The best batteries for a car: review, reviews. The best battery charger
The best batteries for a car: review, reviews. The best battery charger

When car enthusiasts think about choosing a battery for their car, the first thing they look at is tests conducted by independent experts and various specialized agencies. However, the results show that even with the same parameters declared by manufacturers, products of different brands can have the same different characteristics. Everyone wants to buy the best battery, so you need to know how to choose it.

It is worth remembering that in winter you will have to start the car at low temperatures. This should also be considered when choosing a battery for a car.

Expensive and high quality

Although the data of experts is not always unambiguous, but without them it is impossible to pick up a high-quality battery.

good batteries
good batteries

Tests conducted by experts show thatgood batteries are Bosch Silver models. This device is suitable for use throughout the year and will not let the driver down in winter.

Feature of the model - lattices made of silver alloy. This made it possible to significantly reduce the rate of lattice oxidation, and, accordingly, its destruction in aggressive liquids. Another feature of these batteries is the calcium layout. These models are included in the rating not only in terms of reliability, but also due to the absence of any problems in their operation.

Banks, familiar to many, are absent in these models. The battery is maintenance free. Instead, the manufacturer has provided a special eye that changes color depending on the state of the battery. Also, tests have shown that this option provides a minimum loss of electrolytes due to special labyrinthine channels in the battery cover. They precipitate most of the condensate.

Bosch Silver Plus

These are also good batteries, and the model has been significantly improved. Here the manufacturer used a grating with special geometric characteristics and a large amount of silver in the alloy. So, it can withstand battery usage even in the most extreme conditions and low temperatures.

Features, advantages, disadvantages

This is not just a quality battery, this is the best car battery in this ranking.

which car batteries are best
which car batteries are best

In addition to all other advantages, these models also haveincreased capacity, lower self-discharge rate, reduced levels of electrolyte evaporation. Even the case has been significantly upgraded: it is equipped with a comfortable handle that is integrated with the terminals.

Despite the fact that these are good batteries, they also have some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is very rapid damage if the battery has to work as part of a circuit whose characteristics are far from ideal. If the alternator does not work properly on the car, then you should not spend a serious amount on these batteries. Many are upset by the price of the product, because for the regular version you will have to pay about 7000 rubles, and for the upgraded version up to 8 thousand rubles.

Second place

This battery is only one point behind the leader. This is Varta Blue Dynamic. Silver is also used in its production. But unlike the products of the German brand, the grille is not cast, but composite. During the tests, it was revealed that this design feature somewhat reduces the durability, but the starting current values, on the contrary, increased. The battery works even at ultra-low temperatures overboard. In addition, among the advantages are the minimum levels of self-discharge and high stability with frequent recharges.

This model took second place in the rating also for a high level of security. According to this parameter, this is the best car battery of all that the modern market offers. In the battery cover, the manufacturer installed a special sponge filter made of fiberglass. It acts as a flame cutter. With it, the electrolyte that evaporates will simplyprecipitate as condensate.

best car battery charger
best car battery charger

The filter will prevent ignition. In addition, there is a labyrinthine channel in the lid, which also reduces the time of electrolyte loss. Therefore, this model does not lose its qualities and characteristics even for 7 years. Price - up to 12 thousand rubles, depending on the modification.

Innovation from the USA

Let's discuss the American product of Optima. And the line is called - RedTop. What makes them different? These are large starting currents, higher than all the presented batteries. During tests, experts found that the battery allows you to start the car even at extremely low temperatures. Despite the third place in the ranking, these are good batteries for year-round use, as well as for use in winter.

RedTop line: features

The main feature is the spiral layout. It allows you to ensure the minimum rate of self-discharge of the battery. At the same time, wear is also minimal. Even the Americans have included these models among the best. Batteries are ideal for high loads. They can be used with additional heaters, pre-heaters, quality stereos and more.

Among other advantages is a special technology that makes it possible to impregnate the separator with electrolyte. It is made from fiberglass. The battery is maintenance-free and therefore extremely reliable.

which battery is best for winter
which battery is best for winter

This batterycan work even if her hull is partially destroyed.

Affordable but high quality

In our country, quality products are also made, and they are no different from imported analogues. Russian batteries "Tyumen" are in no way inferior to the products of famous brands. A special low antimony technology is used in production, which provides excellent performance along with high anti-corrosion properties. It is also a good choice because the battery has low self-discharge rates due to the special shape of the grids.

The main innovation here is pasta prepared according to a special formula.

best car battery
best car battery

This provides high starting currents at low and even extreme temperatures. Which battery is best for winter? The choice is obvious. The battery starts the engine even at -32°C. The price of the product is up to 3 thousand rubles.

Maximum Reliability

If you need a battery that will not cause any problems in the future, you should choose Medalist products. The models use calcium technology, which means that there is no antimony in the plates, and the plates themselves do not oxidize. The special shape of the grids provides high currents and reduces wear during frequent recharging. Batteries can last up to 7 years with constant use. They may not be the best car batteries, but they have a solid life.

Also, this battery has special sponge filters on the cover. It traps the electrolyte and precipitates it, which significantly increases the service life.product service. And these filters will prevent the leakage of electrolytes if the battery is turned upside down. The declared price is up to 5.5 thousand rubles.


This is a Turkish product of the budget segment. The manufacturer could not lead the ranking of the best batteries, however, the products on the market are quite popular. There are practically no obvious flaws in these models, and the company has a good reputation.

the best battery
the best battery

With good performance, batteries are affordable.

TITAN - middle class

This battery is also ranked. Manufacturers are constantly striving to give motorists affordable devices with high functionality and quality. Its advantages are high durability and the ability to work in adverse conditions. The battery is not afraid of low temperatures, which makes this model relevant for Russia.

Car batteries: which are better

Tests show that Optima and Varta products are the most suitable for continuous use. But at the same time, not only the characteristics are high here, but also the prices, which significantly limits their use. You can pay attention to domestic models, the parameters of which are very good, and the prices are affordable.

Which battery is best for winter?

Russian winters are quite severe, so there are serious requirements for batteries. In addition to frost, the choice of battery is affected by dampness, snow, wind. This is especially true for those cars that are in the yard in winter.

For winter, such a characteristic is important,as nominal capacity. This determines the battery's ability to provide autonomous operation. For most passenger cars, 60 Mch is enough. The manufacturer's recommendations must also be taken into account here. Feedback from car owners says that if the battery capacity is reduced, the car will be difficult to start. If the capacity is increased, then the battery will receive an incomplete charge. Another important characteristic is the ability to hold voltage up to 10.5 V when the generator is off. The best winter battery can hold this voltage for up to 109 minutes - this is Tyumen Battery.

Choice of chargers

What is the best car battery charger? This is not a huge box, as many expected, but quite a nice case with a minimum number of controls. Many models are very similar. Therefore, the choice of these devices is not so simple.

Ctek MXS 5.0

This product is made in Sweden. Its cost is about 5000 rubles.

best battery charger
best battery charger

The appearance of her is quite simple. The controls are made intuitively. As for the operation of automation, there will be no complaints here. This is the best car battery charger in this review-rating.

Keepower Batery Charger

This item is made in Denmark. The price is approximately 4500 rubles. Reviews note one minus - the lack of inscriptions in Russian. But LEDs can be called as advantages. The charging process isfully automatic. It is possible to charge via the cigarette lighter. Everything is good, except for the rather high cost.


This device is made in Taiwan and you can buy it at a price of 2 thousand rubles. Again, there is no instruction in Russian, but in principle, the device is quite simple. There is protection against polarity reversal, sparking, battery overcharging or short circuit. In general, the battery performs as expected.


Judging by customer reviews, this is the simplest product from a domestic manufacturer. The price is 1070 rubles and this is not the best battery charger. Here, as a protection, only a fuse. The charging mode is not provided by the manufacturer. The device is extremely easy to use. Perhaps someone will like the device because of the convenience and cost.

Bosch C3

This unit is available in relation to the cost: approximately 3220 rubles. It was made in the People's Republic of China. This battery charger is the best in appearance. The device is compatible with 6 and 12 V batteries. Of course, there are disadvantages. First, the clips, sometimes called "crocodiles", for some reason do not have wires. Probably, the Chinese manufacturers decided that the consumer would attach them himself. Secondly, as a protection - an ordinary fuse, which is not at all modern. So, we hope this review drew attention to the main points, if the question arose: “how to choose a good battery charger?” In addition to ratings, you should also pay attention to reviews.buyers.

Summing up

Before every motorist, a problem periodically arises: car batteries - which ones are better to choose? Customer reviews say that you should buy branded ones, as they are durable and have excellent characteristics. But many users do not trust the new models, referring to the fact that they have not yet been sufficiently tested. And yet, most motorists believe that the high price of branded products is fully justified by their quality. Modern all-weather batteries withstand extreme conditions, which is very important for Russian latitudes.

Some models have mixed reviews. For example, Varta Blue Dynamic. Most consumers speak of this battery with respect, emphasizing its reliability and durability, but there are motorists who are dissatisfied with its performance in the winter.

About the domestic TITAN battery, reviews also vary significantly. Many argue that at fairly high temperatures for winter (up to -8⁰), this device does not power the engine. Other buyers consider it reliable, powerful and have no regrets about the purchase.

So, if you have to choose the best battery, reviews are the first thing you need to read before buying. Also, during the acquisition, it is important to find out exactly the date of production, because old batteries lose their quality. But most importantly, there are great options to buy today.

Happy shopping!