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Touring motorcycles. Characteristics of motorcycles. The best touring bikes

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Touring motorcycles. Characteristics of motorcycles. The best touring bikes
Touring motorcycles. Characteristics of motorcycles. The best touring bikes

Two-wheeled transport allows you to make long journeys. Modern touring motorcycles make it possible to do this easily and comfortably. Now a new type of tourism is emerging and developing - motorcycle travel.


touring motorcycles

Even during the Soviet Union, car tourism began to emerge in our country, even cards for car tourism began to be issued. At present, its fans are already much larger, and the number of interesting places has not decreased. Therefore, not only auto-, but also motorcycle tourism is gaining popularity.

Some people who are far from motorcycles, at first glance, it will seem that long journeys on a motorcycle are not entirely comfortable and convenient. But modern technology has gone far ahead, which is why such a judgment is not true. Almost all motorcycle manufacturers present tourist models.

General characteristics of motorcycles for tourism. Brief tour

Tourist motorcycles are distinguished by a quite comfortable fit not only for the driver, but also for the passenger. All models are equipped with comfortable trunks. If aconsider motorcycles, it is worth noting that it was the tourist models that adopted modern systems from cars. The motors on them are large, powerful, so that they are able to carry a lot of weight at high speed. Models are equipped with music, a modern audio system is installed on them. Many new items have, like cars, a navigation system designed specifically for motorcycles.

sports touring motorcycles

The average weight of a touring motorcycle is about half a ton. In addition to the most powerful engine and additional systems, all models have a capacious fuel tank. The best touring motorcycles allow you to travel to such remote places where gas stations are rare. For the convenience of motorcycle enthusiasts, special clothing has been developed that protects against wind and rain. It makes everyone feel comfortable on the road.

Tourist motorcycles are suitable not only for traveling, many operate them in urban areas. With current traffic jams, they are very convenient for moving on tight roads.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular models.


This model is designed for those who prefer to get adrenaline, love the fierce wind and appreciate the spirit of true freedom. A modern tourer is a ship designed for unforgettable long journeys. For comfortable use, it is equipped with a capacious fuel tank. Seats often have not only backs, but also armrests. Low-beam powerful motorscapable of pulling a motorcycle for a long time. The wide windshield protects from the wind. In addition, the model is equipped with all kinds of trunks, wardrobe trunks, bags, as well as an audio system. Some expensive models have airbags and air conditioning.

motorcycle characteristics

Sports touring motorcycles allow not only to plunge into the world of emotions received from adventures, travel, but also to feel like a pilot of a high-speed sports bike. The sports tourer, having a pumped engine, despite its impressive size (it weighs four hundred kilograms), will take you at high speed to anywhere in the world.

BMW Touring Motorcycles

Among the manufacturers of motorcycles, of course, the German BMW occupies a leading position. These motorcycles can be said to have a certain personality, and this also applies to the famous BMW R1200GS model. In the tourist enduro branch, it has become the standard. With a long history, BMW never ceases to amaze us to this day. Despite 32 years of production experience, the bike serves as an example of the inheritance of the best qualities for the entire class, it can be called the ideal and standard of perfection of this type of motorcycle.

BMW R1200GS is an example of German quality

Practice has proven that the BMW R1200GS is practical, reliable, hardy, has the well-known German hardening. Manufacturers do not stand still, as a result - an improved BMW model.

touring motorcycles bmw

Although the changes that have been made to the BMW R1200GS are significant,after all, they did not affect the recognition of the model, or rather, they made the bike more modern. Dimensions of high-quality enduro: length - 2210 mm, width - 953 mm; height - 1450 mm.

The appearance of the vehicle. Practicality

The appearance of the bike is impressive. Harmonious clear lines give the model more confidence and dynamics. The front wheel is located closer to the engine, the fork is long and stretchy. On the sharp front is the dashboard and steering wheel. This arrangement may seem strange, but apparently this is the peculiarity of the model.

Like many touring bikes, this bike lives up to its mission. He is able to overcome the most difficult road obstacles, attack any terrain.

The above-described structure of the BMW R1200GS allows the driver to feel all the features of the road, it is due to this that handling is increased. The bike is able to respond to vibrations of the steering rider. For safety, the motorcycle is equipped with a rigid frame, Paralever or Telelever suspensions.


The characteristics of BMW motorcycles meet the highest standards and fully justify the well-known name. This also applies to the GS model. It is important to mention the motor. He positioned himself in plain sight. His strength is 125 "horses".

The low weight of the bike (with a full tank it is equal to 238 kg) supports the power output. Enduro conquers any road with ease, overcoming all obstacles.

This model is preferred by a wide range of enthusiasts of motorcycles for tourism. Body can varycolors, additional options also allow you to change the appearance, make it special, attractive. The BMW R1200GS also has a sporty feel to it, so don't forget that the bike is just crazy fast.


Triumph, a popular company in Britain, has released two versions of the new Triumph Trophy touring motorbikes. Both motorcycles are worthy of close attention, they confidently decided to win the hearts of luxury tourists. Motorcycle enthusiasts were simply blown away by these touring motorcycles. The photo proves the unusual appearance. Someone dubbed the model a bull, someone - a cockroach. In any case, the new bike is different from its predecessors.

The new Triumph Trophy has a three-cylinder cardan-driven engine. Power - 134 horsepower at 8900 rpm. The length of the bike is 2235 mm, the height is 820 mm. Dry weight 301 kg, 26 liter gas tank.

tourist motorcycles photo

The company has developed two versions of Triumph Trophy: Trophy and Trophy SE. Both models are packed with state-of-the-art electronics to make traveling comfortable. The motorcycles are equipped with a center stand, a head light corrector, an adjustable driver's seat, a front glove compartment, a 12V socket, a unique Triumph - Dynamic Luggage System (it automatically balances the chassis).

And that's not all. Ride by wire technologies effectively use cruise control, traction control, save fuel by optimizing engine performance. Windshield adjustableelectric drive. After starting the engine, it will automatically adjust to the set altitude.

best touring bikes

SE model features a powerful audio system, Bluetooth technology, USB socket and iPod/MP3 support.

Trophy SE has an advanced WP suspension (electronic adjustment). The control panel is located directly on the steering wheel. Available modes "Comfort", "Normal", "Sport". In addition, this model is equipped with tire pressure monitoring.

Good luck on the road!

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