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Brake stand for cars. Stand brake system
Brake stand for cars. Stand brake system

How to check the brakes of a car? In order to analyze the state of the brake system, 2 methods are used - road and bench. In our article we will talk about the bench method. The bench method controls the following parameters:

  • relative unevenness coefficient;
  • total specific braking force;
  • Asynchronous actuation of the drive.

Today, in the world of modern technology, there are quite a lot of varieties of brake system stands. Consider the main ones.


The brake tester for passenger cars is a device placed at the service station, the main purpose of which is to check the effectiveness of the system. The performance of the equipment is aimed at simulating an asph alt surface, on which all the necessary readings will be taken when the vehicle brakes.

stand brake

The brake system stand can take the form of both stand-alone equipment and be part of a common diagnostic system. This equipment is applicable for passenger vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons.

What is it?

Brake stand isa kind of platform, which is located almost at floor level in a car repair shop. The mechanical part is placed under it. The display with the required test readings is a visible part of the equipment.

How does it work?

Passenger vehicles with the first pair of wheels drive onto special rollers that imitate the road surface.

brake system stand

The rollers are directly proportional to the electric monitor and sensors that record the necessary readings:

1. Force-measuring force.

2. RPM.

3. Braking torque readings.

The indicated readings are read and analyzed by a specialist, as a result of which certain conclusions are drawn. In addition, there is equipment in the memory of which optimal braking distances are provided. In this case, the sensor display will display data that correspond to the specified indicators. The operation of the sensors is based on hydraulics, it is checked by the following method: brake fluid or oil with a low viscosity index is poured into it. A reduced viscosity index is necessary in order for the equipment to work with minimal deviations at sub-zero temperatures. It should be noted that the error fluctuations can be about 3%, and the rotation speed of the rollers is not more than 10%.

As mentioned earlier, the car runs over the wheels on the brake stand, due to which the engine starts rotating the rollers. As a result of this action, the wheels begin to rotate, which simulates the movement of a car on a normal road. Throughthe gas pedal is pressed for a while, and the car starts to stop. It is this reactive moment of force that is recorded by the sensors. In this case, each pair of wheels transmits its signal to the sensor. Further, the operator analyzes the signals and determines the uniformity of braking by each wheel.


Of course, there are certain tolerances for each wheel.

stand for turning brake discs

They must be taken into account by the operator. If they go beyond all the necessary norms, the system instantly notifies about this fact. Similarly, the analysis of the braking distance of the next pair of wheels is carried out. For all-wheel drive cars, there are other stands that take into account wheel speeds in different directions. It is worth noting that the brake stand is capable of measuring the braking distance not only by the foot method, but also by hand.

Some types of stands provide for determining the force of pressing the pedal. In this case, the information will be displayed on the monitor in the form of graphic drawings. Since the equipment is quite serious and it is intended mainly for service stations and serious enterprises, then its cost is appropriate. The price for a brake stand ranges from 500 thousand rubles. up to 900 thousand rubles It all depends on the country of manufacture and the technical capabilities of the stand.

Roller brake testers

Provide the opportunity to obtain the most accurate data on the operation of these systems.

roller brake testers

When testing a car on roller stands, it is carried outexamination of the entire braking surface of the wheel.


  • security. This is due to the fact that during testing, the kinetic energy of this car is zero;
  • are the best choice for workshop applications.

Parameters defined by the hardware are also shown on the display. They can be both digital and graphic. It is difficult to judge which information is more accurate, since each of them has its own error. It is worth noting that the graphical display of information allows you to determine the difference in the braking force of the left and right wheels. This provides an opportunity to give an opinion on the state of the brake system.

Stand for turning discs

This equipment is designed to restore brake discs without dismantling. Benefits of a brake disc turning stand:

  • Fast work. The maximum time spent on turning one disc is 15 minutes.
  • Easy to use. The equipment can be operated by a person without special training.
  • The end result shows that the hardware is working perfectly as the disc looks like new.
  • After replacement, the wear of new pads is noticeably reduced.
  • The effect of idling braking is minimized, thus avoiding unpleasant situations on the road.
  • In force majeure situations, the braking distance is reduced.

Features of work:

  • adapted for cars;
  • simultaneous processing of discs on both sides;
  • permanent monitoring of operation;
  • not mandatory qualification of the employee;
  • no mileage required after lapping discs: they are fully ready for efficient operation;
  • minimization of stopping distance;
  • eliminate unwanted effects in the form of binding and grinding;
  • minimize steering vibration.

Recommendations for work:

1. When turning discs, it is advisable to replace the pads.

2. If there was a multiple replacement of the pads, it is not advisable to carry out the groove due to the high wear of the discs.

3. When the thickness of the discs decreases, a complete replacement is necessary.

Brake Tester

Its main purpose is to test engines of different power.

break-in brake stand

The stand is equipped with a measuring system, which during the testing process allows you to register all the necessary parameters, as well as provide test results in the form of a printed protocol. In addition, test information will be automatically transferred to the computer's memory.

The measurement of the necessary parameters, as in the previous stands, is carried out using sensors that have an electrical signal. All signals are sent to a computer, which is supervised by an operator. It is he who will give a conclusion about the operation of the engine.

What parameters are controlled by the brake tester?

A few of them should be noted:

  • fuel consumption.
  • speed.
  • torque on the internal combustion engine shaft.

Brake stand consists of:

  1. Rheostat.
  2. Electrical cabinet.
  3. Rack.
  4. Fuel tank.
  5. Weighing equipment.
  6. Electrodynamometer.

Today, the production of break-in brake stands is quite limited, while every positively proven enterprise is equipped with this equipment, since running in an internal combustion engine after repair gives the car the ability to gain a second life.

brake tester for cars

At the same time, its resource is 80%. It follows from this that a break-in brake tester is necessary for every car company.


From the above it follows that you don't have to be an avid motorist to understand that you won't go far in a car without brakes. Therefore, the importance of the described equipment should not be underestimated. It should be remembered that the degree of protection of the driver and passengers depends on the efficiency and quality, performance of this system. Thanks to these stands, you have the opportunity to fully evaluate the operation of your brake system for serviceability.

brake stand price

In most cases, the test bench is part of the vehicle diagnosis. But depending on your desire, it can be used independently.

So, we found out what a stand for turning brake discs isvehicle and what it is used for.

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