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Ataman ATV is one of the best

Ataman ATV is one of the best
Ataman ATV is one of the best

ATVs are motorcycle-like vehicles that, depending on the model, may have two or more wheels. According to the standard, all of them must comply with the following external characteristics: have low-pressure tires, a bicycle-type steering wheel and imply a driver's seat astride the seat. ATVs can be single seated or double seated.

ATV Ataman

They all come in several varieties. Four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles are called ATVs, three-wheeled - tricycles, or trikes. There are also specialized 5, 6 and even 8 wheel ATVs and tracked vehicles.

Conditionally they are also divided into sports and utility types.

  • Sports are made with a manual transmission and are mainly used for sports competitions and off-road recreational trips.
  • Utility ATVs are designed for use on the farm, and have a CVT transmission, four-wheel drive, reduction gear, tow bar. They work on the cardan shaft.
All-terrain vehicle Ataman. Reviews

ATVs are considered highly passablevehicle, and within the framework of special activities are used in the armies and the timber industry. The advantage of an all-terrain vehicle over snowmobiles is its all-season use.

There are also two-wheeled all-terrain vehicles, or so-called off-road motorcycles. A two-wheeled ATV differs from a conventional motorcycle in its wide tires, deep treads on them and a low riding position.

One of the best small-sized vehicles of this type is the Ataman TRIKE all-terrain vehicle. This is a very reliable technique that can be used for virtually any purpose - fishing or hunting trips, or for working on a personal plot. The Ataman all-terrain vehicle can go through any off-road or snowdrifts, and conquer any road surface. Easily passes through soft ground, narrow paths, and does not slip in any weather. The car is very easy to operate, like on a scooter - gas and brake. Does not require registration.

The Ataman ATV is a very powerful technique. It has a four-stroke 150 cc engine that promises not to let you down even in the most difficult situation. Engine power is 9.5HP

Two-wheeled all-terrain vehicle

Gasoline consumption is small - 2.5 l / h, but the tank volume is 5 liters, so you should not be afraid of a lack of gasoline. Ataman ATV allows you to reach speeds of up to 60 km / h and overcome the maximum slope at an angle of 60 degrees. The ATV can be used for wading up to 50 cm. The equipment is light, weighing only 75kg, and with difficulties it can be pulled out of the pit without any problems. Although, despite the small weight, the ATV has a load capacity of 180 kg, and the weight of the trailer can reach up to 250 kg.

Besides, the compact size of this technique allows you to transport it in a car, SUV, minivan. After all, the Ataman all-terrain vehicle, if necessary, can be easily and quickly disassembled and reassembled. This means that it will not require much space.

Ataman all-terrain vehicle reviews are simply amazing. Judging by them, this machine is the most optimal, both in terms of price and its characteristics, for a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts and opens up new, unexplored prospects for them. With it, you can create things that will become inaccessible to the owners of other modes of transport - up to cross-country racing and competitions arranged with friends to overcome obstacles.

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