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Kawasaki ZZR 600: Everyday sports touring

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Kawasaki ZZR 600: Everyday sports touring
Kawasaki ZZR 600: Everyday sports touring

Often when considering options for choosing a motorcycle, especially the first one, a novice rider wants to get the maximum impressions and opportunities from a new purchase. There is an irresistible desire to immediately saddle the bike and rush off into the sunset to the ends of the world. However, often the financial side of the issue makes its own adjustments and somewhat sobers up the excited spirit of the newly minted motorcyclist. It is logical that many, as the first two-wheeled transport, instead of top-end ultra-modern and high-tech iron horses, are considering options among the offers of the secondary market, time-tested motorcycles that have earned recognition among motorists around the world. We will consider one of these in more detail.

zzr 600 specifications

Kawasaki-ZZR-600 is a motorcycle that has faithfully served several generations of riders. It has been produced in various variations since 1989. This alone indicates that the bike turned out to be very successful. Kawasaki ZZR 600 is a representative of the sporttourist motorcycle class. Sportscomponent finds its expression in the fact that the model can accelerate to a hundred kilometers per hour in just four seconds.

Tourist qualities are presented in the form of a more comfortable fit than on "sports", a wide and softer seat, which is convenient for both the driver and the second number. In addition, it is possible to install a saddlebag system, which significantly adds to the carrying capacity, which is so necessary on a long journey. This motorcycle allows you to quickly and comfortably cover up to 500 kilometers per day on acceptable road conditions.

kawasaki zzr 600


ZZR 600 looks quite simple, but tasteful - laconic design, sporty style, double or single exhaust pipe. The driver's back remains straight when driving, which helps not to get tired during long hauls. The quality of workmanship and assembly of components and assemblies, as well as plastic lining elements, is at a height, which is not surprising for motorcycles of famous Japanese motorcycle manufacturers.

ZZR 600 landing


From standstill to a hundred kilometers, the bike accelerates in four seconds. The declared maximum speed is two hundred and fifty kilometers per hour, and it is given to the motorcycle without any problems. A comfortable speed for long trips, the so-called cruiser, is about one hundred and forty, one hundred and fifty kilometers per hour. When driving in this mode, the flow of incoming air does not cause problems for the driver, the wind protection works perfectly, and the bike's handling gives fulltraffic control.

The power unit of the motorcycle develops about a hundred horsepower, when measured from the wheel, which gives good dynamics and confidence when changing lanes and overtaking, even when driving in extreme gear. The performance of the ZZR 600 is fairly well balanced, the weight does not seem excessive, the braking system is sufficient for most trips, although if you drive for a long time in active modes, reinforced brake lines can be recommended.


The bike's engine is unpretentious, reliable and fairly easy to maintain and operate, but requires attention to the quality and level of engine oil. When inspecting a motorcycle planned for purchase from the secondary market, special attention should be paid to extraneous sounds and metallic noises. In addition, the mechanism of the coolant pump requires a thorough inspection and troubleshooting: motorcycles of early model years had problems with the bearings of this assembly, over time the pump jammed and antifreeze began to flow into the crankcase and the cylinder-piston group of the engine, if this malfunction was left unattended, repair of the power unit can result in a pretty tidy sum.


There is an opinion that the ZZR 600 gearbox is not famous for its special reliability, in particular, there are frequent problems with the departure, or difficult engagement of the second gear. It should be noted that such rumors are not unfounded. However, difficulties with the gearbox can only arise if the ZZR 600 instruction manual is neglected, in whichit is quite specifically stated that it is allowed to work with the box when switching lower gears only if the crankshaft speed is not higher than the value of five thousand units.

kawasaki zzr 600


ZZR 600 is perfect for riders for everyday use in urban environments, as well as for long motorcycle trips in sport riding mode where the roads have a quality surface, for example, in the European part of the planet. Despite the rather respectable age, the bike will easily, quickly and comfortably move you and your passenger, as well as all your luggage along the planned travel route, or become an unpretentious and convenient vehicle for every day in city traffic.

The motorcycle will serve you faithfully for more than one season, especially if you pay due attention to the maintenance of components and assemblies, do not delay changing process fluids and engine oil, and do not shoot gears too violently when accelerating from a traffic light.

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