power steering system. You can remove air from the system by turning the steering wheel 5 times from one side to the other until it stops. If this does not help, then the service station specialists will pump the system with high pressure.
  5. If there is a sound from the rotation of the steering wheel during parking, you need to inspect the drive shafts, CV joint anthers, thrust bearing, external and internal joints.