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The best all-wheel drive sedan. Overview of the best models and reviews about them

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The best all-wheel drive sedan. Overview of the best models and reviews about them
The best all-wheel drive sedan. Overview of the best models and reviews about them

The all-wheel drive sedan is the perfect car for Russian roads. The most successful symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality. On such a car, you will not get stuck on the road in winter, and the handling of all-wheel drive sedans is excellent. It is not surprising that many people who are faced with the question of choosing a car decide to buy a vehicle in this category.


Continental GT V8 is a great all-wheel drive sedan. True, not everyone can afford it. But it doesn't make it worse. The production of this model began in 2012. Under the hood, a 4-liter V8 engine is installed, thanks to which the car can accelerate to 303 km / h. This is her maximum. The speedometer needle reaches the first hundred in 4.8 seconds. Considering that the car weighs almost 2.3 tons, the dynamics are excellent. No wonder, because the engine power is 507 hp. With. And it works under the control of an 8-speed automatic ZF.

all-wheel drive sedan

Separateattention should be paid to the braking system. It consists of huge perforated ventilated discs (390 mm) made of carbon ceramic with the addition of silicon carbide. The system is complemented by 6-piston calipers. It is also equipped with DBC, CBC and ABS. Tires - Pirelli PZero Corsa. This four-wheel drive sedan costs 145,000 euros in the basic configuration and new condition.

Another car with four wheels involved, first released by an English company in 2005, is the Continental Flying Spur. There are two options - both with 6-liter engines, only one injection, and the second - with multipoint injection. The first one has a capacity of 552 hp. With. And the second - 560 liters. With. The price is about 170,000 euros. The cost of the maximum configuration exceeds 200,000 €.


This company produces an all-wheel drive sedan like the S80 T6 AWD. Ideal for the Ice Age. As you know, Volvo has been testing its cars in the snows of Lapland for half a century.

It is worth referring to the reviews of the owners. People who bought the S80 T6 for themselves assure that this all-wheel drive sedan goes along the icy highway, as if on rails. The driver may not think about anything. All you have to do is select a mode - the active self-adjusting chassis offers three options: Advanced, Comfort and Sport.

all-wheel drive sedans with high ground clearance

Four-wheel drive distributes torque through an electronically controlled hydraulic clutch. And with Instant TractionTM technology, traction forslippery surfaces are redistributed at an incredible speed. But the owners of Volvo pay special attention to the system of dynamic stabilization of traction control. On a snowy track, the car drives perfectly smoothly.

By the way, a 285-horsepower turbocharged diesel engine is installed under the hood. The price of the car is very pleasant when compared with the Bentley - about 1,900,000 rubles. So it's safe to say: this is the best all-wheel drive sedan that combines safety, value and reliability.


Naturally, one cannot fail to note the attention of Mercedes-Benz cars. Many people believe that the best all-wheel drive sedan is the S 500 L 4MATIC. Yes, its price starts from 7,600,000 rubles. But this car is the one for which it is really not a pity to give that kind of money.

Under the hood is a V-shaped 8-cylinder engine with a capacity of 455 liters. With. It is controlled by a 7-speed automatic, there is ABS, ESP, eight airbags (side, curtain, front, knee), parking sensors, rear view camera, climate control, light and rain sensors, power steering, power windows, heating - this is just a small a list of what is included in the package of the five hundredth. However, it is not surprising. This is a Mercedes, and it has everything. These are the traditions of the German car industry.

Of the auxiliary functions, the owners pay special attention to the presence of an assistance system when starting uphill, an automatic handbrake, an electric drive with memory function and adaptive cruise control.

This is not to say that the S 500 belongs to the category called "4WD sedanswith high ground clearance. Ground clearance is 13 cm. But there is a button on the central tunnel, just press it and the clearance will increase by 4 centimeters.

best all wheel drive sedan

The ride feels great. The owners of the 500th assure: when you drive, you get the feeling that an air cushion has been laid between the roadway and the body. The comfort and smoothness of the ride is so high. And the speed is felt in a completely different way, not like in other cars. It may seem that on the speedometer - hardly 120 km / h. But in fact - more than 160 km / h. This is the best indicator of vibration and acoustic comfort.

S63 AMG W222

This is another car from the company "Mercedes", which should be noted. After all, it is the most powerful of all premium all-wheel drive sedans. Under the hood of this elegant car (photo above) is a 5.5-liter bi-turbo engine that produces 585 hp. With. Interestingly, in the process of designing this model, the most lightweight structures were used, which affected the dynamics. Indeed, thanks to them, it was possible to reduce the weight of the car by 100 kilograms, unlike its predecessor. This fact alone spoke volumes. And when it became clear that the S63 sedan would be equipped with an all-wheel drive transmission, interest in it began to show even more.

AMG pleases with luxurious equipment. Signature door sills and floor mats, brushed stainless steel sports pedals, Ambient Lighting, monitoring systemdriver fatigue levels, a preventive safety system is just a small list of what this model can boast of.

Each rating of all-wheel drive sedans in its list has the name of this car. No wonder, she's amazing. 67% of the thrust is distributed to the rear axle, and the rest, respectively, to the front. Through the use of new technologies, it was possible to completely eliminate the possibility of slipping. This Mercedes just takes off - this nuance is noted by each of its owners. A lot of positive feedback received perfect noise isolation, fast acceleration and air suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers.

How much will this new Mercedes cost? An all-wheel drive sedan costs about 10,000,000 rubles. But the price could go up to 17 million if a person wants a better package.


If you need a car with excellent handling and exceptional comfort at a more affordable price than Mercedes, then you should turn your attention to the Lexus. The all-wheel drive sedan LS 460 is the choice of many people. The owners of this model assure: it will not be possible to be disappointed in the car. Take at least its aluminum multi-link suspension! Its carefully crafted design provides excellent balance and maneuverability. But what the owners note with special attention is the Drive Mode Select system, which allows the driver to choose the most convenient driving style for him.

Dynamism is another feature of this model. Everything is thought out in it: the bottom is made practicallyflat, ribbed lugs for maximum stability at high speeds, aerodynamic elements inspired by Formula 1 cars.

And many people like the principle of traction distribution. Under normal conditions, it is dispersed between the front and rear wheels in a ratio of 40/60. As soon as the Lexus hits a bad road, its system immediately redistributes the force so that the clutch is in the right place. Such a feature cannot but rejoice. No wonder many claim that the LS 460 is the best all-wheel drive sedan from Lexus. And this car with a 4.6-liter 370-horsepower engine costs about 6,900,000 rubles.


Of course, it is impossible not to pay attention to the models produced by the famous Bavarian concern. 750Li xDrive, by German standards, belongs to the category called "All-wheel drive sedans with high ground clearance", as it is equal to 152 mm. A new car costs about 7,300,000 rubles.

rating of all-wheel drive sedans

Under the hood, the model has a 4.4-liter 449-horsepower engine, thanks to which the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds. By the way, in terms of the feeling of speed, many BMW models are the same as Mercedes: the speedometer can show 160 km / h, and the driver does not even feel it.

Under normal conditions, traction is distributed to the front and rear wheels in a 40/60 ratio. If an electronics command is received, the clutch immediately changes performance. And the thrust is evenly distributed. The system works in tandem with DSC. When the machine shows insufficientsteering (for example, the front wheels are drifting to the outside of the turn), then the clutch opens. Thus, the thrust is transferred to the rear axle. DSC helps to brake individual wheels at the right moment or to align the car during drifts/drifts. The all-wheel drive system on this model is preventive - it is activated when the car loses traction. But the driver doesn't even notice.

And I would also like to note the attention of the BMW 530d xDrive, talking about all-wheel drive cars. This sedan is inexpensive (in comparison with the above model) - from 3,600,000 rubles. Under the hood is a 3-liter 258-horsepower diesel engine. And this car is offered only in a luxury configuration.


Machines of this manufacturer also deserve attention. At the mention of the name of the company, their brand is immediately remembered: "Winter - quattro time." And it really is. Talking about the new all-wheel drive sedans of 2017, it is worth talking about the updated Audi A6. Prestigious, stylish, aggressive on the outside and comfortable, comfortable inside - this is how an ideal car should be. By the way, potential buyers are offered not only all-wheel drive, but also front-wheel drive.

s63 sedan will be equipped with all-wheel drive

The novelty took away from its “brother”, the famous Q7, both the platform and the entire line of power units. And there are nine of them, among which there are not only diesels and "gasolines", but even one hybrid. The base version will have a 1.8-liter engine with a 6-speed manual.

Peoplethose who own the previously released "A6" assure: this is a great car. Dynamics, stability, reliability, comfort, style - these are the words that can describe it. Special attention is paid to the excellent work of the robotic box. The gear shifts are smooth, there are no jolts (even at low revs), and after activating the sport mode, the car starts to noticeably pick up speed.

Audi A8 L 4.0 TFSI is also a worthy all-wheel drive sedan. Many fans of classic German cars decide to choose it. After all, this is exactly what it is - with a strict design, V8 engine, 435 "horses". Powerful, reliable, comfortable. Today it costs about 6,800,000 rubles.

Jaguar and Cadillac

Cars of these brands also deserve attention. What is the Jaguar XJ 5.0 LWB worth. You can’t even talk about appearance, because this is a Jaguar, each model of which looks elegant and elegant. With a 5-liter 510-horsepower engine driven by an 8-speed automatic, this car accelerates to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. Moreover, its gross weight is 2320 kilograms. But the weight does not affect the dynamics. In addition, the owners note the excellent behavior of the car in winter. The stabilization system works smoothly and clearly like clockwork.

which sedans are all wheel drive

Cadillac CTS AWD is also a quality and solid car. The Cadillac company is known for its SUVs, but the sedan quickly gained popularity. He immediately attracted fans of the original design and luxuriousinterior. The 3-liter engine produces 341 horsepower. It is controlled by an 8-speed automatic. Here - permanent all-wheel drive. Which is not surprising, because the model is not from the budget. The price of the new version, which comes out in 2016/17, is 3,800,000 rubles. This will be a premium version. There are models and cheaper - about a million. But then it will be standard equipment and also with a 240-horsepower 2-liter engine.

By the way, continuing the theme of expensive cars, one of the Volvo models should be noted again. The S90 all-wheel-drive sedan comes out in 2016/17 and is priced at Rs. A 2-liter 320-horsepower gasoline unit, an 8-speed automatic, an exquisite interior design with expensive materials and an original appearance - many have already had their eyes on such a car.

Budget options

Pretty expensive cars have been described above. However, cars with 4WD are not cheap. Their price is determined by the complexity of the design and the technologies used. But still budget options can be found.

For example, the fifth generation Subaru Impreza, which comes out in 2017, costs 20,000 euros (that's about 1,380,000 rubles). The suspension is completely independent, under the hood there is a 152-horsepower engine, which is controlled by a Lineartronic CVT variator. The appearance is attractive and dynamic, the interior is comfortable. So the question of which sedans are all-wheel drive and inexpensive can be safely answered: Subaru Impreza.

Another worth noting attention is the model "Nissan Teana". Her price -about 27,000 euros. Under the hood is a 2.5-liter 167-horsepower engine that works in tandem with Xtronic-CVT. The all-wheel drive system operates in two modes. This is noted with special attention by the owners of the model. There is a forced one, in which all-wheel drive is activated. There is also an automatic one. In this mode, front-wheel drive is constantly involved, but if suddenly there is a hint of slipping, then the rear wheels are immediately connected. Moreover, as the owners of the car assure, the system works so smoothly that it is not even noticeable. The comfortable and energy-intensive suspension, sensitive steering, a decent level of sound insulation and a strong chassis cannot but rejoice.

all-wheel drive sedans 2017

What else can you choose from?

Finally, it is worth telling just a few words about other four-wheel drive sedans.

Alfa Romeo 159 Q4 is a beautiful car with original optics, a comfortable interior and a 260-horsepower 3.2-liter engine. The car is easy to lift and obeys any movement of the steering wheel. Particularly good at high-speed driving, despite the fact that the engine seems rather weak for her.

Infiniti G37 is a car that is the perfect combination of moderate price and luxury. Slightly weaker than the Audi S4, but cheaper.

Opel Insignia is a model that has proven itself in the past. An updated version is out now. And she promises to be successful, as her appearance turned out to be magnificent. The car is somewhat similar to the symbiosis of Audi and Mercedes. And inside there is a real sporty chic.It is also known that the security system has been updated. It is expected that the base model will be equipped with a 200-horsepower engine, but a top-end model with an engine producing 400 horsepower will also be released. s.

Porsche Panamera Turbo is a luxurious, powerful and even seemingly incredibly expensive car. And yes, it is also all-wheel drive. 550 "horses", acceleration to 100 km / h - 3.8 s, and the price - 10 million minimum.

Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan XWD is not particularly famous, but a solid Swedish-made sedan with an adaptive all-wheel drive system. 280 “horses”, acceleration to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds, 6-speed manual - the model is pretty good in terms of its characteristics.

In general, as you can see, there are countless all-wheel drive sedans. There are cars offered for modest money. There are also expensive, luxury cars. Each person already decides which model he will buy. The most important thing is that there is plenty to choose from.

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