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Do I need a license for a scooter and a moped?

Do I need a license for a scooter and a moped?
Do I need a license for a scooter and a moped?

Every spring, as soon as the warm weather sets in, unfortunately for motorists, the motorcycle season opens. Two-wheeled vehicles on the roads appear in huge numbers. Motorcycles, mopeds, scooters scurry here and there like insects waking up from their winter sleep.

do you need a license to ride a scooter

If, as a rule, middle-aged people who know the rules of the road firsthand drive a motorcycle, then young guys, sometimes under the age of majority, often sit on scooters and mopeds. Do I need a scooter license, do minors have the right to drive on the roads?

In Russia, scooter licenses are not needed. That is why their number is steadily growing. The relatively low price is of no small importance for the acquisition of such a vehicle. In addition, the law does not restrict the management of this type of transport for minors from the age of sixteen (and many drive even earlier). Often, such unfortunate riders, who are not even familiar with the simplest rules of the road, create emergency situations on the roadway and endanger not only themselves, but also the lives of others.road users. In addition, juvenile drivers, thanks to such a gap in the law, are not responsible for anything.

do i need a moped license

Each motorcycle season, there are no fewer accidents on the roads involving two-wheelers. The trouble is that most teenagers are not able to adequately assess the traffic situation and cannot respond in time to a critical situation. Therefore, they are the ones most often involved in road accidents. So the question is - do you need a license to ride a scooter?

I must say that in addition to scooters, there are also mopeds on the roads, the situation with them is no better. Since the scooter is equated with a moped in the Rules of the Road, the question of whether a moped license is needed no longer arises.

Deputies of the State Duma have already submitted a bill for consideration, and the owners of motor vehicles still have to get the right to a scooter, just like a moped. It will be possible to drive this vehicle only from the age of sixteen. This law is already being prepared by the Russian traffic police. Also, scooters and mopeds will have to be insured and put numbers on them. Now in Russia, a tenth of the accidents on the roads occur with the participation of scooters and mopeds, and all due to the fact that the law is not written for the owners of two-wheeled motor vehicles. Today, owners of scooters with an engine capacity of less than fifty cubic centimeters are equated with pedestrians. Even drunk driving threatens them with a sobering-up station. In almost all countries of the European Union, the law is an integral part of the scooter. Today, even inIn neighboring Ukraine, moped owners are equated with motorists. The question of whether you need a license to drive a scooter or a moped can be answered unambiguously today.

scooter right

In the opinion of many, such measures are justified. Changes to the law should have been made a long time ago. Scooters and mopeds are becoming more and more common among people, and many people buy them as a full-fledged vehicle, and often even as the only one. In big cities, during rush hour, to get to school or work, you have to stand in traffic jams for hours, while a moped briskly slips through traffic jams.

No one wonders if car owners need a license. For a scooter and a moped, or rather, for driving them, drivers must also have all the necessary documents in order to rightfully be road users and, to the same extent as motorists, have rights and bear responsibility.

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