Car brake band replacement process
Car brake band replacement process

The automatic transmission is designed to make life easier for the driver. She shifts gears on her own. However, the stability of functioning lies in the serviceability of all components of this mechanism, which, in particular, include the automobile brake band.

Structure of the ribbon

To understand how a small tape has such a strong holding power, you need to understand its structure. The automatic transmission brake band consists of a large number of bands, which are highly elastic and flexible. They consist of a flexible, but at the same time reliable and durable metal alloy. The inside of the belt is coated with a special friction material.

brake band
brake band

Purpose of the brake band

The main purpose of this automatic transmission element is to provide clutch from one to three sets of gears. The coupling is carried out due to the fact that the tape slowly rotates around the drum, and it, in turn, is connected to the tape itself.

The benefits of the main tape include:

  • strong holding power;
  • mitigation of shocks and shocks when shifting gears;
  • possibility of use for blocking the rotating parts of the planetary gear set of the automatic transmission on its body.

Brake Band Adjustment

To the processes included in the maintenance of the car (for example, changing or topping up car oil or repairing an automatic transmission), the adjustment of the brake band is also included. Like other car parts and mechanisms, the tape tends to wear out.

Due to wear and tear, problems may arise during the operation of the vehicle. Adjustment is carried out using torque wrenches, they need to tighten the bolts that are responsible for the belt tension. Fasteners can be located both inside the automatic transmission and on the outside of the automatic transmission housing.

brake band adjustment
brake band adjustment

Signs of brake band wear

The main sign that the brake band has worn out and needs to be replaced is that the car can move forward, but reverse does not work. In addition to the wear of the friction lining of the belt, the cause may be a breakdown of the piston rod. To fix the problem, either the stem or the brake band must be replaced.

In addition, an indirect sign may be jolts and jerks that occur when trying to switch from first to second gear.

Replacing the ribbon

As mentioned earlier, when the belt is worn, it must be replaced. Replace brake bandevery motorist who is more or less familiar with the device of the car can. We will now explain how to do this.

So, to replace the brake band, you will need the following set of tools:

  • Heads for 10, 14 and 19.
  • Sealant.

The replacement process begins with the dismantling of the motor protection, fender liner and driver's wheel. After that, it is worth removing the air filter and housing by using a 10 head. With a 14 head, a bolt is removed to adjust the automatic transmission. A jack is installed under the power unit, and the automatic transmission cushion is unscrewed with a head of 19 (the bolt located on top of the structure is dismantled).

brake band replacement
brake band replacement

This will allow you to get close to the box containing the tape. Next, the bolts are unscrewed from the cover by 10, and it is pushed inward. This will allow you to peel off the cover, which is held on by the sealant. After that, a little car oil will flow out. A new one is installed in place of the old tape, and the cover is lubricated with a thin layer of hermetic glue. The assembly process is carried out in the reverse order of disassembly.

Varieties of brake bands

There are currently three main types of brake bands:

  • LAT-2: the main purpose of such a tape is to operate under conditions of high pressure and a sufficiently high friction temperature. Such tapes are equipped with reinforced brass wire. Brake bands LAT-2 are operated in countries where the tropical type of climate prevails.
  • EM-K:a brake band is used in friction and brake units at a relatively average pressure and temperature not exceeding 250 degrees Celsius. The tape in its composition has brass shavings. The main advantage of such a tape is its high elasticity. The use of shavings allows the tape to be applied on uneven friction surfaces.
  • EM-1: a tape that is used in different climatic conditions. Ideal for operation in Russia. Has an average wear resistance resource.

Experts recommend using LAT-2 type tape, it has a high wear life and can be used in quite difficult conditions. Therefore, when choosing a ribbon, you should pay close attention to this variety.

brake tape lat 2
brake tape lat 2

How can I tell a fake brake band from a genuine one?

Currently, in the auto parts market, along with original parts, you can find a huge number of fake ones. To recognize a fake, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. External state of the package. If the package contains unevenly pasted stickers, as well as it has scuffs and dirt, then with a probability of 70 percent there is a fake part inside.
  2. External state of the part. It must be free of wear and tear. All components must be symmetrical and even.
  3. Presence of markings. Both the box and the part itself must contain the logo of the manufacturer, as well as serial andarticulation part number. If they are not there, or if the package number and part number do not match, then it is fake.
  4. Price. An original, high-quality part cannot be cheap.
replace brake band
replace brake band

If, for example, the seller tries to sell the original brake band for 1500-2000 rubles, then there is definitely a fake in the box. The original, high-quality LAT-2 brake band costs about 7-8 thousand rubles. However, it is not worth saving on a purchase, because once you buy a tape, you can forget about a number of problems associated with the operation of a car that is equipped with an automatic transmission.

What is the danger of using counterfeit parts?

Fake parts are not able to provide high reliability in operation. In some cases, the operation of counterfeit spare parts leads to unnecessary financial costs, while in others it endangers the life and he alth of the driver and passengers. Systems that require the installation of high-quality and reliable parts include the following components and mechanisms:

  • brake;
  • fuel;
  • engine.

Don't try to save money when buying parts designed to be installed in the above parts assemblies. Counterfeit spare parts can lead to more serious damage, and they will also become a threat to the life and he alth of the driver and passengers of the vehicle.

nissan brake band
nissan brake band


Summarizing the above, it is worth noting that the brake bandcar - this is quite an important element that plays an important role in the functioning of an automatic transmission. At the moment, there is a huge selection of brake bands. For "Nissan", "Opel", "Volkswagen" and even domestic car brands, you can easily and quickly pick up this spare part at a moderate cost.

Replacing the brake band yourself is a fairly easy task, especially for those motorists who have an idea about the structure of an automatic transmission. It is worth noting that if there is no self-confidence, then you should not try to change the brake band yourself, it is better to contact specialists.

friction brake tape
friction brake tape

When choosing a brake band, you must beware of fakes. To distinguish a fake, you should pay attention to the country of origin of the tape, the external condition of the box and the part itself, as well as the presence of markings and an articulation number. It should be understood that a LAT-2 class tape costs at least 7 thousand rubles. Therefore, the LAT-2 tape worth 2-3 thousand rubles is fake and should not be purchased.

Brake band is a rather important element in the automatic transmission of a car. The smooth functioning of the automatic transmission depends on its technical characteristics. If you use a worn or fake tape, you can "run into" more serious damage, which can lead to a complete replacement of the car's automatic transmission.

Specialistsrecommend the use of LAT-2 type tapes, their properties allow them to be used in extreme operating conditions.