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Car alarm "Sherkhan" - exclusive protection for your car

Car alarm "Sherkhan" - exclusive protection for your car
Car alarm "Sherkhan" - exclusive protection for your car

Two-way car alarms are very popular among car enthusiasts today. In terms of cost, they practically do not differ from one-sided counterparts, but they have much more functionality. Modern two-way car alarms have a full arsenal of options for digital radio pagers, and even surpass them both in terms of security, information content and range.

car alarm sherkhan

One of the most popular models of the new generation is the Sherkhan car alarm (SCHER-KHAN). This flawless device works perfectly with the original equipment of the car.

guarding the car

Reliable guards

Multifunctional protection system - car alarm "Sherkhan" perfectly protects all commands transmitted by the key fob and minimizes the possibility of their interception or selection of a code combination by car thieves. The unique principle of MAGIC CODE ™ PRO ("floating" code), developed byspecially for Sherkhan, is a system of reliable coding of transmitted information. The main advantages of such a system are the cryptographic strength of the signal, operation at a distance of up to 1500 meters and stability.


Car alarm "Sherkhan" is equipped with a reliable feedback system, which provides convenient and easy control of the car security system. Keychain with a large LCD display with a clear image is equipped with a programmable auto-start engine. It can be easily connected to the key fob of the standard security system, which makes the alarm reliable and easy to manage.

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The main feature of the new generation signaling principle is the double conversion system.

That is, the signal goes on the air only after double coding and distortion, then the code is decrypted. The Sherkhan car alarm responds sensitively to influences, but at the same time it is very resistant to interference and air pollution, which prevents false alarms. The function of disarming the household unit using the PIN code on the key fob is convenient.

Maximum convenience

For the harsh Russian conditions, the option of programming the automatic start of the engine for a certain time is simply indispensable. This system works flawlessly with engines of all types and starts the car according to your order at the required time.

car alarm sherkhan 9

Level Up

Car alarm "Sherkhan-9" is a fundamentally newa security system that differs from previously produced "beepers" that react to any touch or work only when the door is opened. This highly intelligent electronic device is protected from most false influences. And the range is just a record, up to 2 km.

An alarm coding system protects against intelligent hacking. She remembers the codes of three key fobs, synchronizes them, and displays the data on the main key fob communicator.

A drop of tar

The Sherkhan car alarm, reviews of which are very flattering, still has one minus. Users are not satisfied with the large size of the key fob. The value can be explained by the fact that to use a powerful security system, you need a significant power source, a powerful antenna and an enlarged LCD screen, as well as a vibration device that notifies you of the car alarm. The electrical circuit also occupies a significant place inside the case.

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