Mounting engine protection "Priory"
Mounting engine protection "Priory"

New domestic cars significantly exceed the previous, old-fashioned AvtoVAZ models in terms of quality and design. High wear resistance and excellent cross-country ability make them popular in today's automotive market.

Every car needs special care. Motorists must take care of the integrity of the components, and especially the safety of the engine. Potholes, holes and stones can destroy the motor. To prevent this from happening, take care of the protection of the Priora engine. In our article, we will study the purpose for which this is done, consider the types of protection and its installation.

What do you need

Engine protection "Lada Priora"
Engine protection "Lada Priora"

In addition to protecting the engine from mechanical damage, they also prevent the car from being stolen by making it difficult to access the wiring. When breaking into a car, criminals bite the wire that goes from the battery to the alarm, and it is located near the bottom. With well-chosen protection, this will be problematic.

Where is the crankcase protection?

Where is the crankcase protection
Where is the crankcase protection

Its location is probably known to everyone. Priory engine protection is mounted under the bottom of the car engine and is designed to ensure its safety. For many foreign car brands, factory protection is installed on the entire bottom. That is, it starts to go from the motor and ends only in the rear, protecting both the gearbox with the cardan shaft and the gearbox. In case of mechanical damage, the protection takes all the force of the blow and thereby deforms.

Priory engine protection: highlights

Such shields are pallet sheets that are mounted on the bottom of the machine, directly under the engine, so that the crankcase ventilation is open. Considering the state of domestic roads, it is important to take care of mounting the protection of the Priory engine, since otherwise the wear of the power unit will occur much faster. Therefore, many manufacturers make shields for cars from metal alloys.

This part is mounted using special fasteners. The shields do not need to be removed to change the oil, because the protection device must have special holes with plugs.

Rules for selecting motor protection

Protection of the engine crankcase "Priora"
Protection of the engine crankcase "Priora"

The modern market for automotive accessories is overflowing with low-cost options for protective shields. You can find samples of steel, stainless steel and composite materials. Such products have both disadvantages and advantages.

Carbon composite protectioncrankcase "Priora" is considered the most practical and reliable due to its high strength, lightness and resistance to aggressive substances. The main disadvantage of such shields is their high cost.

The most affordable option is to protect the VAZ "Priory" engine, which is made of steel. Such shields perfectly resist repeated blows, but they have a decent weight. The price of such products is low. The protective structure made of stainless steel is comparable in cost to parts made of aluminum alloy. Factory protection, which is installed on a domestic car, is most often made of durable plastic. Of course, such an accessory will not be able to fully protect against a strong blow. In addition, plastic fragments can deform cooling system hoses, wiring, etc.

The most important requirement for the mechanical properties of the shields is that the protection must take over and extinguish the high impact energy, which is directed directly to the engine. In addition, it should not itself be intensively deformed and not allow the car body to bend. The calculated rigidity of the shields for protecting the engine should be such that it is deformed by any impact only on the size of the space between itself and the engine. On average, this figure should not exceed 3 cm.

Besides a certain rigidity, the protection of the Priory engine must have strength, which would allow avoiding damage to the engine crankcase when hitting any obstacles. And one more important requirement is the mass of engine protection. Shield weightshould not overload the front axle of the car, but also be sufficient to ensure high strength. The optimal weight today is considered to be from 7 to 15 kg.

When should the crankcase protection be changed?

Changing the crankcase protection is necessary when severe deformation, due to which the next impact can damage the lower part of the engine of your car. After such consequences, it makes no sense to operate the car, because the engine will completely fail in just 10-15 minutes.

Protection installation process

Installation of engine protection "Lada Priora"
Installation of engine protection "Lada Priora"

Let's consider in more detail the process of mounting the motor protection. In fact, the cost of installing protection is low - from 1000 rubles. If you contact the specialists of a service station, then be sure that the installation of protection on your car will be done efficiently and in a short time. You will only have to choose which engine protection you would like for your car.

You can also install the Lada Priory engine protection yourself. To do this, you need to put the car on a viewing hole or on a car lift. From the tools you will need a set of socket heads, a torque wrench, graphite or other similar lubricant. It is quite possible to install engine protection on your own, without involving a large number of workers. The duration of the process of attaching this part is 30 minutes.

Motor protection "Priory"
Motor protection "Priory"


  1. Dismantle regularboot.
  2. Remove the nuts and bolts from the rear suspension arms.
  3. Remove the front bolts of the brackets that secure the braces.
  4. Place the back of the guard over the rear arm bolts.
  5. In front, attach the protection to the standard bracket mounting bolts.
  6. Tighten the connecting threads firmly.

Protection is set at four points. Please note that the fastening of shields made of different materials may vary. Experts recommend opting for those options that have reliable fasteners. Incorrectly executed Priory engine protection reduces the safety of car operation, in particular, interfering with other body elements.